First Tuesday of May! Are any of you experiencing great spring weather like we are, yet? It’s almost going to feel like summer here in the Pacific Northwest ast he week goes on, with highs in the 80s. I’ve already turned off the furnace – it’s not getting cold enough to cool the house down at night to trigger the furnace, so I figured we might as well save on that early, eh?

The nice weather has motivated the hubby into getting out in the yard to get things shaped up nicely – he’s happy with the progress, the grass is finally looking lush compared to when we moved into this house two years ago – it was obvious the yard, trees, and flowerbeds had been neglected for years. One of these days I’ll get out there and take some pics so you can revel in the beauty…heh!

I’m also making plans to plant a bunch of grape vines – part of the back yard and part of the front yard is on a slope, so it’ll be perfect for drainage for grape vines. It’ll be about half of what I’d planted in our Back 40 in Pennsylvania, but I’ll take what I can get! We’re hoping if the neighbors decide to sell off the acre-plus across our driveway, we’ll be able to buy it so I can plant fruit trees and more grape vines. Goals, y’all!

One of the projects the hubby’s been working on is a circular rock thing that we’re not sure if it might have originally been a well that had been filled in – it was falling apart and full of random plants and weeds, so the hubby’s repairing it, and we’re thinking about turning it into a water feature.

The other day when I drove up into our driveway, I was startled as I looked up out my passenger window to see one of our resident deer standing right there looking in at me. Of course my phone decided to not cooperate as I hurriedly tried to open the camera app – not the best time for it to decide to freeze up on me, due to another app that was not responding.

When I finally did get the camera ready, the deer next to my car had taken off (she obviously got impatient waiting for her close up) but I was able to snag the other two at the edge of the driveway before they decided to follow the first one:

Here’s a closer look:

They’re still youngsters (we joke that they’re now teenagers – we saw them as little bitty things with their mama, who hasn’t been around lately). There’s always three of them wandering through the property across the way and through our and our neighbors yards. We don’t mind them – especially me, since you know I have a soft spot for all deer.

Oh, and that’s the circular rock thing I mentioned that the hubby is working on reviving. The pillar you see used to have a plant in it, the hubby took them out and we’re thinking about putting some kind of light feature in them instead (there’s another one on the other side of the driveway). It’s one of Llarry’s favorite places to hang out – no doubt watching his deer friend pass through:

OK, now it’s time for some funnies! This really cracked me up:

This cracked me up so much I had to post it on Facebook:

This is hilarious:

If I’m being honest, this is a raw diet I could potentially be successful at:

Laundry is funny:

I can definitely relate to this:

And I’m just going to leave this right here for you:

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the , everyone is welcome. 



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  1. Our spring is more like summer already! Too hot and humid. Love your visitors! And your kitty looks sweet. Great funnies! My favorite is the laundry basket on the truck!

  2. Winter is most assuredly over in this hemisphere, and spring can’t last long enough.

    Your deer are beautiful, i hope they don’t like nibbling grape vines. Good luck with all the plots and plans for the property, getting a house to be home and just the way you want it takes some doing.

    Thanks for the funnies, and remember that a load a day keeps Mt. Washmore away!

  3. We’ve had great weather lately! We got the yard in order all during March so it’s alright but now I need to do things like clean the second story windows and weed this one long lost forgotten corner. I am hoping to do that this weekend!

  4. Spring hasn’t been very cooperative, unless you like 50s and rain. We’ve had deer around too. I do love to watch them, especially the fawns.

    Thanks for the funnies, I like the lemonade one!

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