Can you believe we’re more than halfway through April? Which means that by my calculations, the kids have less than 8 weeks of school left! I don’t know what this business is with time flying by so fast, but I really do need to locate that ‘pause’ button soon.

Hope you all had a great Easter – we of course did our egg decorating at the eleventh hour (nothing like waiting until Easter morning to do them, right?) but we all had fun making them crazy. These are the ones I did (and yes, I purposely cracked that egg on the far right to turn it into a dragon egg – the wide-eyed look from Little Dude as I was cracking the egg before dying it was priceless):

These are the ones Princess Nagger did – if you look real close on the green one, there’s the tiniest little smiley face on it:

These are the ones Little Dude did:

And these are the ones the hubby did – notice the one that has no eyes… he said that represents a teacher, because he put the eyes on the back of the egg:

We’ve already talked about next year, and I’ll make sure we have actual paint, tiny paint brushes, sharpies and crayons to really go to town. Plus I’ll be boiling more than 6 per person, because we wanted to keep the fun going, but ran out of eggs…heh!

Of course the cats were hanging around while we decorated, so the hubby had to include them in the fun. What started out as just a simple tail tip dip in dye, ended up in a decorated cat, compliments of the hubby – Blackspot was not amused (but he was the perfect canvas with all his white fur):

He has even more prominent color on his tail and lower back, but he refused to pose for me…heh! Nautica didn’t escape unscathed, but she got away with only a quick smudge on her face before she bailed and kept outside the hubby’s reach afterwards. Smart kitty:

Let’s move on to the funnies, shall we? Here’s some left over Easter humor for you:

This cracked me up:

I really need to do this with Princess Nagger’s dinos:

These knock-offs of Peeps are too much – could you imagine the trauma they would instill?

Princess Nagger loves Kinder Eggs – she thought this was hilarious, too:

Gotta love the wit:

I would sure be questioning the wall vs. door aspect, too:

You have to admit, it’s funny:

More snark:

I love this:

There are so many things wrong with this sign:

And I’m just going to leave this right here for you:

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the , everyone is welcome. 



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My friend MessyMimi participates in Happy Tuesday each week, so I thought I’d join in the fun, too! Well, OK, I keep meaning to get over there and play, but then I forget. What was I doing again??


  1. Oh, how glad i am you posted this a bit early! We’ve had a rather difficult evening and i needed the laughs.

    Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday!

  2. That walkie-talkie one was pretty damn funny; I literally laughed in my office. We did not dye eggs this year and the kids didn’t even ask. I don’t know what it is about mine but they don’t seem to care about it! They do, however, want me to hide plastic eggs with candy so we definitely did that.

  3. There is testing on all fronts here in our part of the state. The kids are riding it out. But indeed April is flying past, but has been a blessing.

    Your eggs are pretty cool! What memories!

    Awww sweet kitties 🙂 My cat would probably want to be involved also.

    Hahaha, thanks for the giggles 🙂
    Have a fun day!

  4. So, I’m at the time now that my kids are gone and I live too far from everyone (well almost everyone) for them to come over to color eggs or visit me for Easter, but I do get calls. 🙁 Well, such is life and lately I’ve been thinking about when I was little and missing everyone like my grandma & grandpa, my mom & dad plus my big brother too who are all gone, but the things we use to do was great. Plus every Sunday we’d meet at gramma’s and all my cousins, but they’re mostly in Chicago & that’s about 45 to an hr. drive from me and they all have mostly forgotten me, but now we have Facebook and I recently started talking to them all… Well, anyway thanks for the laughs and yes OH YES, you really need to use Princess Nager’s dragon’s, lizards and whatever and make a peep scene like that one for next year. I’m sure the kids will love it. Glad your EAster was fun girlfriend. Hey is the hubby still playin’??? You know mine retired from that stuff… it’s a bit of a story…. when I have some time I’ll email ya… BIG HUGS WHO LUVS YA GIRLFRIEND!!!!

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