Tuesday has arrived, along with a new month! Anyone get pranked good for April Fool’s Day yesterday? I was a slacker and didn’t prank anyone this year. And nobody pranked me, so I consider that a success…heh!

Today (Tuesday) is the hubby’s birthday – not only was I a slacker for April Fool’s pranks, but I’ve been so busy some of his birthday presents will be arriving late. Usually I’m the early bird – I have birthday gifts purchased several months in advance.

Of course the hubby is really hard to buy for – I usually have to wait until last minute, because oftentimes he’ll give me a great idea on what to get him, only to turn around and buy it for himself mere days before his birthday. That makes one that’s already hard to buy for, exponentially hard to buy for, am I right?

Little Dude had fun for his first school band concert last week – I left my phone at home so of course I didn’t get any pictures. I’ll have to snag some from someone who was there – they are supposed to be uploading the video of all the performances that night to YouTube, so when they do, I’ll share. 

When Little Dude came home from school last Monday, this conversation took place:

Little Dude: “You and Princess Nagger don’t have to come tonight, you can just watch me on YouTube!”

Me: “Wait, you don’t want me to come watch you tonight?”

LD: “No, you can just watch me on YouTube!”

Me: “I can do that, too, but don’t you want me to come tonight?”

LD: “No.”

Me: “Too bad, I already cleared my calendar and am looking forward to watching your class perform, so you’re stuck with me coming to watch you in person tonight.”

LD: “….”

Me: “Besides, who knows when it’ll be on YouTube, it’s not like it’ll be YouTube Live or anything, so I better come watch just in case.”

LD:Fine. You can come.”

Little stinker! Now on to some funnies!

Maybe today should be a day of pranks:

This cracked me up:

Our cats annoy us if the food bowls aren’t completely full, too:

I need to do this with our white cat, Blackspot:

The look on this cat’s face is priceless:

This is hilarious:

You gotta love this – spider cat:

Our cats and dogs probably send up this prayer:

This is funny because…crunch water:

You have to admit, this is pretty clever:

This is hilarious – this was posted on Facebook with this comment:

“OMG my hubby has been lying on the couch all morning while I’m doing soooo much stuff so I finally got super annoyed and sent him to the grocery store… with a special shopping list. And yes, I turned my ringer off.”

And I’m just going to leave this right here for you:

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the , everyone is welcome. 



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My friend MessyMimi participates in Happy Tuesday each week, so I thought I’d join in the fun, too! Well, OK, I keep meaning to get over there and play, but then I forget. What was I doing again??


  1. Heeheehee! Yeah, right, is just too much, and your Little Dude sounds like quite the typical boy character.

    Great funnies, please come by and link up for Happy Tuesday, and let your DH know i wish him many happy returns of the day!

  2. Happy birthday to your husband! No one pranked me, thankfully, but a friend of mine messaged to tell me her girlfriend got fired but it turned out to be a joke. A cruel cruel joke!

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