Hello, Tuesday! So apparently the  didn’t see his shadow on Saturday, but I swear  Day is always ‘Opposite Day’, since he’s been wrong more than 50% of the time over the years. And considering we’ve had a mild  here in the  so far this year, this week we’re going to have temperatures that are 10-15 degrees colder  than normal.

Speaking of the groundhog, I thought this was funny:

Rarely seen ex-wife of Punxsutawney Phil the Groundhog revealed he was a pathological liar. She has since moved to Arizona and enjoys her mornings at a leisurely pace without interruptions.

We were supposed to get snow Sunday into Monday (two years ago on  Sunday we got several inches of it) but it kept getting pushed later and later in the evening (it snowed in other areas in the PNW, my aunt was complaining about getting snow dumped on her place way up north), and we woke up to a simple dusting of snow, just nuisance snow vs. fun snow.

There really is a difference, you know.

Luckily the college the hubby teaches at ended up closed for the day yesterday – that way he didn’t have to navigate the 74 miles to work with the areas that actually did get snow (and the people who don’t seem to know how to drive in it). Since Little Dude loves going to school, he wasn’t at all upset he didn’t get a snow day. Princess Nagger does virtual school, so no snow days for her, either (she, on the other hand, was bummed about no snow day…heh!)

According to the weather forecast, with the ‘colder than normal temps’, at the end of the week we have yet another potential chance for getting some of the white stuff. But I’m not going to hold my breath. I’d love to get paid the big bucks to be wrong all the time, like the weather people do. Just sayin’.

Someone posted this on Facebook which totally cracked me up:

SEVERE WEATHER ALERT FOR SEATTLE: Get ready for accumulating snow on Sunday into Monday. Snowfall is expected to reach 1-4 inches before turning to rain. This snowstorm brings the threat of inconvenience for up to twelve hours.

Residents should prepare by stocking up on essential staples to last as long as 0.5 days. It may be difficult to order a pizza due to demand and road conditions, and residents should prepare for at least two meals at home and to hear complaints from neighbors about local pizza delivery.

This storm also presents the threat of cabin fever and dealing with family members getting under your skin. Older males may feel compelled to walk over to the window every half hour and mention the 1990 Snowpocalypse.

Residents should also consider rushing to the hardware store for a new snow shovel, even though your old one is either just fine or buried under the crap in your garage, despite the fact that most of you never shovel your driveways anyway.

Pets will not want to use the bathroom outdoors and those who are housebreaking puppies adopted for Christmas will regret that decision.

Those who live in subdivisions will have the opportunity on Sunday morning to complain about the timeliness of plowing and argue about which streets should be cleaned first before the snow melts in the afternoon.

Nobody else but you will know how to drive in the snow. The inclement weather will provide an excuse to cancel plans you really wish you hadn’t committed to. Please stay tuned for updates.

Some of you have probably seen this at some point, but it’s too good not to share:

The image above is a historical statue in Wejherowo, Poland. 

After a recent snowfall, the people of Wejherowo, Poland, were shocked to see that one of their statues had transformed into a tribute to Star Wars villain extraordinaire Darth Vader. On most days, the statue honors Jakub Wejher, for whom the town is named. Wejher was a military leader in the 17th century and founded the town in 1643. As you can see, he goes from swashbuckling nobleman to powerful Sith Lord with just a light dusting of snow.

Pretty cool, no?

January seemed to go on forever, didn’t it?

Anyone else have this exact same trouble with their brain when trying to fall asleep?

Me. All. The. Time.

And then there’s this:

This cracked me up:

This is clever (and funny):

And this is hilarious:

I thought this was hilarious:

And I’m just going to leave this right here for you:

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  1. Someday i would try the milk bottle trick but everyone who knows me knows we aren’t going anywhere any time soon.

    That snow alert is about what we get here when there may or may not be a big storm in the summer. Of course, sometimes we do get those storms, and then we are glad we stocked up although we do have pizza withdrawal.

    Hope you have a fabulous Tuesday, and get just enough snow to have fun on Saturday with no need for snow days or pizza withdrawal.

  2. Stacy,

    Good funnies! I like the milk jug photo. 🙂 I’m gonna have to try that one just for the fun of it. lol We’re having a warming trend much of this week until the weekend rolls around. It’s always the weekend when things fall apart! Things will resume to more normal like temps next week. At least we’re not expecting any horribly cold temps for a couple of weeks so there won’t be too much complaining on this side. 😀 Thanks for the laughs and smiles. Have a funtastic day and thanks for hosting!

  3. Did you notice that statue looked a little feminine before the dusting of snow? I loved all your snow funnies. But the best one from today was the monarch! I actually laughed out loud. Have a great week.

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