Here I am, yet again, late for my own date! I was gone all day long today, without internet, and even sporadic cell phone service, as the hubby and I drove 3 hours, 47 minutes over the mountains to check out a 99-year lease campsite my parents have that they wanted to know if I wanted to take over ownership of it. 

Hello! The fact that there’s a Fifth-Wheel on it (for those that aren’t sure what that is, it’s a full size winnebago with all the conveniences of home compared to our usual tent camping). Along with that, there’s also a smaller camping trailer on the site, too – you know, like a guest cottage. Or the trailer the kids will be relegated to so the hubby and I can have the whole big one to ourselves…heh!

I was actually surprised that while the place hasn’t been used in over 10 years, certainly there’s some clean up and work that needs to be done, but it won’t really be that difficult or time consuming. The campground itself is a 66 acre campground where people have purchased ownership of individual campsites – basically a 99-year lease that can be transferred to family members, or sold to a third party. 

They have a private stocked lake for fishing season, there are playgrounds for the kids, a baseball field, basketball court, water at every site (which can be hooked up to the fifth-wheel), family friendly events, free wifi at the clubhouse – and the list goes on. We just need to get a small generator for electricity, since my mom accidentally sold the one they used for that campsite at her recent garage sale. Ooops!

But hey, we’re used to tent camping, so we can ‘rough it’ until we get it set up so we only have to worry about bringing food and clothes with us, instead of the mega loading of all our camping gear. Plus the kids will enjoy fishing in the lake:

And it’s next to a river, so there’s river fun, too. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures next time we’re there! We did enjoy a nice lunch with my mom in the tiny town the campground is in, then drove the 3 hours, 47 minutes home – all in one day. I’m beat!

And now that it’s already past my bedtime *yawn!* we’ll move right on into the funnies, m’kay?

Luckily this was taken in Florida, not at the campground we just visited:

And yes, that is an alligator with a pool noodle!

How cool is this cloud formation:

Let’s see how many of you get this (and how many are like me who like it):

I am so not a phone person, so this fits me perfectly:

This cracks me up – and I can relate:

Love this:

Proof that label placement matters:

And finally, I’m going to leave this right here for you:

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  1. That lease sounds like a great bargain, i’m so glad you will be able to take it over from your parents.

    Great funnies, especially the Oreo Speedwagon.

    Have a great Tuesday!

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