We finally got the heat the rest of the country has been lamenting about for a few weeks already – hopefully it won’t last long, considering we are in the Pacific Northwest, where people typically think we’re always dealing with rain. No rain in the next 10 day forecast, yo!

Since we don’t have central air, we’ve been strategically using fans and opening and closing windows as the sun moves around to keep cooler air moving through the house. We even put a box fan in one of the kitchen windows blowing out, and that seems to be doing the trick quite nicely.

I do believe it also helps that our house was built in 1930, as they used to build houses way better back then (better construction materials, better insulation, etc.) and the fact that we’re on a hill that helps us get a good cross breeze through the house. Of course our master bedroom gets the blazing hot afternoon sun for hours – so I did buy a window A/C so we could sleep better at night. So far, so good! How are you all handling the heat?

Today is an extra special day – it’s my best friend Peggy’s birthday! We’ve been friends for about 28 years now – I sure miss living in the same state as her, though, because we have so much fun together! At least now that we’re back in Washington, her being in Nevada isn’t as far as when we were living in Pennsylvania. I’m plotting a trip to see her later this summer for sure! Meanwhile here’s a picture of the two of us at a hockey game in 1993:

Since I’m writing this post past my bedtime, I’m going to go right into the funnies, m’kay?

Speaking of bedtime… I thought this was funny:

For all my cat lover friends, you’ll get as much of a kick out of this as I did:

And this:

Not only did they look like tiny brontosaurus, but it took me a few minutes to realize they aren’t cats.

This one definitely gave me a chuckle:

I may have already shared this one, but it’s still funny:

This would be my hubby’s GPS (shhh! don’t tell him I said that):

This cracked me up:

Anyone with messy kids and husband (I’m not alone in that, right? Right?!) this is hilarious:

And finally, I’m going to leave this right here for you:

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  1. Great funnies today! Love the lions! So true, too! Man-buns. It’s a big thing these days. No central AC? I wouldn’t last two days in our Houston heat without AC! I know a lot of people north of us don’t use AC much, and our relatives from England don’t like the Air Con (what they call it). Live here long enough, though, and you learn to appreciate it. Have a great week!

  2. Heeheehee! Dr. Mews had me laughing louder than i should at this time of the morning.

    Are those ring-tailed coatis? From a distance they do look like tiny “long-necks” as my kids used to call that kind of dinosaur.

    Hope you have a visit with your best friend soon!

  3. We used to live in a town that was 7200 ft elevation. The photo of San Francisco made me smile and reminded me of the saying that the university in Laramie has: Welcome to 7220′ it’s in the visitors locker room.

  4. Wow, got some cool photos here girlfriend, not to mention your haha’s!!!! NO CENTRAL AIR??? OMG You truly need some girlfriend! Oh well, sounds like your set up with the fans are helping though… praise the Lord!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU BFF!!! Love the picture!!! big hugs…..

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