Well, best laid plans, my friends. I didn’t have a moment in front of my computer for personal time this last week – I’ve been helping my boss deal with a crisis, so I’ve been laser focused on that, plus the mad dash to get the house ready for the guests we had over the weekend (it didn’t get done, because I ended up working double my normal hours – more like full time instead of part time (but I don’t mind at all, you know, since I get paid for the time…heh!) It is what it is, but at least it looks way better than it did previously, considering I finally managed to schlep the stacks’o’Christmas boxes out to the garage…I know, I know!!)

At any rate, while the day on Saturday was very long, we had an awesome time having my sister, her husband, their newly minted college grad son visiting from Kansas, along with my Mom for a visit – they all had a great time hanging out on our deck in the gorgeous weather we are having, and walking down into town to enjoy the annual Egg Days celebration up close and personal.

The next morning we got up (too) early and headed up north to visit my dad in the care center for Father’s Day. He was having a decent day, he seemed to really enjoy the card I got him (I kept it simple – knowing he has dementia and has been fading slowly away, I got him a childish card about what an awesome daughter he raised…heh!) I think the card having large print was appreciated, since he didn’t get frustrated trying to read it, and thought it was very cool.

He was super appreciative of the pocketwatch I got him – he’s been collecting them ever since I can remember, but of course they’re all stored away now that he’s in a care facility. My heart was full of joy when he kept thanking me and saying that it was a thoughtful thing to do. Understand that my dad can be quite cantankerous, so hearing him express his appreciation made my heart happy, and the fact that he probably won’t be long for this earth gives me one more uplifting moment to tuck away in my memories.

It’s really hard to see your parents getting older and knowing their trips around the sun will soon be ending. At least my mom looks great – she’s gotten settled in the new (and much more manageable house – with no stairs!) she moved into, so the change is doing her well, in spite of the stress of her husband of 57 years not being able to be there to enjoy it with her.

After a nice long visit with my dad, my sister, brother-in-law, mom hubby and me went out to lunch so my hubby (and brother-in-law) could be spoiled with food on Father’s Day. Always good to enjoy good food with good company.

Today is my nephew’s birthday (the newly minted college grad), so the whole gang will be descending on my brother’s house to celebrate – and admire their view of the Puget Sound. Mother Nature has been blessing us with gorgeous sunny weather, so now my sister is jonesin’ even more to move back here sooner rather than later. I vote for sooner, myself!

OK, enough of the family stuff – let’s get on with the funnies!

These were the ‘good old days’, weren’t they:

Not only were we able to figure out where our friends were, but our parents knew exactly where we were when they glanced down the street and saw our bikes in a neighbor’s yard.

This is kinda freaky (cool):

Recently people have been getting notices in our town about the height and general condition of their mailbox (and the mail carrier having trouble delivering their mail) so someone posted this on Facebook as a joke:

Did you ever do this as a kid? I did, and I taught Princess Nagger this when she was young:

I thought this was funny:

And this cracked me up:

This also cracked me up (and it’s so true):

And finally, I’m going to leave this right here for you:

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  1. Great funnies! I hadn’t seen the one of Lucy – selfie, tagged photo. That is so true! I also hadn’t seen the one with the mailboxes. Clever! Have a great week!

  2. Congratulations to the newly minted grad, and many happy returns of the day to him!

    You’ve started my day with a smile, and you warmed my heart hearing about your Father’s Day. Happy Tuesday!

  3. That’s nice you were able to make your father happy and visit him. My friend’s grandfather recently moved to town where they put him in a facility and it’s both sad and funny to hear the stories.

    I have always loved that photo of the bikes in a yard. It always reminds me of simpler times. I like to unplug but I know I am too connected now. But remember how simple childhood was? Remember just knocking on kids’ doors to ask them to play and you just… played?

  4. My husband and I are watching the decline of his mother – so sad, and I feel for you. I’m so happy you had a good Father’s Day, because I know those day can be precious and few.

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