Those of you (like me) who still have school-aged children – we realized the other day that we’re fast closing in on the end of the school year. Literally a month away – well 3-1/2 weeks, anyway. Where on earth did this year go?! I guess I better make sure everything I need to get done before both kids are underfoot on a daily basis is done before then, no? And I better start planning the fun days of summer while I’m at it, too.

Meanwhile it’s Monday, and Monday means music! We’re continuing our celebration  of our Honorary Conductor for the month of May – John from The Sound of One Hand Typing is leading the charge on chosen themes for this month, and for this week his cool and unique theme is “songs about remembering or forgetting – “remember” or “forget” doesn’t have to be in the title, but there has to be something about remembering or forgetting in the song (e.g. “Papa Was A Rollin’ Stone”/”It was the 3rd of Sept./The day I’ll always remember…”)” Sounds like fun! Why don’t you grab your favorite tune(s) and dance along?

Let’s start off with a song that Gen Xers will recognize all the significant cultural highlights of their youth in this fun 2002 country song. The tune rattles off a list of trends and events from both the 1970s and 1980s:

Stretch Armstrong
Pac Man
the Farrah Fawcett hairdo
Daisy Duke and her cutoff jeans
the Rubik’s cube
the Columbia Space Shuttle disaster and
big hair and parachute pants

If you lived through these good times, then take a trip down memory lane. If you weren’t born yet, listen to everything you missed out on.

Give a listen to Mark Wills with “19 Somethin'”:

Next up is a 2014 pop ballad was inspired by the singer’s long distance love relationship with another songstress. He helped keep their relationship alive with the help of memories and feelings evoked by photos:

Hmm, we keep this love in this photograph / We made these memories for ourselves / Where our eyes are never closing / Hearts were never broken / And time’s forever frozen still.

I love that the music video is a look into this artist’s childhood with home movies – so fun to watch, and just shows you his mega talent started at an early age.

Here’s the ultra talented Ed Sheeran with “Photograph”:

Technological conveniences help us navigate life on automatic, and it’s easy to forget how we did it when everything was old school. This country song from 2014 reminds us of the simpler days before cellphones and texting, automatic dryers, navigation systems, email, and everything else that’s instant. Back then, we put in the time, learned the manual way of doing things, and waited our turn.

Give a listen to the inimitable Miranda Lambert with “Automatic”:

Last, but certainly not least, you often don’t know you’re living through the good old days until they’ve passed you by. That’s the sentiment expressed in this 2017 pop song which recognizes the value of appreciating the moment.

Don’t fritter away your youth worrying about tomorrow, dreaming relentlessly about finding success. The future will be here soon enough, and all you’ll have is memories. Make sure they are good ones.

I wish somebody would have told me babe / Some day these will be the good old days / All the love you won’t forget / And all these reckless nights you won’t regret / Someday soon your whole life’s gonna change / You’ll miss the magic of these good old days.

Without further ado, here’s Macklemore and Kesha with “Good Old Days”:

That’s a wrap for this week, have a great Monday – see you on the dance floor!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:   PhotobucketI have the supreme honor and privilege of being a co-host with the inimitable Xmas Dolly and our musical cohort, the awesome Cathy from Curious as a CAThy, and while our beloved Callie of JAmerican Spice is taking a break, our friend Michelle from Michelle’s Musings and Merriment is helping out with hostess duties! And introducing our newest addition to our Conductor repertoire – we have the honor and privilege of welcoming Alana from Ramblin’ with AM! And, for the month of May, we welcome our Honorary Conductor, John from The Sound of One Hand Typing!

Want to join in the fun? It’s easy – just find a tune that rocks your boat, post it and link up – don’t forget to grab Xmas Dolly…er, um, I mean her button…over at her place here. Check out Xmas Dolly’s sidebar for the random themes we sport each week – and you can always ask for a specific theme of music you like, too. Check out the other music lovahs and let’s jam!


  1. Wow, Luvin’ that “Good Ol’ Day”… definitely and I totally agree with the whole tune. Hi girlfriend, just got back from Missouri.. when to see my youngest daughter and my grandson. She’s all divorced now and bought herself a townhouse for her and my grandson and he turned 11. It was a great party with a guy that did magic tricks and made funny animals and cartoon characters out of balloons. My hubby was in awe over this guy, bwahahahaha!!! Anyway, back to rockin’ and a rollin’ great job my friend You have rocked the house! Have a rockin’ week and yep that ol’ summer is rollin’ in!!! Kids will be a runnin’ and playin’ everywhere!!! Big hugs!

  2. Talk about bringing back memories. Star Wars, in theaters, i saw it the first week, before there were long lines. Great music!

  3. I remember all the things you listed as an adult, believe it or not, but I have a brother who’s almost 20 years younger and remember when he was nuts about Pac-Man. Wasn’t everyone? The Columbia accident was on our 8th anniversary. The following week I had to visit Morton Thiokol, who took a lot of heat because the seals that failed and caused the explosion were made by them. Very quiet there… I’m happy that it’s since come out that Morton tried to have the mission scrubbed because they had a feeling that would happen, and someone at NASA insisted that it proceed as planned.

    Great set here! Especially love Miranda Lambert.

  4. We remember most of those things but mostly remember the 70s and 80s for the punk music explosion. Thanks for sharing all those tunes and bringing back memories.

  5. Stacy,

    I questioned Mark Willis’s age to remember the things mentioned in his song but the dude was born in 1973 in Cleveland, TN making us neighbors of sorts. Cleveland is about an hour south of Knoxville. 🙂 Ed Sheeran’s “Photograph” is a sweet tune. Parents today have fabulous conveniences for capturing the growth of their children. I told DD#1 that she needs to invest in an iPhone before her baby is born because it has such a fabulous camera. It would’ve been so awesome to have this kind of technology when ours were small, you know capturing short videos of their first words, first steps, … but the best I could do was try to get things on photographs and to keep a written journal of those first moments. When you have kids in the picture, time fleets by! Miranda Lambert’s song touches on a subject matter that I wonder about old and new school ways of life. There’s something to the old ways of doing things if nothing else, it gives one a deeper appreciation for the improvements that time & technology bring. Kids who grow up without experiencing some of past inconveniences can’t imagine the difference that today’s way of life they make. I wonder if they will ever have the same appreciations of newer technology like the generation before them does? I’m very thankful for “The Good Ole Days”. Have a great week, my friend!

  6. Hi Stacy,
    This is an excellent collection of Good Ol Days and Remembering Yesteryear songs! If you read my post you know I’m all about nostalgia. I LOVE all of these songs. Some of them are new to me and I’m grateful to be introduced to them.
    All those citing of things from days gone by just brought up a flood of memories. Pac Man always takes me back. I used to be so good at Pac Man. And the funny thing, that’s the last video game I’ve ever played! oh wait, someone introduced me to Angry Birds which I checked out. But that’s it. I’m not into video games but Pac Man was my thing back then. That and Foosball… Which I was also pretty good at. I had some great techniques for whipping that little ball past the goalies which always surprised the opponents. haha

    Love all these songs. Such fun themes this month!
    Hope you’re having a great week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  7. The Mark Wills song – had to think about it, but yes, Star Wars is from the 70’s (I saw the original movie in the movies – can you believe it?) I was so proud of my boyfriend and his cr with the 8 track tape player. That was a fun song. “Photograph” came close to bringing tears to my eyes – I would love to have seen some home movies of myself but we didn’t have a movie camera (they were a bit expensive, plus the equipment to show them, in the 1950’s). This theme has been a theme of nostalgia and you did it well.

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