Hello to a three-day weekend! Well, this year is a little different, since I pretty much work every day of the week – but since I set my own hours and have total flexibility, I can’t complain. I could have slept in this morning with a ‘no alarm’ situation, but I do like getting stuff done early, especially when the kids and hubby are all home, which means lots more distractions…heh!!

Meanwhile, it’s Monday, and Monday means music! This week is a freebie week – grab your favorite tune(s) and dance along with us, won’t you?

Let’s start with a mid-tempo tune that finds this artist urging listeners to find a way to live peacefully and in harmony with others. He was quoted as saying:

“Some days, it’s like the world is just angry, screaming people. All harping on what’s wrong, how other people are awful. The more I move around, talking to people, though, the more I know people are seeking the same things, working hard to get by and hoping for the best for their family and friends. It’s simple, but we keep getting driven apart – and made unhappy.”

“When I heard this song, beyond how good the rhythm felt, I was amazed how simply they broke all this stuff down. Get along… find the common ground… know the basic stuff is where the joy, the love, the happiness is.”

Get ready to dance, here’s Kenny Chesney with “Get Along”:

Next up is a song that comes courtesy of one of my favorite country-turned-pop artists who co-wrote this tune with frontman Pat Monahan of Train (who also adds background vocals in the song’s chorus and bridge).

When this particular duo announced they were getting back together, the country-turned-pop artist reached out and told them she had a song for them – which, apparently, is a short list of people to whom she has said that, so naturally this duo said yeah! One of the duo was quoted as saying:

“We’ve never really put a song by anyone else on our records so we weren’t really used [to] sorting through that and we didn’t want to mess it up, so we didn’t tell anybody until we got it finished and she liked it. Thank God. Because it is a good song.”

The acoustic breakup song finds the two female starts chiding a cheating lover for ruining a relationship.

We said no one else / How could you do this, babe? / You really blew this, babe / We ain’t getting through this one, babe / This is the last time I’ll ever call you, babe

Here’s the ultra talented Sugarland featuring Taylor Swift with “Babe”:

Next up is a brand new song just released last week, a romantic pop song about this group’s lead man only being respected when he’s out with his lady. The song also features a country artist, as well as the lead singer from a hip hop, rock, funk, and reggae band. Intrigued, yet? The artist was quoted as saying:

“It’s a true story and I love what these 2 bring to the song.” (referring to the two unique artists he collaborated with). “I hope everyone will like this one as much as we love performing it.”

Give a listen to Train featuring Cam, and Travie McCoy with “Call Me Sir”:

Last, but certainly not least is a song that has always been my favorite to commemorate this day.  This song was released way back in 2003, and was written for all the times this artist got to meet the troops on USO tours, and with the P.O.W.s and families that have come and shown how much support they had for him, this song was him showing his support for them.

The song is about a soldier who is headed off to war, willing to take a stand and do what’s right.  He is prepared to die “because freedom don’t come free.”

Here’s Toby Keith with “American Soldier”:

Wherever you are today, no matter what you’re doing, take a moment to remember those who gave what Lincoln at Gettysburg called “the last full measure of devotion.”

A big thank you to all our Military Men and Women who fight to keep our country free. Today is a day to remember those who gave their lives for our freedom.  May they Rest In Peace.

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday – see you on the dance floor! 

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:   PhotobucketI have the supreme honor and privilege of being a co-host with the inimitable Xmas Dolly and our musical cohort, the awesome Cathy from Curious as a CAThy, and while our beloved Callie of JAmerican Spice is taking a break, our friend Michelle from Michelle’s Musings and Merriment is helping out with hostess duties! And introducing our newest addition to our Conductor repertoire – we have the honor and privilege of welcoming Alana from Ramblin’ with AM! And, for the month of May, we welcome our Honorary Conductor, John from The Sound of One Hand Typing!

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  1. Great job girlfriend, and thanks for throwing some good tunes in there. I mean I love America, but a few other tunes are great too. Wow, I never heard that Kenny Chesney one and I LOVE IT! THAT ONE SHOULD BE A GIGANTIC HIT FOR SURE! IT’S A GREAT TUNE! Thanks for the introduction. Did you see Sugarland on American Idol? They were great as usual!!! I love them too! That must have been a tune in Taylor Swift’s earlier days when she was good. I really don’t like her stuff now nor do I like the way she looks. She needs to go back to her roots, back to country! Well, have a great day today. Have fun and be safe. HUGS

  2. Stacy,

    I hope you had a lovely Memorial Day weekend. You introduced all new tunes to me. The collaboration between Patrick Monahan (Train), Cam, and Travie McCoy is a catchy ditty. “American Soldier” is always stirring. Those who serve this country definitely don’t do it for the glory but for the call placed in the heart. Like you, I thank all who serve and sad for those who paid the ultimate price for serving our country. May God bless the families of our fallen heroes and may freedom live forever in the good ole US of A! Thank for sharing the dance floor with me, my friend!

  3. Hi Stacy,
    Well it’s certainly no surprise that you’ve put together a great set of songs! You always do. I love Toby Keith’s “American Soldier” — a perfect song for this Memorial Day.
    The others are all new-to-me and I must say, I really like each one of them.
    Especially “Call Me Sir” — great collaboration song.
    And “Babe”: what a fun matchup on this song: Sugarland and Taylor Swift! I used a Taylor Swift song in my playlist too. I’ve always been so impressed with her, as an artist, a songwriter, a celebrity and a person. That girl really has paved a wonderful road for herself…and she did so much of it on her own. And she wasn’t like so many other young artists who are always getting in trouble with drugs, alcohol and doing crazy sh**. She’s very together. I like this song, “Babe”.
    Loved Kenny Chesney’s “Get Along” song. Great message. If only…

    Excellent set. I’ve enjoyed tremendously. Thanks!
    Enjoy the rest of the week,

    Michele at Angels Bark

  4. All new to me – after a couple of fun-loving songs, listened to American Soldier and kept nodding – no, it isn’t done for the money and no, a soldier doesn’t intend to give his or her life but if it is called for – and that’s why all of our servicemen and women deserve such respect.

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