Ho hey! It’s Tuesday – the perfect day to let the random out! Trust me on that.

And because it’s running through my head, I need it to be running through yours, too. The Lumineers with “Ho Hey!”:

The weather is going to be gorgeous this week – sunny and warm! Of course we’re in between the perfect weather – chilly enough at night to have the furnace kick on in the wee hours of the morning so the house isn’t a fridge when we get up, which means we can’t open the bedroom windows because having the furnace kick on with the windows open isn’t really a great idea.

But of course with the sunny weather, and our master bedroom facing West, we get the full afternoon sun blazing which makes the room too warm for sleeping. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, except that falling asleep when it’s too warm is problematic.

I’m wondering if we’re going to have a super hot summer again this year like we did last year – I realize it’s only spring, but when the temperatures are supposed to be 80 already towards the end of the week, it does make one wonder how things will shape up for the actual summer heat. I’m debating on getting a window A/C for our bedroom since we’ll only have to use it a handful of times, which won’t be too detrimental to our electric bill, at least as long as I get an energy efficient one, right?

Since our house was built in 1930, it’s great at keeping cool-ish in the summer and warm in the winter. Luckily my craft room that doubles as my office is in the finished basement, so on hot days it’s the perfect temperature in this room – not too hot, and not too cold. So since both the hubby and I like it cool for sleeping, getting a window A/C for our bedroom two floors up makes sense just to cool things down on those nights when it’s not necessarily ‘good sleeping weather’. I’ll keep you posted! Whether you want me to or not…mwahahaha!

Latest update on the riffraff living in the house behind us – there was lots of activity there over the weekend, but mostly at midnight Saturday night. Someone removed the door to the outbuilding, and a giant pile of garbage was piled up outside once daylight resumed. Princess Nagger and I were watching the activity going on at midnight on Saturday, and were wondering what the light of day would bring.

Luckily either the owner was notified, or someone was – there were non-riffraff people over there yesterday working at cleaning things up, so the giant pile of trash was removed from the back of our property. I wonder how long the missing door will be missing. Luckily we aren’t expecting any rain until the weekend, so they have time to get that fixed. It’s a bummer the antique stained glass window that’s next to the door was vandalized by the riffraff – sad when people don’t respect stuff like that.

The hubby was mowing the grass yesterday, and encountered some odd animal droppings. He had to take a picture so he could put it out in the intrawebs to see if someone could identify it, because it’s definitely not dog, and it’s definitely not deer (we get a lot of deer wandering through our property, I love watching them). So sorry to gross anyone out, but here’s the pic:

Looking online to ID it, it looks like it could be bear:

That could explain some of the random barking the dogs do at night, and when I go to look out the window, there’s nothing there. Might have to set up some cameras to see if we catch anything that way. I did hear there are bears in the area, along with the deer we’ve seen, as well as coyotes and possibly a bobcat or two.

Good thing we keep the dogs indoors and created a sort of dog run in the back yard (which was mostly so the hubby didn’t have to cover a large area to pick up dog poop before mowing – now it doubles as a safety area) and we always go outside with them to keep an eye on them. Plus they’re our fur-babies, so of course we’d be watching out for them.

Someone noticed this funny verbiage printed on the packaging of a broom:

When I’m out shopping today, I’m totally going to look at all the brooms and see if I find one that has that verbiage on it, too. Hilarious!

This cracked me up:

This was hilarious, too:

And another dinosaur funny:

And finally, I’m going to leave this right here for you:

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. And that means even if you don’t have a specific Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel post posted, you can still link up, I’m not picky. You don’t even have to add the badge, just link up so I can come harass you on your blog. I promise to play nice.



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  1. As someone who lives where the temps regularly get into the upper 90s, i suggest you go get yourselves a window unit A/C now, before it gets hot and you cannot find one on the shelves that won’t bust the budget. Once those warm days come, everyone else will be beating a path to the door of every place that stocks an A/C unit, and you may find yourselves trying to sleep on a blow-up mattress in the basement to stay cool.

    Love the funnies as usual, and i hope if you see a bear you get fur from him — as fur as you can get!

  2. Y’all are midnight detectives like me. I’d even have binoculars and cameras out 😀
    Hope that section in the back get resolved. I didn’t see the before stories, but I’m thinking it’s all suspicious.

    LOL at the broom bit, I’ll have to be checking now! haha.


  3. I’ve never seen anyone post poop on their blog, but I love that you’re bold enough to do it! lol! That’s awesome! Now I know what bear poop looks like, so I’m a little smarter today than I was yesterday. The one your husband took looks like strange rocks to me, but I’m a city girl so I don’t know much about nature.

    The pictures/memes you posted are funny, especially the cartooning one because I’m a comics artist.

    Sorry to hear that you have riffraff neighbors. I grew up with neighbors like that who annoyed the whole neighborhood and were indirectly responsible for several deaths. Now I’m grateful to have wonderful neighbors. I never knew that so many people had problems with terrible neighbors, but I have heard of some crazy stories in the past few years. I thought we were the only ones who experienced it.

    Your blog hop sounds fun! I’m going to sign up right now.

    Have a great weekend!

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