You guys! A major event happened over the weekend! No, I’m not talking about the Super Bowl (since my favorite team wasn’t playing, I didn’t insinuate myself into any of my friends’ Super Bowl parties…heh! But I was rooting for the Eagles because I’m definitely anti-Patriots (and no, not like how that sounds, just the team!) so I’m glad the Eagles won). 

Anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ve told you the story of how my hubby is afraid of horses, but in case I didn’t, I will now. When he was a kid, he was given a sugar cube to give to his family friends horse to ‘make friends’ – only they neglected to tell him to give it to the horse open palm, vs. from his fingertips. You guessed it! The horse with big horse teeth accidentally bit the hubby’s fingers. Which of course traumatized him, and he has had a crazy fear of horses ever since.

But his ‘fear’ was really wild – I mean, whenever we’d drive past a pasture with horses in it, he’d hit the door locks on the car ‘just in case’. And one time, when the band he was part of was playing at an equestrian event (with horses all over the place), when we were going for a walk, we’d have to cross to the opposite side of the path we were on whenever we’d walk past any horses – who were usually behind some sort of fencing, or tethered to something.

He would ask things like “Why do horses whip their tails like that? Is that a menacing act?” To which I would reply “If you had flies buzzing around your ass all day, you’d be whipping your tail to keep them away, too.” Or he’d say “What sound does a horse make before they attack?”

I know, I know – it’s always been hard for me not to laugh at the insanity of his fear. Friends with horses have tried in vain for him to come meet their meek and mild horses to help him get over his fear. He’s come close a few times, but something has always come up to thwart those plans, so he felt it was the universe telling him to continue to just say NO to horses.

Until this weekend.

He finally got up the nerve (and gave in the the pleading of some really nice people who reside just outside of our tiny town) to go ‘meet’ their meek and mild horses. He took Princess Nagger along for the ride so he wouldn’t bail at the last minute. I didn’t go, because he was afraid I would try to talk him into riding them (which I totally would have). And so he finally, after many years of avoidance and fear, actually got up close and personal, and pet a horse:

The very nice horse people have extended an open invitation that we can come ‘play’ with their horses any time. Next step, we’ll get him to actually sit on one, and maybe one day we’ll get to go for a ride! I can’t wait!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve certainly missed Coffee Chat hosted by Rory Bore – but it looks like she has some exciting stuff in the works, so it’s only a matter of time before we get to enjoy her wit and humor:

I thought this coffee humor would be appropriate in the interim:

At least our friend Cathy has been keeping the mojo going with her ‘getting to know you’ extended questions – so here’s last week’s round up:

41. What is your favorite childhood memory? That would have to be going camping in the mountains and at the ocean as a family (and sometimes with family friends and grandparents). My dad always made sure to bring our bikes along, so us kids would ride all over the place and have fun. When camping in the mountains, we’d always ride inner-tubes down the river, and when camping at the ocean, in spite of the water being cold, we’d jump the waves or fish off the rock jetty. Lots of great memories, and one of the reasons I love camping to this day.

42. What is your favorite way to pass time? Who has ‘time to pass’? Seriously, though, ‘passing time’ is usually reading more hints and tips on winemaking, so I can make sure the wine I produce is outstanding. So far, so good! Oh, and listening to music – I love doing just about anything to music – even passing time.

43. What is your favorite snack? I’m not a snacky person, but when I do have a snack attack, it varies – sometimes I crave a handful of cashews, or sometimes I’ll be happy with a yogurt cup. I used to eat junky snacks, but since having gastric bypass surgery in November of 2016, I’ve had no craving, nor would I be able to ‘tolerate’ them. Plus, I’m excited that I’ve already dropped over 100 pounds, and aim to keep that number going up, as I continue to shrink to my former self.

44. What is your favorite sport? It’s a toss-up between football and hockey. My favorite football team is of course the Seattle Seahawks, and because I lived in Michigan for a few years and learned to love hockey, my favorite hockey team is the Redwings.

45. What is something you are gifted at? I’ve been blessed greatly with lots of gifts, ranging from being crafty to artistic drawings, to building stuff to just about anything. My dad had us help him with car and house projects growing up, so I learned all my mechanical side from him, while my mom is super crafty from sewing to cross-stitching to crocheting, all of which I learned from her. I learned cooking from my Swedish grandmother and my favorite aunt, so I love getting creative in the kitchen, too. Princess Nagger is turning into a phenomenal artist, so I’m hoping she gets the crafting bug to do some fun projects together.

46. What is something you look(ed) for in a partner? Someone kind and caring.

47. What is something you wish you were gifted at doing? I wish I could play a musical instrument, but I’m all thumbs! My hubby is ultra gifted in that regard – he’s pretty much played every instrument out there, and can instinctively figure out how to play something he hasn’t. That’s the epitome of ‘gifted’.

48. Are you a fan of any sports team? Definitely a fan of the Seahawks – even when I lived in Pennsylvania for 16 years, I never became a fan of the teams there, I was still always a Seattle girl at heart.

49. Are you a dog person or cat person? Both! As evidenced by the fact we have three dogs and five cats. Oh yeah, never a dull moment around here!

50. At what age did you go on your first date? We weren’t allowed to go on an official date until we were 16. Even then, I went to a small Christian school, and no one really went out on one-on-one dates, we always went out in groups. No one wanted to be tagged as ‘going together’ for whatever reason, which made my parents happy, of course! 

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  1. I was thankful the Eagles won, too. I didn’t want the Patriots to win AGAIN! It’s so great that your dh got up the nerve to pet a horse! Big step! I love that pun “The stables have turned.” Hahaha!

  2. Stacy,

    I’m glad to hear the hubby faced his fear of horses. I’m impressed that he pet one. That takes courage! I was scared of horses when I was very small but who wouldn’t be? A horse seemed like a giant! Once someone sat me on one. I was nervous as a Cathy. I was sure I was going to fall off the entire time but what got me more are the flies and smell. This experience cemented my lack of interest to ever get that close to a horse again. I do like admiring them from afar with camera in hand. LOL I like the horse funny!

    I think the Patriots are a fine team but I really got put out this year when Tom Brady took a knee during the National Anthem and then the general attitude of the team to NOT put a stop to their players disrespecting the American flag, our country, & her servicemen/women. I don’t know if any of the Eagle players participated in the kneeing statement so I decided to root them on to victory.

    I enjoyed reading your g2km answers. I don’t remember you undergoing gastric bypass surgery. That’s amazing that you dropped 100 pounds and you don’t have snack craving. Cool! I hope you continue to have great success.

    Thanks for the heads up on Les. I know she has some big things in the making and I can’t wait for her to see her dream spring to life. Have a great day & thanks for getting in on the g2km fun!

  3. For some reason, it did not publish the first time i tried, here it is again.

    So happy for your husband! Horses are very skittish creatures, probably more scared of us than we are of them, but that’s hard to swallow once one has hurt you by accident.

    We love cats and dogs here, too, but i only have cats because i do not want to have to walk a dog!

  4. Very happy about your husband. That is so cool. I would love to have a cat but people in my house are allergic to animal hair, so that rules it out.

    Thanks for hosting and I hope you have a wonderful week.

  5. It’s so hard to break a childhood fear when you are years older. Kudos to your hubby. I’ve had my own taste of how difficult that can be.

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