Here we are, halfway through January! And yes, in case you’re wondering, my Christmas tree is still up. I had planned on taking advantage of the couple of sunny and warm-ish days over the weekend to strip the tree, repack all the Christmas Decor boxes, and haul them all out the the detached garage.

You know what they say about best laid plans, right? Yeah, that. Didn’t happen. Though I have to say, I know I’m going to miss the brilliance of the tree when it’s finally down, it’s going to seem awfully dark in the living room without it. I suppose I could re-initiate the lights I have strung in my fake ficus tree to take the place of the Christmas tree for illumination, no? I might have to ponder that idea for a week or two and just leave the tree up for now…heh!

Yes, I do sometimes procrastinate, why do you ask?

Today marks the 7th month of me working as a Virtual Assistant for an awesome boss. She’s planning to grow her business exponentially this year, which means more hours for me – which I’m totally on board with, because more hours means more money to help out with the household budget, but more importantly, more fun money for me…heh!

I can honestly say that my boss is the best boss I’ve worked for in a very long time. It sure makes a difference when you actually love your job, doesn’t it? I’ve had jobs I’ve hated with the burning passion of a thousand suns – this one is polar opposite of that. I especially love the flexibility of the hours – and the fact that I don’t have to drive somewhere and be stuck in an office for hours on end.

Case-in-point – this morning (Tuesday) I have to drive an hour to go to the dentist, because about a month or so ago I chipped the back side of one of my front teeth and have been putting off going to the dentist to have it dealt with, because it’s the back side, and not noticeable (except by my tongue) and wasn’t bugging me (much). But Saturday morning I woke up with swollen gums and tooth tenderness/pain, so it’s not something I can put off any longer. Ooops!

If I were working a ‘regular’ job I’d have to get ‘permission’ from my boss for the time off to deal with it (or at least that’s how it was in the past) or call in sick, or whatever, then if I didn’t have ‘sick time’, I’d have a shortened paycheck. With this job, I simply block off my calendar so my boss knows I’m not going to be around for a while, and I can do whatever I need to do when I get back. It’s the perfect job for me – and bonus that I actually love it, too.

One of my awesome Canadian friends posted about an issue with Flintstones Vitamins where there was a warning/alert showing what the problem was:

Someone in Quebec replaced the chewable tablets with those capsules you see above – scary thought, that! But what I thought was kinda funny was the image Health Canada also posted to make sure people knew what Flintstones vitamins should look like:

I don’t know about you, but if my kids saw me pull capsules out like the first picture, they’d think I’d lost my mind – or that I was pulling a fast one on them, because no way would they ever figure the capsules were the ‘right’ vitamins, since they’re not the cool shape – nor do they look chewable at all, either. 

In other news… I’m sure you all heard by now the accidental missile launch warning for Hawaii – naturally, someone created a great meme about it:

I’m just glad it was a mistake, rather than the real thing. I’m sure all the Hawaiians agree, as does my cousin who lives there.

There was also a funny text posted during that time, too:

So it’s no secret our friends out east were getting hammered with lots of winter storms over the past couple of weeks – a friend of mine out that way posted this on Facebook:

Hilarious! Though the only discrepancy I see is the picture is missing eggs. When we lived in PA and the winter storm warnings were rampant with people clearing the shelves at all the stores with the above, the other item they were rabid about were getting eggs. We always joked that there must be some special “Storm French Toast” people make when they’re hunkered down. We never did. But we did think about it.

I’m just going to finish with this, because it’s pretty spot on:

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  1. Stacy,

    Dah, I missed the Hawaii missile scare! Phew, I’m glad it was an accident and everything turned out good, too. You just never know in this day and time with that crazy little guy in Korea hungry for great power! The cold weather prevails. We had a short warm up but we’re under a winter weather advisory until tomorrow morning. The things to go fast here are milk, bread, lunch meat, & cereal. We always try to keep a few emergency food items on hand so we don’t have to make a mad dash to the store. I hope nothing becomes of this threat. It’s going to be frigid for the next 3 days. Where’s spring? WOW, that’s just horrible to think someone would target anyone let along a child by replacing the contents of a Flintstone bottle! I hope they find the person and fry them! Thanks for sharing the random. have a good week, my friend!

  2. On her last mad dash to the store to stock up for hurricane supplies, a friend of mine found the spice shelves ransacked. She said she was adding basil and marjoram to her supply list after that!

    It sounds like your job is a real winner, i hope you continue get all the hours you want and all the flexibility you need.

    The Christmas/Epiphany season lasts until the Feast of the Presentation, or Candlemas, on Feb. 2, since that’s the last time in scripture the Infant Jesus is mentioned. Just so you don’t feel too much pressure, you’ve got time.

    Thanks for the funnies, and good luck with the tooth!

  3. Always love the humor in your posts! If that were a picture for Texas (winter storm warning), it would also need to include water. Water, milk, bread, eggs. Who cares about toilet paper?! LOL

  4. I just saw a fb post that said I just took down the tree last year. Yup that was mid January 😉 This year I was sick of it taking up my space. haha.

    That is great news about working! I wish to find such a job! We are in debt and it’s choking.

    Thanks for the fun!

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