Here we are in December! I’m going to say it – are you ready for Christmas? I’m running a little behind on decorating – we did get our giant Dinosaur inflatable set up on our deck. I took a picture of it the other night when the clouds finally rolled out and took the rain with them, so we were able to actually sort of see the Super Moon. Of course it was foggy – but I did like how the dinosaur seemed to dwarf the Super Moon:

We decided to use our fake tree to test the waters with the newest cat addition – so I was all excited to get it set up yesterday and have Princess Nagger help me decorate it so it’d be all decked out before Little Dude got home from school and the hubby got home from work. Except in the flurry of packing since we were in the middle of selling our previous house and buying this one at this time last year, when I took the tree down at our old house, I inadvertently didn’t pack the provided stand in the box with the tree.

I know, I know, that is so not like me! I do remember putting it in a box that would make it easy to locate – only now that all the boxes that were packed and stacked when we moved ended up scattered between multiple rooms in the house and the garage, I’m stumped. I spent the better part of the day resorting, re-stacking, and searching through random boxes in the garage, but no luck.

I did try to see of the stand we have for a real tree would hold the fake tree, but it’s too big. I’m thinking maybe it’s a sign that I need to go get a real tree.

Either way, I’m determined to have the decorations all done before this weekend – that way I can relax and enjoy the lights for my birthday. Once upon a time, I always waited until after my birthday before putting up even one minor Christmas decoration, because so often I was relegated to the “This is your Birthday AND Christmas present!” mode. But as I’ve gotten older (shut up!) I’ve mellowed out on that and embrace the Christmas cheer wrapped around my birth date. 

Besides, since I’ve been collecting deer items since I was 7 years old, it’s kind of ‘me’ to have Christmas decor for my birthday, because you know I’ll go heavy on the deer. It wouldn’t be right not to. And I’ve increased exponentially over the years the amount of decorating I do, so I want to have a little more time to enjoy the fruits of my labor instead of just a couple of weeks. 

Speaking of decorating… Still trying to figure out the best way to deck the halls on the exterior of the house – you know, besides the ginormous dinosaur on the deck the town can see from below. The hubby is afraid of heights, so he won’t be going up to add lights on the roof. Too bad we can’t convince our recent transition to the outdoor world cat to do it, since she likes hanging out on the roof on a nice day:

Speaking of crazy cats… Reddington loves his kitty toys – and loves to cuddle with our newest addition, Llarry (yes, the hubby instigated double L spelling). Last week when Reddington was hanging out on the couch minding his own business, I didn’t realize Llarry was there, too:

Then Reddington shifted, and Llarry was revealed:

Pretty funny, no? They’re best buds.

Speaking of funny… this actually is:

And for those who insist the earth is flat, here’s an interesting visual aid:

And finally, something to think about:

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  1. You find the funniest pictures for your posts! Love them! I’m ready for Christmas, but I’m not ready for Christmas. That makes a lot of sense, right?

  2. Love the dinosaur, the turkey is hysterically funny, hope you do find the tree stand, and i love that the cat and dog are buddies, that’s how it should be.

    If you don’t post again between now and then, i wish you many, many happy returns of your birthday!

  3. Love the big inflatable dinosaur! My husband put our tree up the other day. It’s nothing to brag about. I’ll probably buy a different one when they go on sale. Hope you have a great Christmas season!

  4. Our cat loves our dog, the dog is not so sure about the cat. We often find the cat snuggled up to the dog and the dog looking slightly nervous over the whole thing.
    It is always fun to see cats and dogs getting along.

  5. From one person with a near-Christmas birthday to another, oh yes, we could probably both write books on our swallowed up birthdays. But mine is also swallowed up by my mother in law, who is 25 years less one day older than me. I think we both adjusted to it years ago, and I also have a sister in law whose birthday is right before Christmas…we are careful to always get separate gifts for each occasion!

  6. Ah, I’m not that close, but my birthday is on the 30th of November and I always wait till after my birthday to put up the tree. I think the world starts the Christmas celebrations earlier each year! I remember when everyone put up their tree on the 1st, now Christmas decor already comes out late October!!

  7. I am not ready for Christmas.
    I just need to remind myself to decorate right now.
    The kids are excited to help.
    I want to have the feel of it even though we might not have the money for gifts and all.

    I understand using the fake tree and the disappointment of not packing the stand….can you purchase a stand just for it?

    Ahh you are a Christmassy birthday girl eh! That explains all the love and sunshine in you! 🙂
    Happy celebrating as it comes up!

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