We’re almost halfway through December, racing towards Christmas! Where’s that pause button? Or at least a slow-down button! I had a very enjoyable birthday weekend – thank you to everyone for the awesome birthday wishes! I’ll fill you in on the details tomorrow.

Meanwhile, it’s Monday and since it’s December, as is our tradition the theme for Monday’s Music Moves Me is Holiday Music all month long! How festive! Grab your favorite holiday tunes and dance along, won’t you?

Let’s start off with an artist who collaborates with his good friends who are getting into the Christmas spirit their own unique way.

In the video, the country stars throw a wild party with a house load of friends, decked out in festive holiday decorations, and a variety of holiday outfits ranging from ugly Christmas sweaters to festive onesies, in addition to showing off their finest Christmas lights necklaces and drinking all sorts of ‘spirits’ like Peppermint Schnapps and Jack Daniels.

The guys bring tons of laughs and plenty of fun as they throw the ultimate Christmas house party, showing off their goofy dance moves and singing lyrics like, “We getting’ into the Christmas spirits / Lightin’ it up like a Christmas tree / If I can’t drive then I’m gonna reindeer it / If the ones in the front yard will fly for me / Get your cups up everybody let’s Christmas cheers it.”

Here’s Jake Owen featuring Parmalee with fun “Christmas Spirits”:

Next up is a song that’s becoming a tradition each year to dedicate to my brother for his birthday. His birthday is tomorrow (Tuesday), so it’s the perfect time to play this song. Happy (early) Birthday, Mikey – here’s a “Box Of Rocks” for ya! You know I love ya!

Here’s The Song Trust with “Box Of Rocks”:

Next up is another laugh-out-loud song parody, about the “challenges” of trying to buy presents for his wife. Set to the familiar “Little Drummer Boy,” the video features the husband singing to an in-studio microphone (tambourine in the background) and donning his Christmas sweater. And, as we’ve come to expect in this family’s videos, the hilarity ensues from there.

Opening his song, we learn:

“I get stressed when Christmas time comes. / Because I’m gonna spend some of my income / on presents for my wife. / She’ll think they are dumb.”

And, sure enough… the mama opens her first gift to reveal… a Mrs. Meyers soy candle. Her priceless expression shows she’s not exactly overjoyed with the non-toxic, chemical-free, unscented choice.

“You say get me anything, I can’t read your mind.”

Well, yes, we know our husbands can’t possibly “read our mind.” But maybe, over the other 364 days a year, they might pick up on a thing or two we enjoy?

“How about a book of yummy recipes?

She’s like ‘Oh great, so now I have to cook these?’”

And then there’s the check-out line purchase, the athletic socks and… well, I won’t spoil the outfit for you. Let’s just say… the title of the song may have been the best decision he made all season.

Enjoy the fun with The Holderness Family with “His Presents are Dumb – Little Drummer boy A Capella Parody”:

Next up, one of my favorite artists unwraps her own claymation Christmas special in her new video for this song, a track off her all-original Christmas LP.

Modeled after the holiday staple Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, this video is the first of three festive music videos that will be dispersed over the three Fridays before Christmas, forming a video trilogy.

The red-and-green-haired girl seen on the LP cover plays the central role in the first installment, with the girl and her dog discovering a meddlesome, rooftop-dwelling snow monster instead of cheerful ol’ Frosty the Snowman.

After the snow monster tries to ruin Christmas by dumping mounds of snow down revelers’ chimneys, the girl lures the ice creature into a trap using plastic candy canes and a net of Christmas lights. However, the snow monster manages to melt and escape with the Sia avatar in pursuit.

The video ends with the girl following the snow monster deep into the woods alone, where she stumbles on a mysterious ice-covered house.

Give a listen to the inimitable Sia with “Candy Cane Lane”:

And finally, a bonus – because the trilogy wraps up next week, so I wanted to keep these current and in order! This is the second chapter in the Claymation trilogy showcasing songs from Sia’s seasonal LP Everyday Is Christmas.

Picking up where the “Candy Cane Lane” video left off, “Ho Ho Ho” finds Sia’s yarn-haired Claymation character pursuing a snow monster into a secluded house in the middle of the woods.

After befriending the creature, the little girl discovers the root of the snow monster’s anger – an icy Midas touch – and, with the help of gloves, helps the monster string up Christmas lights and celebrate the holiday.

The trilogy will conclude next Friday, so I’ll be sure to share the finale next week!

Here’s Sia with “Ho Ho Ho”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday, see you on the dance floor!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:   PhotobucketI have the supreme honor and privilege of being a co-host with the inimitable Xmas Dolly and our musical cohort, Callie from JAmericanSpice, and our awesome friend Cathy, from Curious as a Cathy.

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  1. Stacy,

    Oh what fun, girlfriend! The Holderness family’s “His Presents Are Dumb” set to the tune of “The Little Drummer Boy” made me smile big. That family sure has the sense of humor and quite clever coming up with parodies. How cool you shared two of Sia’s songs. While I did not feature these today, I am sharing Sia’s Christmas album on Thursday for anyone interested in stopping by for a listen. Happy Birthday again, my friend. I’m glad you had a great birthday weekend! 🙂

  2. Love the Box of Rocks–so cute and These Present are Dumb. LOL! One good thing about not celebrating Christmas is . . . I’m not stressed at all. Merry Christmas to you.

  3. I was just saying yesterevening that I need two days off just to hang with my kids! The weekend was just busy busy busy fly by!

    I’ll have to let the kids listen to some of theses! haha.
    Thanks for rocking Stacy.
    Merry merrying!

  4. LOVE THE BOX OF ROCKS… And actually just all of them… to cool! You didn’t see my birthday wish for you on my Post today… actually I didn’t see you anywhere… you’ve been busy lately huh? I know how you feel… I’ve been soooooooooooooo very busy too… I got two teeth pulled today.. OUCH~! Well, I hope you’ll stop by and see what I posted for you! HUGS & MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  5. This will sound like “the dog ate my homework” but my desktop computer quit just as I was commenting yesterday so you may end up getting two comments. Anyway…happy belated birthday. I enjoy 4M because of the new music to me. I never would have seen those Sia videos and they are so much fun. Hopefully, I’ll be back up tonight and I can comment on your Tuesday post.

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