It’s Halloween, people! Our first Halloween in our new tiny town and our new house – we’ll be curious to see how many kids come up our hill for candy – it’s dark and steep, so we might not see anyone! The kids will be trick-or-treating down in town themselves, so we’ll see how much loot they end up with.

It seemed like yesterday Princess Nagger was a little ladybug:

She actually wore that outfit three years in a row, since it was too big for her from the get-go. I miss those days! I’ll share their costume pics next week, because I haven’t taken pictures yet, obviously!

Speaking of Halloween – can you spot the yellow M&M amongst all the candy corn? I actually think it looks like a yellow Skittles:

This is kinda cool – ever wonder how they changed street light light bulbs way back when? They rigged their vehicle with a very tall ladder:

You couldn’t pay me enough to do that job.

So Christmas is speeding up on us way too fast. I’m still waiting for Princess Nagger to give me her list since she’s at the age she’s become hard to buy for. I did, however, get a chuckle out of this, and think I might have to get her one just for fun:

Looks all sweet and innocent until you give it a squeeze. They have a ton of different kinds of animals, but this one cracked me up the most.

OK, so recently I was shopping online to do a price comparison of fireplace tools since we left our set for the buyers at our old house. You might have to click the image to see more clearly, but I have an app on Chrome that when I’m shopping anywhere online, either Amazon or Walmart will pop up with the same or similar item, with their price – low or high – to lure you over there to buy from them instead. 

So the price at Home Depot is $19.39, the price at Walmart for the same thing is also $19.39, but look what Walmart says you’ll save: $1919.61. Obviously their math calculation is a little bit off, you think?

Speaking of math… Princess Nagger can relate to this:

And finally, I’ll just leave this right here for you…

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  1. Hope you have a great Halloween! I can totally relate to that Johnny Depp meme. I searched for about five minutes for the yellow M&M. No luck.

  2. No way could i do that light bulb changing job, either. While i will climb ladders to clean walls or ceinings, or get on the roof, climbing up there on top of a vehicle? Nope, nope, nope.

    The Wal-mart people learned to do math with some people i know, i will bet.

    Where did you find that unicorn! It’s hysterical, i have to find something like that for my Little Girl. She’s 19 and will laugh uproariously over it.

    Happy Halloween! Your Princess Nagger will not look cuter now than she did back when, but i’ll bet she has just as much fun.

  3. Stacy,

    One word to change a person’s day. lol It may not only change a person’s day but it may also help him/her to forget it. 😀 I had to click on the candy corn image to find the M&M and it looks like a yellow Skittle to me, too. I’m like you missing my once babies. The years went by like a snap! Have a safe, fun Halloween!

  4. I think Turbo would agree on the math. I know I felt that way often when taking college math tests.

    That “m&m” does look rather skittle-like.

  5. I can’t find the M&M! or Skittle, or whatever it is. That car with the ladder is pretty cool, though, and so is the animal that looks sweet then fierce. Princess Nagger sure was a cute lady bug. Excited to hear how trick-or-treating went in your new place.

  6. Happy Halloween! I hope you and yours had tons of fun and a safe Halloween. Ahhhh the Princess in her finest!!! I haven’t seen a recent picture… you’ll have to show one soon! Like maybe costumes from today??? cOOL… big hugs!

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