I know you’ve been waiting to see if I finally got my fall decor done, right? Well good news! I got the outside done at least:

Since we don’t have an actual front porch (not like what we had at our previous two houses), I had to wing it and at least dress up the front steps and door. I was going to put the straw bale on the deck and do all the decor out there, but decided that the front needed the festive look more.

I didn’t use very many of the corn stalks on either side of the front steps, since the area is fairly narrow and didn’t want people to feel like they’re having to traipse through a jungle to get through the front door. Where did I end up putting the rest of the cornstalks? I’m glad you asked! I did deck the deck with those:

Now all I have left to do is deck out the inside – I wanted to make sure the outside decor was done while it was still sunny, since the next 5 days or so we’re supposed to get lots of rain. While I haven’t moved things around in the living room (yet) to accommodate the dinosaur skeleton as a permanent fixture, I did give him a buddy:

Princess Nagger thinks we should put a cowboy hat on the skeleton – I think she’s right.

Recently Windows forced an update on my computer – even though I’d had the automated updates turned off. Somehow they mysteriously got turned on again, and after the annoying forced update, I got the dreaded Blue Screen Of Death – not once, but twice. The second time I snapped a pic of the screen – one of these days I’ll look into what the error is, because it’s always the same exact error every time:

So annoying. I turned off Windows updates yet again, so we’ll see how long it is before another BSOD happens. One of these days maybe I’ll have to cross over to a Mac – though all my software is the PC version, so I think I’m stuck.

Because of the crazy events and weather going on the last couple of months, someone posted a funny American ‘map’ on Facebook recently:

Pretty funny. This is also funny:

Poor dog is walking himself! And this one cracked me up:

Last, but not least, I know there have been times every one of us wished we had one of these special buttons in our car:

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  1. Stacy,

    I love how you decorated your front steps and entrance – very autumnish! Your deck looks nice, too. I’m glad to see that you got your T-Rex. I have a pix in my post today that I took especially for you. Don’t forget to check it out! 😉 Windows-based computers are a real headache at times. I’m so glad that we made the switch to Mac several years ago. We don’t have issues using Apple computers/software like we did our old Dell computers which continues to blow us away even if our aging computers. If you’re intrigued, then you definitely should look into buying one. I think you’ll love it, too!! Well…it’s time to hit the blog trail. I’ll see ya around, my friend!

  2. Yes to the cowboy hat on the skeleton, and maybe a saddle on the dinosaur, too! That would look great in the front yard on Halloween night.

    You have a great design sense, i really like your fall decor.

    The dog taking himself for a walk is priceless. Enjoy your Tuesday!

  3. Haven’t seen that map of America. It’s getting to be like that, isn’t it? It’s been a fabulous fall where I live in upstate New York, but, in another week or so, we could be back to that snow covered moonscape for the next five months….

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