Tuesday already?! Why must the weeks fly by so fast? I know, I know – they go by faster as we get older. Because you ask my kids, they’ll tell you that time creeps by ever so slowly!

Another day of random fun – thanks for sticking with me while I do terrible hit-and-run moments, things are starting to finally settle down a bit – I might even get more of the boxes unpacked from our move at some point! It’d be really nice to have them all gone, particularly from the main floor. My OCD is starting to flare up seeing them stacked willy-nilly when the space would be so much more spacious without them taking up said space.

Today’s date is a fun one to play with, being that it’s 7-11-17… it’s the same backwards and forwards which can be fun: 71117. I know, I’m easily amused. Every time I think of the date “7/11” I think of the actual 7-Eleven:

Of course now that we’ve moved out to Small Town America, the closest 7-Eleven is 50+ miles away, so we won’t be taking advantage of their “7-Eleven Day” today where you get a free Slurpee between the hours of – you guessed it – 11am to 7pm. They really should have done it 7am to 11pm to be consistent, but it’d cost them a lot more money in free Slurpees for those extra 8 hours.

Princess Nagger was lamenting that she’s never had a Slurpee in her ‘whole life’ – which is true, because where we lived in Pennsylvania, there was only one 7-Eleven within reasonable driving distance, and we just never went there during our time in PA. Probably a good thing, because she’d probably be addicted to Slurpees, and she doesn’t need all that sugar…heh!

My friend Rodney Lacroix (who’s an amazing and hilarious writer) posted this on Facebook the other day, with the caption “When your kid is all, like, “dad dad dad dad dad” or “mom mom mom mom mom” and you’re all, like:”

Speaking of funny, this is definitely that:

And this needs to be shared:

That’s a wrap for this week – keeping it short and sweet this week!

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  1. A sloth in the road! How bou dat? I’m not sure if it is cute or creepy! Hahaha! Funny about the date. 7/10/2017=7 10 2017. Yesterday’s date, too! I had forgotten 7/11 did free slurpees. You’re right that they should do them from 7 AM to 11 PM. 11-7 isn’t right. My OCD feels a little freaked out about that. LOL Hope you have an awesome week and get some more unpacking done!

  2. Awww….so glad he saved the sloth. Such a cute critter.
    I won’t be getting a free Slurpee today either. There’s not a 7-Eleven anywhere near where I live.

  3. At the Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo, i got to pet and feed the sloths. They are quite lovely and i’m very glad this one was rescued.

    Slurpees and Icees are adicting, it’s the sugar. Sugar is a white powder for a reason!

  4. Our nearest 7-11 is about 30 minutes away. I have never liked slurpies, probably the only junk food I don’t like 🙂 I like the zebra 🙂

  5. this post made me wonder what a Sloth’s self defence is? what would it be like if he fought back? I see claws but wouldn’t their speed be a problem?

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