Whoa! It’s a little dusty over here – I can’t believe I had a Blonde Moment and totally spaced out the Friendly Fill-Ins the past couple of weeks! You ever get that nagging feeling you’re forgetting something? Well, I figured out what my nagging feeling has been the past couple of weeks…heh!

It’s time once again for some Friday fill-in fun, the perfect way to wrap up the week and kick off the weekend! 

From Ann of McGuffy’s Reader:

“The Friendly Fill-Ins are four fun and easy statements to complete. Ellen of 15andmeowing provides the first two statements and the final two are offered by myself. We try to make sure they will be fun to both answer and share. On Friday, the linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM. Please come back, link up, and share your thoughts!”

And away we go! Here are this week’s statements with my fill-ins:

1. My favorite cereal is… Ooooh! That’s a tough one, because it’s been a while since I’ve eaten any kind of cereal. I have to say my latest favorite, though, is Cinnamon Frosted Flakes

Have you seen those in your local stores? Even Princess Nagger loves it – though she polished off a Family Size box in record time – but she must have gotten burned out, because the new box has been sitting in the pantry untouched. Maybe she just hasn’t noticed it yet. I better not tell her if I’m interested in having any.

My favorite cereal used to be Grape Nuts.

That was/is my mom’s favorite, and every once in a while she’d let us kids (if we asked really really nice) have some – she’d allow exactly 1/4 cup for our bowl, then we’d add sugar (I know, kinda defeats the purpose of eating a healthier cereal, no?) and zap the milk in the microwave to get it piping hot before pouring it over the sugar covered cereal in the bowl.

Come to think of it, Grape Nuts might have been my favorite based purely on the amount of sugar we’d load on it before adding the hot milk. After the cereal was gone, it was a major treat to have the rest of the sugar at the bottom of the bowl with what was left of the hot milk. I can’t seem to do that now – obviously I’ve chosen to shy away from sugary sweets.

Although if I’m being truthful, I’m now craving a bowl of Grape Nuts. With sugar and hot milk. Too bad I don’t have any!

2. My prom… didn’t exist. I know you’re probably thinking “Say whaaaat?” But it’s true – I went to a Christan school, and they didn’t believe in dancing or proms. We did, however have Homecoming each year – I was blessed to be the Homecoming Princess in my Jr year. 

3. The thing about sleep is… I’m not getting enough of it, lately. I don’t know why – I think I’m still trying to adjust to the hubby’s whackadoodle schedule, that no matter what time he gets home or we wander up to bed, we’re still yanked awake by the alarm at the gawdawful hour of 4:15am. I refuse, however, to go to bed super early, because I’m just  not old enough to have a super early bedtime.

Of course it’s catching up to me – I might have to rethink that early bedtime thing and catch up on some sleep – it’s no fun walking around in a fog.

4. I cannot help myself, but… my eyes keep closing on their own accord. I guess that means I better wrap this up and head to bed!


Now it’s time to Celebrate the Small Things! I’m joining in this fun blog hop to join some awesome bloggy friends and meet new ones – click on the badge for more information and if you’d like to play along, too!

Celebrate blog hop

I’m celebrating that my sister is in town from Kansas – we spent a wonderful full day of doing nothing but shopping and hanging out on Monday. We’ll have to do that again while she’s still here.

She’s been a huge help to my  mom giving her emotional support with the ups and downs of my dad’s condition – he’s still in the rehab/recovery place, he had a setback with a wound on his leg that has delayed the surgery to the shoulder he broke falling off that 8-foot ladder.

His rotator cup is also torn, hence the need for surgery. But his leg wound has to heal since it was problematic, they won’t operate on his shoulder until his leg shows improvement, which delays his full recovery so he can go home. Your prayes are definitely welcome – he’s had some rough days and has had to be on suicide watch. I can’t imagine how boring being in that place would be – I’ll have to see if they have wifi so he could at least watch COPS or YouTube videos to pass the time in between physical therapy. Right??!

That’s a wrap! Hope you join in the fun! Check out the other Friendly Fill-Ins participants and join in if you feel the urge for some fun!


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  1. Yes, you need sleep (she says in the middle of an 18-hour day with no prospect of extra rest over the weekend) and i am praying for a full recovery for your father.

  2. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers. I did not know about cinnamon frosted flakes, I plan to look for some though. Sorry you are lacking in sleep, that stinks. I think you should try to squeeze a nap in daily, not that you have the time though. I am glad you are enjoying time with your sister. If your Dad’s shoulder improves some and is not too painful, I recommend skipping the surgery. My hubby had shoulder surgery 4 years ago and the recovery was sooo long and the physical therapy was so painful. And he was 59 at the time so I imagine it would be worst for someone older. He says he would never do it again. And he was warned before and didn’t listen.

  3. We have had a weird sleep schedule ever since our youngest son left home. He is a Marine and when he was stationed overseas, his day was our night and the other way around. So, if we wanted to talk with him, we would have to sleep days and be up at night. No worries though. We have always tended towards being night people. Have a great weekend.

  4. We understand! We know you are busy, so whenever you can join us, we welcome you!

    What is this “sleep” of which you speak? What is a schedule? I seem to recall the word, perhaps concept. But, a trucker has such a crazy, complex way of life that…yeah, so does a trucker’s wife.

    Someday, we will just go fishing…permanently.

    Happy Mother’s Day! Hugs.

  5. Regarding the cereal, by my way of thinking, the alleged badness of the sugar does not take away the goodness of the “healthy” parts of the cereal. An almond is still an almond, and all that. If I’m going to die anyway, it may as well be with a bowl full of sugar-laden Cheerios. 🙂

    I am so sorry that your daddy keeps having health challenges and very sorry that he was on suicide watch. He must be in some pretty awful pain to want to die. 🙁 He is definitely in my prayers as is your whole family.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Sorry to hear that your father’s in a tough spot. We’ll keep him in our prayers. How wonderful to have your sister around, though. A day of shopping and bumming around is a fine thing.

  7. LOL – “The thing about sleep is… I’m not getting enough of it, lately”.
    It’s generally last on our list of priorities but it’s just so important that we schedule proper sleep!

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