It’s time once again for some Friday fill-in fun, the perfect way to wrap up the week and kick off the weekend! 

From Ann of McGuffy’s Reader:

“The Friendly Fill-Ins are four fun and easy statements to complete. Ellen of 15andmeowing provides the first two statements and the final two are offered by myself. We try to make sure they will be fun to both answer and share. On Friday, the linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM. Please come back, link up, and share your thoughts!”

And away we go! Here are this week’s statements with my fill-ins:

1. My idea of roughing it is… Not having facilities like a bathroom. We’re still in the mode of tent camping that some people might consider ‘roughing it’ (eventually we might decide to ‘upgrade’ to a trailer or something for more comfort) but for now I’ve made sure our comfort is the best even with tent camping, including picking campsites that have facilities, even if it’s just an outhouse so we don’t have to do our business in the woods. 

To add to our ‘comfort’ level, I got the hubby and me cots so we’re not sleeping on the ground (or having to deal with leaky air mattresses), and I got us a ginormous tent that divides into three rooms and looks like a house when it’s set up:

It even has two entrances, so the kids use a separate entrance on their divided half of the tent so if they track in dirt, the hubby and my half isn’t affected. I know, I’m a genius…heh!

I also made sure to get various different things to warrant comfort no matter what Mother Nature throws at us – like the canopy over the picnic table you see in the image above, as well as an awesome camp stove I love, and a ‘camp kitchen’ that gives me extra prep space and storage for kitchen stuff:

And of course we can’t go camping without the option of having coffee – and I’m not talking about Cowboy Coffee where you add coffee grounds to boiling water on a campfire, I’m talking bonafide brewed coffee:

And to make our life easier on our next camping trip, I just ordered this camp kitchen/table to utilize for even more prep space as well as a dedicated coffee station:

I dropped the ball on planning a camping outing this weekend – and of course this will be the first Memorial Day weekend since we moved back to Washington State that Mother Nature is giving us 80-degree sunny days instead of cold drizzly ones. Murphy’s Law! But that’s OK, there’s so much yet to do here at home, so we’ll embrace the long weekend and get stuff done!

2. I never get sick of talking about… Winemaking! I have so much fun doing it, and often times people come to me for advice when they decide they want to give it a try. Plus, I love to brainstorm with others on great flavor or blending ideas.

3. My youth… Seems like a distant memory, though in the grand scheme of things it wasn’t all that long ago. I do remember this picture day with my siblings:

L-R Back Row: Stacy, Kimn - Front Row: Merri, Michael

Of course that was longer ago than my ‘youth youth’, but who’s counting?

4. My “golden years”… Are in the distance, but I plan to enjoy every day within them. I’m hoping I’ll be able to knock some stuff off my bucket list when that time comes, to make the most of my golden years and have some extra special fun! I see Europe in my future golden years – here’s hoping the world doesn’t fall apart between now and then. 

Now it’s time to Celebrate the Small Things! I’m joining in this fun blog hop to join some awesome bloggy friends and meet new ones – click on the badge for more information and if you’d like to play along, too!

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I’m celebrating that we’ve been having gorgeous sunny days for many days in a row now! In fact, this weekend it’s going to be in the 80’s for the first time on Memorial Day weekend since we’ve moved back to the Pacific Northwest. Usually it’s gray, chilly and drizzly this particular weekend, since we always go camping. Maybe we invoked Murphy’s Law by not making plans to camp this weekend – if that’s the case, those that are camping and enjoying the gorgeous weather in the wilderness, you’re welcome.

That’s a wrap! Hope you join in the fun! Check out the other Friendly Fill-Ins participants and join in if you feel the urge for some fun!


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  1. That’s a wonderful camping set-up you have, i hope you get to enjoy it soon!

  2. Wow, that’s mighty fancy camping there. 🙂

    I’m glad that you’re in for a beautiful weekend. I know where you rain went. It is supposed to be cloudy this weekend and then rainy for days on end here throughout the week coming.

    Have a blessed weekend!

  3. I would enjoy camping with all of your cool gadgets! Both of our kids live in Washington state but we are heading up there to move one back down south next month. It is such a gorgeous state ♥

  4. You’re so lucky that the weather turned nice for the weekend. I used to camp with a Medieval Society in my 20s. There was a huge place in Pennsylvania where thousands would gather, live in tents, buy things from vendors at a the Medieval market, watch fighting, dancing, eat BBQ, drink mead, watch jousts and have a great time. Yes, we all dressed up, like what they call cosplay now, but I did it in the 80s! Now you couldn’t pay me enough to camp. No roughing it for me! lol

  5. Yay to the nice weather. Lol! Yes, by not planning to go camping, you probably did invite the great weather. I’ve been enjoying the rain here because when the sun comes out, it’s going to get hot and humid.

  6. Thank you for these great answers. That is a cool tent. No bathroom would definitely make me not want to camp though even in such a nice tent. You sure do know your wine making, you put my hubby to shame.

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