Welcome to the World of Winemaking! I’m having fun alphabetizing the home winemaking process – you can find the links to the other letters at the end of this post.

Today’s letter is “X“… man, I have searched high and low to find a winemaking term or something – anything – that starts with ‘X’, but I’ve got nothin’!

I thought about getting creative with “X Marks the Spot” (hence the title), but then that conjured up images of Pirates:

Don’t get me wrong, if either of these two hot pirates ever crossed my threshold, they’d be more than welcome. But we all know pirates prefer rum – though I wonder if we could convince them my wine is an awesome alternative?

I couldn’t come up with any other ‘X’ words – well, OK, X-ray, but is anyone going to x-ray their wine? I think not! The only other alternative is to spell Christmas the way I hate seeing it spelled – Xmas.

Christmas (aka Xmas) is an enormous event for wine. Wine sales and happiness are at their peak on the 25th December – no surprise there, right? 

Plus Christmas is the perfect time to gift your specially crafted wines to friends and family – they’ll thank you for it, and hope for repeat gifts like that for years to come.

Winemaking is so much fun – at least for me – and am tickled every time I give the wine I make as gifts to friends and family who love drinking it as much as I love making it. While we go through this alphabetical series on winemaking, if you have any burning questions, be sure to ask them in the comments below, and I’ll reply there – and maybe even highlight your specific question(s) in a future post!

Thanks for joining me in this fun adventure!

Here are the links going backwards for your convenience, in case you missed any:

A for Aromas, Acidity and Appearance
B for Barrels, Bottles and Blackberry Wine
C for Color, Clarity, Carboys and Cherry Wine
D for Decanting and Decanters
E for Equipment
F for Fermentation
G for Glass and Grape
H for Harvest
I for Infusion
for Jeroboam and Jug
K for Kabinett
L for Leaf, Label and Lees
M for Merlot, Muscat and Must
N – the Nose has it!
O for Oak and Oxidation
P for Palate and Press
Q for Quality
R for Racking and Riddling
S for Sweet and Sanitary
T for Taste and Tasting
U for Ullage
V for Verjus
 for Wine, Water, Wood and more!


  1. If I can get away with my Xmas, you can get away with your X marks the spot! I’ll have to look back through your posts. We haven’t tried wine-making, but my husband is a home brewer and has tried making some hard cider as well.

  2. My husband succeeded in brewing a batch of decent-tasting beer. The ultimate compliment was it tasted like German beer. All future attempts failed and he sold the equipment. Oh, and the root beer experiment for the kids failed too with an explosion. So not all that gifted I guess. My brother on the other hand made a fabulous dandelion wine, which he too gave at Christmas!

    “Female Scientists Before Our Time”

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