It’s time once again for some Friday fill-in fun, the perfect way to wrap up the week and kick off the weekend! 

From Ann of McGuffy’s Reader:

“The Friendly Fill-Ins are four fun and easy statements to complete. Ellen of 15andmeowing provides the first two statements and the final two are offered by myself. We try to make sure they will be fun to both answer and share. On Friday, the linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM. Please come back, link up, and share your thoughts!”

And away we go! Here are this week’s statements with my fill-ins:


1. I don’t understand why… the Kardashians is are so popular. I just don’t get the fascination for them. At all.

2. My in-case-of-emergency person is… My husband, of course! He’s the first person that needs to be alerted about an emergency that concerns me so he can come to my rescue, or at the minimum, take care of the kids.

Of course when it comes to the kids, I’m the first person on the ‘in case of emergency’ line, because the hubby rarely has his phone on/charged/with him, so turnaround time would be too long…heh!

That’s also why I myself have a back-up contact on any forms I fill out as well. Better safe than sorry!

3. There is so much… Rain! I know it’s “April Showers” and all, but I’m so ready for some good solid sunny days! And I’m not talking about those combination rainy/sunny days, just sunshine, please!

4. I would be lost without… God, of course, and my family and friends.

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This week has been a rough week, actually. Last week my dad (who just turned 73) ended up in the ER after having fallen off an 8-foot ladder and broke and dislocated his shoulder. 

I can celebrate, however, that his MRI came back clear, the stent that’s keeping control of his previous water on the brain didn’t get dislodged, so he’s been transferred to a rehab facility to recuperate while his shoulder heals and until he gets his strength back.

We’re not sure how long his stay there will ultimately be, though, as one of the doctor’s evaluations did indeed confirm the onset of Dementia, which explains his confusion and hallucinations. Keeping him in your thoughts and prayers would be appreciated!

That’s a wrap! Hope you join in the fun! Check out the other Friendly Fill-Ins participants and join in if you feel the urge for some fun!


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  1. I am glad your Dad is OK. Thank you for participating in the fill-ins, great answers and cute photos to go with. We have been getting a lot of rain too. I am with you on #1, I don’t understand why they are so popular.It is a sad comment on society that so many do enjoy watching them. Have a great weekend!

  2. I am so sorry to hear about your daddy’s fall! I hope that he is going to be okay. I am also sorry about the dementia diagnosis. 🙁 We have just said a prayer for him and for your family and will continue to remember him in our prayers.

    Those combo rainy/sunny days are unbearable around here. They get so steamy muggy that I do my best to just stay inside! I hope that you get a sunny day soon.

    Have a blessed weekend. 🙂

  3. Your answers are so relatable. Husbands also see things a bit differently than wives do. Sometimes, very differently, especially with tools.
    The sun is shining. Enjoy!

  4. I am proud to say I have never watched a single episode of THAT show, or even so much as glanced at their social media. do not care. Not when there are far more worthy and talented specimens like Tom Hardy and Mahershala Ali walking around. Like please.
    Glad to hear some good news about your dad! Will keep praying for healing and for an easy road ahead.

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