Have you ever had one of those weeks where you had something going on every single day, but don’t feel like you actually got much accomplished? Yeah, that’s been my week.

Then Saturday, when I had a nice block of uninterrupted time to get caught up on bog-hopping and commenting (and responding to comments, because I’m so very far behind) came to a screeching halt because my blog was down.

Not just my blog, but the hosting service had a major outage which took them almost the entire day to rectify. So I’m still behind. But I’ll start digging myself out of the huge deficit, don’t you worry – hopefully I’ll get all caught up sometime this week!

Let’s start off this week right with some music, shall we? Here’s hoping this week is just a little bit less crazy…

This week’s theme is a fun one – in the Spotlight this week is our very own Cathy, of Curious as a Cathy, who sure chose a great theme! Her selection is Band/Artist name or Song title with the word “Air”. Here we go!

Let’s start off with a song the artist said her friend DJ Mia Moretti was the “muse” behind (along with several other tracks on the album). She wrote this particular tune after the pair spent some together in Central Park watching a bunch of roller skaters doing skate dancing to deep house music. Her goal was to create a song that would be perfect for these skaters to dance to.

Fun fact: The wailing, soulful vocals at the beginning of the song are provided by Swedish singer Sabina Ddumba. The Stockholm native started singing at the age of six and has performed with the Tensta Gospel Choir.


Give a listen to Katy Perry with “Walking On Air”:

Next up is one of my favorite bands from the 80s – they happen to have ‘air’ in the name of their band. They had eleven Top 40 US hits, five of which have the word “Love” in the title. This song deals with the unrequited love of a singer who feels lost without the object of his affection.

This song was used in the movie National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, and also in the rather dark film Happiness, where a couple dances to it in a bar. The song was this group’s only chart entry in the UK – they fared much better in the US.


Get ready for some nostalgia while listening to Air Supply with “All Out Of Love”:

Next up is a song that this particular artist wrote about the anger he felt after divorcing his first wife in 1980 – he was so devastated that he left the popular band he was in for a short time. All of the original songs on this album were at one time intended to be “messages” to his first wife in an attempt to lure her back to him.

The song was just a modest hit in America when it was released in 1981, but its use in Miami Vice (one of my favorite series back then) gave it a big kick and made it unequivocally cool, as it was now associated with the trendsetting show.

When the Miami Vice Soundtrack album was released after Season 1, this song was a key track along with “Smuggler’s Blues” and “You Belong To The City” by Glenn Frey and “Better Be Good To Me” by Tina Turner. Four million people bought the album, and the song has been going strong ever since, continuously appearing in movies, TV shows and commercials and becoming a common pop culture reference.


Here’s Phil Collins with “In The Air Tonight”:

Last, but definitely not least, is a song where the singer-songwriter asks a series of questions such as, “Have you ever hated yourself for staring at the phone?” The artist admitted on her website: “I still don’t have some of the answers to the questions I pose on this record. I’m still figuring it all out.”

In this video, the artist performed this song at the 52nd Grammy Awards in 2010. Celebrities, talk shows, and the general public all acclaimed her high-flying performance. The song was immediately delivered digitally to radio as a new single by her record company before the Grammy broadcast was even over, and the ensuing online sales resulted in the song debuting at #18 on the Hot 100.


Prepare to be amazed with the performance of P!nk with “Giltter In The Air”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:   PhotobucketI have the supreme honor and privilege of being a co-host with the inimitable Xmas Dolly and our musical cohort, Callie from JAmericanSpice, and our awesome friend Cathy, from Curious as a Cathy has returned full force as a co-host.

Want to join in the fun? It’s easy – just find a tune that rocks your boat, post it and link up – don’t forget to grab Xmas Dolly…er, um, I mean her button…over at her place here. Check out Xmas Dolly’s sidebar for the random themes we sport each week – and you can always ask for a specific theme of music you like, too. Check out the other music lovahs and let’s jam!



  1. Stacy, I told Miss Marie that it’s not necessary and the Spotlight Dancer seat can go to someone other than me. But, thanks for the mention! 🙂 Air Supply “All Out of Love” and Phil Collins “In the Air Tonight” are two classics. Both tunes bring back feel good vibes. I don’t think I’ve heard Katy’s song before now and it surprised me that I liked it. I’m not much of a Katy Perry fan. I recognized P!NK’s song title but it’s been a long time since hearing it. “Glitter in the Air” sorta made me think of a lullaby which is interesting considering you wouldn’t think that way when you think of P!NIK and I really liked it more than I remembered. Thanks for sharing all of today’s mewsic but especially the intro/re-introduction tunes. Here’s hoping you’ll find yourself Walking on Air today. 🙂

    1. Marie did mention you wanted to be anonymous, but it’s such a great theme, I wanted to make sure you got credit for it! 😀 Glad you enjoyed my picks! I totally agree with you that P!nk’s song reminds me of a lullaby – I had the urge to listen to it several times last week! 🙂 Hope you’re enjoying your weekend! 🙂

  2. Hey Girlfriend, what’s happenin’ mama? Now I have to say Katy Perry… I don’t know who that is singing with her, but she’s NOT singing that beginning part. It doesn’t sound like her at all & even at the end “I’m walkin’ on air”… that is so not her, but she does have one hell of a voice doesn’t she? Great choice now I have to skip around because well the next one great minds think alike we have the same one I think a lot of us has that one too, but skipping over you got my girl PINK! SHAME ON ME… I totally forgot about this one! I knew I’d be smackin’ my forehead sayin’ “Why didn’ I think of that one”!?! YOU GO GIRL THANKS FOR REMEMBERING! EXCUSE ME NOW WHILE I TURN UP THE SPEAKERS! YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND!!! BIG HUGS!

    1. Good ear, Marie! The soulful vocals at the beginning of the song are provided by Swedish singer Sabina Ddumba. 🙂 And yes, both she and Katy have one helluva voice! 🙂 Thanks for dancing with me, Marie! 🙂

  3. My hobbies are listening to music, watching films and travelling. I love many kinds of music; especially, when I fill myself with the sorrow, I love the songs which can share my sadness. I like the song ” the one that got away” of Katy :))

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