Welcome to Tuesday that feels like a Monday! Well, for those who had yesterday off, that is. The hubby and kids were all underfoot off yesterday, so you know that thwarted getting anything done…heh! Princess Nagger also has today off, but since she’s doing Virtual Academy, she’s home every day anyway, and does her own thing without too much hovering. Unless she wants something, then she’s all up in my grill all the time.

I decided it was time to change up my hair since it’s been too long since I’ve gone and had professional help with my hella hair. This time I decided to go the opposite direction of my natural/normal blondie self, and went a bit darker with the color just for fun:


What do you think? Pretty snazzy, no? Alexis is to be thanked profusely for introducing me to an awesome hairdresser – sure,  now that I’ve moved further South, I had to drive an hour and nineteen minutes to get to Deez, but she’s so totally worth it! I’m not a fan of the layering at the bottom (you can’t really see it in this pic), but I’m confident she can fix that my next go ’round in about 6 weeks. Thanks Alexis for touting her praises! I do love my new ‘do!

I usually try to write my Random Tuesday post during the quiet hours of the day on Monday, but no quiet hours for me yesterday, but I did have some time over the weekend to try to find stuff on my computer after the crash last weekend. I found the pictures I took of the house the week before closing when we were double checking to make sure the sellers did everything on the list they were supposed to do, so I thought I’d give you a tour of all the rooms so you can get a sense of how awesome this house is. 

You’ll see how the outside doesn’t give you the idea it’s superdedooper roomy on the inside:



OK, so see that section that the front door is in? That’s the entryway and the coat closet (the big window is in the entryway, the little window to the left is the coat closet). This is looking back at the entryway and front door just inside the living room – notice the cool stained glass on the door:


There’s a nice roomy area just inside the front door (I’ve ordered an entryway bench with storage for shoes that will go perfectly in here), and directly ahead is the coat closet – the door can be closed and locked, you know, in case any guests wear their furs or jewels and want them all locked up:


Inside the coat closet behind that open door (that has a full length mirror inset into it), is also a coat rack with crystal hanger thingies:


Pretty cool, no? Now we’ll step to the right into the living room:


Then we’ll pivot and look back towards the entryway and towards the dining room:


I love the built-in in the corner of the dining room, and I love all the wainscoting around the walls in both rooms:


The French doors the realtor (left) and hubby (right) are standing at lead out to the nice big deck that gives us this awesome view:


Now that we’ve come back in from the deck and are standing in the dining room, we’ll look over to the right to where the kitchen is:


I love how spacious the kitchen is, and how light and bright it is with all the windows. I’m not loving the lack of cupboard space, but the ones that are there are very deep (and very tall – I’m glad I have a taller-than-usual step ladder, because the top two shelves in all the cupboards are way too high for little ol’ me!):


The fridge pictured came with the house – it’s currently sitting in the mud room (which is through that door you see) until we figure out how to take its doors off so we can relocate it to the basement. I was able to keep my awesome Maytag fridge, which is now residing in the fridge space. The open doorway you see to the left of the mud room door is the doorway to the basement stairs:


I’m looking into getting a rolling island to put where I’m standing as I took the above shot – that way I’ll not only have more counter-top space, but more storage space as well. I’m also thinking about adding cupboards where the 2-person seating is at the end of the counter for even more storage, and getting an island that can have seating when needed instead. So many plans!

Now we’re going to take a little trip through the other kitchen doorway to pay a visit to Princess Nagger’s room at the end of the hall:


She loves her new room, and she finally got a loft bed that gives her lofty aspirations. Sorry, I couldn’t resist! This is her roomy room:


Now we’ll walk partway in and turn around to look towards the closet:


She actually has a walk-in closet that’s bigger than the closet we have in our master bedroom upstairs! The closet really sold her on picking this as her new room, because it’s full of graffiti all over the walls from prior kids living here:

House14 House15

Lots of funny notations and even some tic-tac-toe games. She gets a kick out of reading the scribbles. I think it’s pretty cool myself!

Follow me, we’re heading right next door to the main bath. But first, let’s step out into the hall and look back towards the kitchen – the seating section is where I’m thinking about adding more cupboards under the granite counter top:


And here is the main bath:


You’ve already seen that before, so now we’re going to head upstairs to the second floor:


11 steps up to a landing and a window, then you have one more step, and a couple more after you hang a left:


Love the built in bench up here, and love that the sellers left those four baskets in the cubbies – any suggestions on how to utilize them? I’m open to suggestions (but not for dirty laundry…) On the right is our master bedroom:


And inside that room to the right is our private bath:



I’ve since bought a shower curtain rod and curtain so we can actually use the shower without getting water all over the bathroom…heh! I’m loving that this bathroom has a skylight:


It’s always fun to look up! Now we’re going to head across the way to Little Dude’s room:


Yep, that’s Princess Nagger exploring Little Dude’s room with him. I’m sure the view from his window had something to do with it, too:

House25 House26

Isn’t that an awesome view? I’m a little jealous, since our ‘view’ from our window looks out over the driveway and garage. But that’s OK, because I’m not giving up the bigger room and private bath!

Standing in Little Dude’s room looking towards the closet and doorway towards the master bedroom:


Now we’re going to head alllllll the way downstairs to the basement. We go back down the stairs, cut through the kitchen and head down the basement stairs:


Watch your head going down! Unless you’re short like me, then you don’t have to worry about that like I don’t. At the bottom of the stairs is a nice big ‘common area’ – that’s where I’ve put my workout equipment (remember this picture from when I wrangled my treadmill downstairs?):


That’s in the common area. I have my treadmill and massager thingy set up between the winemaking room door and the craft room door. This area is nice and spacious! I still need to get a long extension chord to plug in my treadmill and massager thingy – hopefully soon, so I can use them!

Meanwhile, at the bottom of the steps and across the common area to the right is my craft room:

House29 House30

My desk is against that far wall, and I have plenty of room for shelves and tables to set everything up. I can’t wait to get started! Standing inside and turning around towards the closet:


I have visions of converting the closet into either a wrapping station or crafting station of some sort. You’ll get to see what it becomes! Now we’re going to head across the common area to the gaming/guest room:


Walk in and pivot to the left:


I love the built-in shelves in the corner – they’ll be perfect for game storage, since we plan to hang a TV on that vast expanse of wall. To the right you’ll see the private bath for this room:

House34 House35

So anyone who comes for a visit and stays a weekend will have their own room with a private bath. Sweet!

Now we exit the guest room and turn right in the common area – at the end of the room is where the washer and dryer live – I don’t mind not having an official laundry room, because this cubby is more roomy than the last laundry room in our old house (where there was always cross-traffic of people coming in from or going out to the garage) here I don’t have to worry about any cross-traffic, and have more room to do my thing:


Directly across from that is the room I’ve been waiting for forever – my winemaking room:


Wood floors (no carpet, yay!) and it’s wired and plumbed for a kitchen:


So along this wall I’ll be adding cupboards, a counter top and sink at the very minimum. Meanwhile I have tables and shelving I can set up in here to get it up and running sooner rather than later. I’m so excited about having a dedicated space for winemaking!

And of course I forgot to take pictures of the wine/storage room – so here’s the picture coming down the stairs again with notations so you know what those rooms are:


The wine/storage room is the only room in the basement that doesn’t have a window, and it doesn’t have a heat vent. You know what that means, don’t you? I’ll be able to convert it into an actual climate controlled wine cellar!

So yeah, that will be happening at some point, too. Right now it’s the perfect place to store my wines because it maintains a perfect temperature at all times no matter how warm or cold it is inside or out.

So there you have it! I’ll be sure to share a new tour once I get everything all settled in (and as I go along), and you can follow my journey of getting the craft room and winemaking room all set up – it’s going to be fun all around, trust me!

It’s time once again for Leslie’s (aka Rory Bore) Tuesday Coffee Chat!

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Oh no! Poor Rory! Technological difficulties are never fun – hers is way worse than my crashed computer. Hopefully she doesn’t end up with the keyboard imprint on her forehead when she bangs her head on it. 

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  1. Stacy, your new place looks fabulous! I love the arched doorways! The house I grew up in had one arched doorway and I loved it. This would be a nice feature in our future home but more modern homes don’t seem to have them. I like all the detailing in your new place. It really gives the place a lot of charm and warmth. I’m very happy for you, my friend! Thanks for the tour of you new home!

    1. Thank you, Cathy! The arched doorways and coved ceilings definitely played a part in the desire to buy this house – I love the character the house has, and they so don’t build them like they used to! Yes! That’s it! “Charm and warmth” sums it right up! 🙂 Thanks for coming along on the tour! 🙂

  2. You are totally right. From the outside your house looks really nice and cute. Who would have thought of all the space you have inside. To me it’s also a pretty perfect layout of rooms. This is great already, but when you are adding your personal touch, I am sure it will be awesome. And I am only very slightly envious that you’re having a complete room for crafting and creating 😉
    Enjoy it all and thanks for the tour!

    1. Isn’t it amazing how deceiving the outside is for perception of size, Claudia? I absolutely agree with you on the perfect layout of the rooms – it is absolutely perfect for our family! 🙂 Thanks for joining me on the tour! 😉

  3. Wow, you’re right: it doesn’t look that big but it has a lot of space! Here in Florida, very very few homes have basements but my husband grew up in Ohio so he bemoans the fact that we can’t get extra space in that way. We’ll just have to find it in other extra rooms I guess.

    1. Looks are definitely deceiving, right Claire? 🙂 I’ve always loved basements, even though they’re not all that common in this area – I’ve noticed it’s the older homes that tend to have basements (most likely because they used them as root cellars back in the day). We had a basement in our 1817 farmhouse in Pennsylvania, so I really missed it with our last house, the house felt too cramped because we were missing that extra space. Probably another reason I’m really loving this house – it not only has lots of character from being built in 1930, but plenty of room, too! As you’re house hunting, be sure not to ‘settle’ – you don’t want to have to live with regret. 🙂

  4. It is so much more than it looks from the outside. Nick keeps making noises about the pacific northwest for the trip we take this year. We might just have to come see your new house and share a glass of wine or two.

    1. You definitely need to come to the Pacific Northwest! And you’re more than welcome to come stay in our guest room – might end up bumping the glass of wine to a bottle or two… 😉

  5. Thank you for the tour, your new home is beautiful. It is much larger inside than it looks outside. I really like the tiles in the bathrooms and the subway tiles on the kitchen wall. Built-ins are great too. Not sure what you could do with those nice baskets, but I know you will think of something.

    1. Thank you very much, Ellen! It really is way more spacious than the outside leads on! 🙂 I’m really happy with all the cool tiles and upgrades the seller did – and they didn’t mar the character of the house as a whole, just improved it, which makes me very happy! 🙂 Thanks for coming along on the tour! 🙂

  6. You’ve been busy! How is the virtual school going for your girl?

    The home is beautiful! Thank you for letting us get a sneak peak.

    1. I think ‘busy’ might be an understatement…heh!! Virtual school is going really really well for Princess Nagger – she’s way happier that she gets to learn at her own pace, and doesn’t get bored on a daily basis. 🙂 Thanks for coming along on the tour! Great to ‘see’ you! 😉

  7. I love your hair! It’s so beautiful! And your house…. what a dream! I would use the boxes in the built in sitting area for storage. Princess Nagger’s closet reminds me of the prayer closet in the movie The War Room.

    1. Thank you very much! Yes, I’m trying to decide *what* to store in those awesome baskets – I’ll definitely come up with something! Yes! That’s what it was PN’s closet reminded me of – thanks for the memory jog! And thanks for coming along on the tour! 🙂

  8. Yes! I was interested in the tour of your new home because it is darling on the outside and I wanted to see the inside. Such a sweet, beautiful home. You had me at the wine room! Love the kitchen… love it all! I will come back when I have time to browse. Now back to Friendly Fill-ins!

  9. What a beautiful home you are blessed to have. 🙂 I love, love the vanity in your main bathroom…beautiful!

    About the bench and its baskets upstairs, what about putting a cushion on the bench and books in the baskets and making it a reading nook of sorts?

    Have a blessed weekend.

  10. oh my gosh I love everything about your new home!! All the tile is gorgeous, the sky window in the bathroom, the Princess graffiti closet, it’s so bright and airy, and you have TWO rooms for your passions. I am hiding in our master bedroom with my laptop on the bed so I can blog catch up! LOL
    I would sell a kid to get my own office/writing space I think! haha.
    And yes, I have been walking around with “sfjghdkjdkgkdjgkdjg” on my forehead since all these problems started. I’ve got my commenting system back, but now some cannot comment. Ugh.

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