Well, we had our first two showings on Friday, had to round up the puppies and leave the house for a couple of hours in the rain, but so far no feedback or nibbles on our house. We did, however, drive all over kingdom come to look at houses over the weekend, and found one with an awesome view that we wanted to put a contingent offer on.

But alas and alack, we have to keep looking, because the bank that owns that particular house isn’t entertaining any offers at this time, because the old oil tank that used to supply heat to the house wasn’t tended to when the oil furnace was replaced with an electric forced air furnace and heat pump, so the tank in the ground must have rusted and sprung a leak.

We were concerned by the pungent oil smell in the lower level as we perused the house, but wrote it off as the terrible smell that is usually present from when they ‘winterize’ the plumbing in a vacant house. When our agent contacted the selling agent for that house, he found out about the oil leakage problem that’s going to cost an exorbitant amount of money when it’s all said and done, including calling in the EPA because of the oil spillage.

Goodbye awesome view from the living room windows (which is even better from the big deck out there, but it was stormy and raining, so I didn’t go out there for fear of melting):

So the search continues. We didn’t get any showings over the weekend (after Friday), undoubtedly because everyone was hunkering down waiting for the biggest storm of the century to hit. Of course it was the biggest non-event since Y2K. The winds, however, did muck things up with strewing little twigs and branches and lots and lots of pine needles over the yard, driveway and back patio, so now we wait for a non-rainy day to clean stuff up so potential buyers will love how awesome the yard looks when it’s debris-free.

While the house we really loved because of its quirkiness (and view!) didn’t pan out, we’re confident an even better house will show up in the near future. *fingers crossed* things happen quickly by way of getting an offer on our house so when we make a contingent offer on a house we love, it will be a no-brainer and closings will happen simultaneously.

Yes, I’m a dreamer, why do you ask?

Moving on… This is funny:


Speaking of funny… I have to share this – Princess Nagger had an issue with one of her quizzes on her Virtual Academy, where the quiz marked the correct answer wrong. So she alerted her teacher via several modes, including Imgur (which totally cracked me up, especially how she wrote about the issue):


You might have to click on it to read it better, but it’s worth it. Trust me. I’ll wait. She did get credited for the correct answers, which means she aced the quiz, of course.

And finally, I’m just going to leave this here:


It’s time once again for Leslie’s (aka Rory Bore) Tuesday Coffee Chat!

The question or prompt for this week is:

The days are definitely getting cooler – we may even have to turn our fireplace on soon. So naturally I’m gonna need some book recommendations since Winter Is Coming! What’s on your reader/night stand?”

We actually did switch our furnace over to the ‘winter’ mode, where the furnace kicks on early in the morning to warm things up before we get up (we like it cool for sleeping at night, but don’t like to freeze when we go downstairs…heh!). Right now the only thing on my reader/night stand is a kitty bed that the kitty in our master bedroom doesn’t seem interested in using, what with the giant king size bed as her favorite spot to snooze (specifically in my spot).

But what I’m reading right now is the newest book by one of my favorite authors (who also happens to be a long-time family friend, and who tried to teach us kids how to play piano all those years ago). Sheila Roberts has multiple published books, several of them have been turned into Lifetime and Hallmark movies! Pretty cool, no? Her latest book, Three Christmas Wishes, is definitely a must-read:


Sheila writes a new Christmas book every year – and every year I love her Christmas books! Seriously, you guys – if you haven’t read any of her books, now is a good time to start, since this particular book is released today. Sheila’s writing prose keeps you immersed in the story lines, and I’ve always loved her sense of humor. When I grow up, I wanna be just like her! 

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. And that means even if you don’t have a specific Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel post posted, you can still link up, I’m not picky. You don’t even have to add the badge, just link up so I can come harass you on your blog. I promise to play nice.

And I want to say thank you for being patient with me while things are so topsy-turvy – I keep trying to carve out some time to actually sit down at my computer longer than 5 minutes so I can pay attention to you – hopefully today with be the day. (hurries off to sharpen her carving knife and wits)



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  1. I have a cat cartoon on mine today, too! Loved the shark and the screenshot! We haven’t gotten our heaters ready. South Texas, you know. I want to read one of those Christmas books you talk about. Have a great week!

  2. I am sorry bout your wonderful-view-oil-spill house. The house we wanted ended up taken off-market, too. *sigh* I hope we both get better ones!

    Both of your images crack me up! I see that cat face daily, on one of our four.

    Your princess nailed it, but of course.

    I confess, I have never read Sheila Roberts…but, lucky you, knowing her! She is big!

  3. Well, that had to happen you know that. The first house you look at will not be perfect it’s that one you search for will be your castle I’m sure of it. Good luck my friend. I’m sure there’s a perfect one out there for you all!!!

  4. Oh my gosh, your daughter is hilarious!! I would love her if I were her teacher. Lol, so funny.
    That is super frustrating about those bank owned homes, that basically waste away because of neglect. I wish you luck house hunting. Such a pain, but I’m sure it will be worth it when you find the perfect place. Yeah, the “storm” this past weekend was just sad. I was really excited for it! Way to disappoint, mother nature!

  5. Oh, that’s too bad about the house with the view!! I’d love to have something different to look at one day besides my neighbours windows. oye.
    omg imgur “rip” I’m dying. so funny. But I didn’t know there’d be math in this post! LMAO
    That cat looks exactly like our cat. Like that’s the face I see all do no matter what I’m doing. Stop judging me kitty!!!! 🙂

  6. So you are moving away from Bonney Lake. How come? Where are you looking for a home?
    Hope to see you some day.

  7. That is quite the view. I’m glad y’all found out about the problems before you got involved. Scary.

    Oh and my kitty begs for food and everything else 🙂

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