Well, that’s it, then. Summer is officially (break-wise vs. calendar-wise) over. The kids have their first week of school under their belts, and a successful first week it was! Last year we got a call from Little Dude’s teacher on the second day – this year he managed to get through the first week without behavioral issues, so it’s definitely a thing to celebrate!

I think this year is better for him in that they (the school) is now fully aware of his limitations and behavior quirks with the ADHD, ODD and Anxiety, so they’re more prepared this year vs. last year to make sure he has a successful year. It also helps that his brand new (to the school) teacher subbed for his teacher last year, so she’s already well versed on what makes Little Dude tick.

That being said, there’s always a bonafide ‘Honeymoon Period’ with him, and I’m hoping that it continues for a much longer time than usual – or throughout the school year – so we’re not getting the usual phone calls and notes about his behavior. A perpetual honeymoon would be a good thing!

He had to put together an “All About Me” bag to share last Friday – he specifically asked me to print out this picture to be included amongst the others:


That was when was sent to us in Pennsylvania for us to foster him for a year before adoption – this was Day 4 when he wandered around upstairs and decided the padded kiddy toilet seat would make a great necklace. Only he wasn’t able to get it back off over his giant head, since his ears were in the way.

Of course I wouldn’t be a good blogger if I didn’t take a picture before helping him out of his dilemma. I thought it was funny he actually asked for this picture to be included – he’s finally learning not to take laughter about stuff like this too personally.

Meanwhile, Princess Nagger has wrapped up her first week of the Virtual Academy, and she is loving it. She inadvertently worked ahead by a couple of weeks in science by following link after link – she got so caught up in the fun, that she didn’t notice she was doing assignments well  before they are due.

I suspect that we weren’t fully made aware (by her or the school) of the extent of bullying she was subjected to last year at her brick-and-mortar school – her attitude is morphing back into the sweet mode she was prior to the last couple of years of school, vs. the anxiety ridden angsty mode she’s been in, chalked up to ‘typical teen mode’.

Having her do the Virtual Academy is going to be one of the best decisions we’ve ever made – it will be awesome to see her truly flourish and shine this year.


And now for some funnies… my fellow OCD friend posted this on Facebook:


Isn’t that ironic? This was also funny:


Oh, and ignore the improper “your” vs. “you’re” in this next one:


It’s time once again for Leslie’s (aka Rory Bore) Tuesday Coffee Chat!

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  1. Glad to hear little Dude is doing better. The photo is a hoot!
    I abhor bullying and glad the Princess is loving her virtual school.

    Carry on my friend.

  2. Honeymoon phase or not, I’m so excited for you and little man with such a great week!

    And I’m so excited for you and Princess. I really would love to homeschool my little ones too. And they are begging me to. Just that hubs have to agree.

    Enjoy it my dear.

    Love that he wants to use that photo too. He is coming into his own.

  3. Stacy, I remember that shot of little dude. That’s just too funny! It’s a good thing he can enjoy the giggles, too. That’s wonderful news that PN is like her virtual schooling program. Do you have her enrolled with a homeschool support group where she can mingle with other like-minded kiddies or does she have some good buds to hang with? Here’s to a fabulous school year for both kids and thanks for the laughs. The dog pix is great!

  4. Yeah for stress free return to school weeks!!! We are off and running up here, but so far, it’s been pretty smooth too. I am suddenly busy, busy, busy again – but hopefully the end of September will see us all settled into routine again.
    LOL – the tape snail – OMG dying.

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