How can it be we’re halfway through summer already? Of course the college the hubby teaches at doesn’t start their summer break until mid-August until almost the end of September, so we (meaning I) haven’t been able to enjoy the ‘no alarm’ mode of lazy summer days since I get up with the hubby to see him off to work each day.

I’m cool like that.

I’ve been torturing myself (and the kids) getting doctor and dentist appointments out of the way so we can coast through the rest of the summer weeks rather than hit ’em with the usual checkups and such at the end of summer in time for school.

Speaking of school – of course they already have the ‘Back To School’ stuff in stores – they were actually setting the aisles up just days after the 4th of July.


Nothing like putting the pressure on early. Good thing the schools put their required school supply list on their website, or I’d be out of luck when school starts, since you know they’ll have switched out the BTS with Halloween and Christmas. In August.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard about the Pokemon GO craze going on right now, haven’t you? While the concept is awesome in that it gets kids (and big kids at heart) outside and moving, there are some crazy people out there getting into trouble not paying attention to where they’re going. Or driving while trying to catch a Pokemon.

I’ve downloaded the app, but even though Princess Nagger is a huge Pokemon fan, she doesn’t seem to be interested in running around chasing a Pokemon on her phone. That could have something to do with she can’t seem to find her phone. I’ll let you know if she jumps on that bandwagon when her phone turns up.

We did, however get a good laugh out of this:


We also got a great laugh out of this:


And also? I need to pick up a watermelon:


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  1. You are so crazy, I love it. Back to school, yikes! I am not looking forward to having to get up early again. School supplies, oh boy!. The pokemon go referrences are hilarious, and people are crazed when they are playing the game . Walking into streets, and on strangers lawns, insane. Thanks for my tuesday laugh. Also the only thing that happens on tuesdays around here is the garbage truck comes to pick up the trash, hooray.:)

    1. Crazy is my middle name! *grin!* I’m right there with you – I’m still getting up early to see the hubby off to work, but it’s nothing compared to the crazy rushing around getting the kids ready and out the door. The Pokemon Go craze really has turned people into crazed lunatics, hasn’t it? 😉 Glad you got a good laugh on a Tuesday – funny, our garbage pick up is Tuesdays, too! 😀 Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

  2. We have to begin shopping now for back to school, because orientation is August 3.
    I wish I had the money to have been shopping throughout the months. But we’ll see what can be done this week. I despise shopping.

    I’ve been seeing and hearing of the pokemon go craziness. WE aren’t doing it, but people are insane.

    That Eastwood joke is way cool! LOVE IT!

    Haha, thanks for making me laugh.

    1. Wow! Orientation is August 3rd? That’s just around the corner!! Luckily the elementary school has a list of the required school supplies, so I, too, will be picking those up this week before they switch the seasonal items to Christmas in August. 😉

      People ARE insane! LOL!

      Glad to give you a laugh, Callie! Mission accomplished! 😉 Hope you’re having a great weekend!

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