It was a ghost town around here last week! Seemed like nobody was in the mood for either random or coffee – what’s up with that? So this week I’ll try to keep it short and sweet so the ghosts don’t get scared away. The operative word here is try.

I think I’ve mentioned in the past how bored poor Princess Nagger is in school. The boredom stems from her being too smart. The little smarty pants. 


So it’s agony for her to have to suffer the constant reviews of stuff she learned already, and the desire to keep moving forward in her learning, not backwards.

Then there’s the whole minor bullying that is apparently transpiring. There are a couple of guys that are harassing her daily, shouting in the halls “I love you!!!” and embarrassing her to no end. Then there are the Mean Girls who are asking her inappropriate questions about her supposed ‘boyfriends’ and certain activity they assume is transpiring – but isn’t.

You know what I’m getting at, right? I don’t have to spell it out for you, right? Right?!

At any rate, that was bad enough, but when she said some kid leaned across the table at lunchtime one day and said “Why don’t you just go kill yourself?” I was ready to fly over to the school and smack some sense into that ignoramus.

So yes, she’s having to deal with stuff I never had to deal with when I was in 7th grade because it was a much different world at that time. No internet, no cell phones, no ignoramuses (or at least none that crossed my path).

Sure, there were some Mean Girls in my school, some tried to tease and embarrass me, but I am one of those people who purposely let things go over my head (even when they didn’t) so they wouldn’t have the satisfaction of embarrassing me and they’d get bored and move on.

Although I honestly cannot remember a whole lot of my school days – I’ve blocked most of it out because one thing’s for sure, I was painfully shy back then (and still am to a degree). So I know something of being more of a loner and keeping my head down and keeping to myself – all things Princess Nagger tries to do as well.

So next year will be an adventure, as I have enrolled her in a Virtual Academy and I’ll be her dedicated Learning Coach (but not her teacher, as she will have an assigned teacher from the academy she’ll be interacting with online with virtual classes and conversations). I’m actually looking forward to helping her flourish in her learning, and probably re-learn a ton of stuff myself.

So it’s not exactly Homeschooling, but pretty darn close. I looked into Homeschooling, but here in Washington State they require the person teaching – even in a Homeschooling aspect – to have a Teaching Certificate of some kind. I don’t have one, and it takes a good number of hours and testing to get one – so the Virtual Academy is the next best thing.

It’s going to be an adventure – it’ll be nice to eliminate the dragging feet trying to get her out of bed and out the door each morning. Plus then I’ll only have to shuttle one kid to and from school, rather than two kids on different schedules to two different schools – my gas consumption will reduce greatly (as will my sanity level dealing with only one car line instead of two).

Speaking of insane… Did you hear about the guy that got punched just because he looks like Shia Labouf? Seriously!

This is a more recent image of Shia, which gives you a better idea of how that guy really does resemble him:


Well, you know, aside from the mega shiner.

So basically, Shia LaBeouf’s doppelgänger, Mario Licato got punched by a random stranger while emerging from a subway station in New York City’s Lower East Side. While falling down the stairs, all he could hear was:

“This is because you look exactly like Shia LaBeouf!”

Days after the incident, which left him with a black eye and some stitches, Mario, an art director in digital advertising, received a voicemail from the real Shia LaBeouf. He left a long rambling apologetic voicemail and even left his phone number (which the doppelgänger has kept highly secret, as he should) and encouraged him to call him back so they could ‘giggle’ over it.

That would be so worth a black eye. Just sayin’.

It’s time once again for Leslie’s (aka Rory Bore) Tuesday Coffee Chat!

This week’s prompt or question is:

“It’s my birthday this weekend – I will be camping with Girl Guides. What is your perfect “this is how I spoil myself” birthday plan?”

First of all, let’s get the fanfare going:


Happy (early) Birthday, Leslie! Hope camping with the Girl Guides will be the ultimate birthday party…heh.

Oh, and sorry I drank your wine. Kidding!

Here, this one is better:


I will be sure to drink a toast in your honor this weekend.

As for my perfect “this is how I spoil myself” birthday plan – whoo boy, it’s been a very long time since I’ve had one of those. That’s actually really sad. I’m going to have to change that.

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. And that means even if you don’t have a specific Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel post posted, you can still link up, I’m not picky. You don’t even have to add the badge, just link up so I can come harass you on your blog. I promise to play nice.



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  1. I was definitely absent last weekend because I was out of town. I honestly think it is the month of May; too busy!
    Elliot has similar problems with being smart/bored. His brother can entertain himself no matter what but not Ell. I can see the advantage of a virtual school for sure; hope it works out!

  2. My brain has just not been in a bloggy mood, but I’m trying to bring it back around.
    Turbo is managing, we just have troubles keeping him focused. He was better this year than last and I’m hoping that next year will be better than this one. I live for the day when I don’t have to nag and push him to do his stinking homework–or to bring said homework home.

  3. I am just stunned and appalled that your daughter is facing that kind of malicious treatment (and that you drank my birthday wine!!! LOL). But seriously, what kind of kid is this who tells someone to kill themselves?? WTF?!! Little psycho. I would absolutely be telling the parents that they have a burgeoning psycho path on their hands and does he still wet the bed too? Honestly.
    This is where being Irish comes in handy sometimes because our mouth and wit operates independently of our brain and body. I would have told that kid “how about I kill you, ya nasty little brat, and then I’ll beat all your mean little friends with your dead body?” But then I’d be sorry. sorta. LOL
    But these kids need to be put in check. No one should have to go to school and fear that kind of behaviour. The at home program sounds like a good solution for both of you.
    Now… where’s my wine?! Hee hee.

  4. Stacy, kids back in the day were bullies, but they were different from today, less mean. I hate PN is having these issues in school, but you’re handling it right to get her out of that mess. Distance learning may be the answer for her boredom and allow her to go at her pace, instead of being held back to her peers’ level. You might want to consider joining a home school support group. This will give her the interaction with other kids learning in a similar fashion. Every home school kid I’ve met have always been a notch above most public school kids in the way they interact with others. I’m not saying this because I home schooled, but it just was that way with all the families. Hopefully, you’ll find that to be the case in your community. No child should be subjected to cruel treatment by their peers. That’s SO stupid! This sort of behavior just doesn’t start at home, it starts in the heart. Liberalism teaches all people to be rude and mean, as the new norm. If you have any manners, then you’re a dinosaur and there is no place for dinosaurs in our society or so that’s what liberals want you to believe. Best of luck to Miss PN to make it through the rest of the school year. I’ll keep her in my prayers.

  5. UGH!!!!!!! I cannot imagine what it is like for kids who are getting teased these days. At least we could leave it for the comfort of home, without face-this, insta-that and snap-what!

  6. I totally get the part about being smarty pants. My kids are in the same boat. I’m shocked at how little the kids know who are in her grade. And so both my daughter and son have to keep doing work, they already know. It does get boring.
    You should see the pitiful words they get to spell!!!!!

    Those girls are just disgusting, going at your daughter like that.
    Perhaps you can have a meeting with the principal?
    Its gotta stop!
    It must be affecting your princess!

    Reading on, I”m sooo glad you’ll be enrolling her virtually. I want to do this with my kids so bad!

    ….now who is shia Lebeouf?

    Ooh Happy Birthday to you beautiful! Enjoy the camping!

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