I had minor surgery last week, so trust me when I say I’m way behind on lots of stuff, especially since the kids had their spring break last week, too. I’ll get caught up, I’m still la bit loopy (when am I not?!) but that might cause some fun commentary as the week goes on…heh!

Meanwhile, I’m not quite as random as usual today, since I kind of had a word-fest for Coffee Chat – let’s just go right to that, shall we? I’m sure I’ll manage more randomosity next week for sure.

 It’s time once again for Leslie’s (aka Rory Bore) Tuesday Coffee Chat!

This week’s prompt or question is:

“Sticks and Stones: What words make you feel the worst about yourself?
What words make you feel the best?”

Words are a powerful tool, you have to be careful what you say sometimes, or even what you’re thinking to make sure the words coming out of your mouth coincide with your thought process.

WordsHavePowerI tend to have the knack for speaking first before I’ve fully let my brain work out the actual meaning behind what I want to say, or how to say it – so it comes out in a rush and sometimes jumbled, then I have to backtrack and explain what I said.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned the art of keeping my mouth shut – particularly if the subject matter is a delicate one – and not saying anything until I’ve run through every scenario in my head based on the words that could describe that scenario, or how those words might come across.

So yes, that means I can be very quiet at times, and by the time I figure out the ‘best’ way to word something, the moment has passed and it’s now a moot point, and silence reigns supreme.

Then there are times when I talk in a rush of words, like I’ve been stuck in a wordless desert and starved for conversation – which seems to be more often than not lately, what with a teen in the house who rarely holds a conversation, or an 8-year-old who rattles on nonsensically, or a hubby who, when he’s home, is a man of few words.

So if I have the opportunity to get together with like-minded people and/or friends, I tend to talk too much in a flurry of words. One of these days I’ll reach a happy medium.

Throughout history words have had as much power as the sword. Words shape ideas and give them form; our ideas shape our deeds and give them meaning. Over two hundred years ago Edmund Burke wrote that words are an expression of our passions and have more power than any other art form.

words-have-powerThis is all the more reason to heed the advice to think before you speak.

Words have always been the kindling and the continued energy that fuel our actions. Revolutions have begun with words, men have been stirred to battle by words, and dictators have manipulated whole countries by words, words give testimony and sway juries and send people to their deaths.

We understand what it means to “give our word” and pledge on our honor (maybe our very souls) to speak the truth. We use words to convey our patriotism to our country and, of course, we worship our God with words, whether spoken publicly or whispered in our hearts.

Words convey love and build trust. They also shape character and tender hearts; certainly we know our words shape our children and if we are wise, we choose them carefully. I know I sure do.

We know our words offend and that is why we sometimes bite our tongues. We choose them well when we interview for jobs. People have been soothed and comforted by words and cautioned to exercise the angels of their better natures. Words have the power to mend and heal.

Words are the most valued commodity of our species, the hallmark of our humanity, the singularly most distinct difference between man and animals. It is absolutely indisputable that words possess immeasurable power to shape individuals as well as history.

I love words; words intrigue me. Words not only affect us temporarily – they can change us. Do you remember when someone’s words hurt you? Those are the ones that tend to stick around in your memory banks the longest, it seems.


My brother and his wife have said some hurtful words to me, so we rarely ever speak anymore. I miss the closeness that once was, but life goes on. Even my parents are on the ‘hurtful’ side of things, what with my dad admitting to me when I was 19 that I was one of the ‘unwanted’ children, hence the reason for my not-so-fun growing up years. Him being at the beginning of Dementia, he seems to have reverted back to how he was ‘back then’ – to the point of making me feel like I traveled back in time and am that unwanted kid again.

My mom’s words cut to the quick when her friend asked her (when I was sitting right there) if she was excited about me moving back ‘home’ – her immediate reply was “No”. She tried to backpedal later and explain what she meant, but the damage had already been done, so I didn’t ultimately listen to the ‘explanation’.

Words can certainly tear you down, or build you up. 

Our words are so much more powerful than we realize. 

How are you using your words? Are you aware of what you say to others? Or do words just fall out of your mouth?

Intellectually I know that we have the power to ignore others’ dis-empowering words, or discredit the source, or simply re-frame them more positively to serve us.

We all have that opportunity in our lives – to touch people’s hearts. We can help a friend feel better about a situation, or we can rub it in. Our words can leave someone feeling empowered, or paralyzed.

We have opportunities every day to use our words to cut or to heal. Every time we open our mouth, we have a choice. 

Words not only affect us temporarily – they can change us.

Let’s use the power of our words thoughtfully and positively to help prevent more pain on the planet and help heal the pain that’s already here.

Words have power. Use them wisely.

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  1. Hope you’re recovering okay from your surgery.
    Well-said on the words. I sometimes have verbal diarrhea and the words spill out before I think. I’ve learned over time to let my mind filter my mouth before speaking, although I still slip up.

  2. I seriously almost stood up from my chair while I was reading this. I am doing the slow clap let me tell you that!!! Brilliantly spoken. The most excellent words used here. I kinda don’t even want to taint it with comment, except to say: Perfection! xx

  3. So yes, that means I can be very quiet at times, and by the time I figure out the ‘best’ way to word something, the moment has passed and it’s now a moot point, and silence reigns supreme.

    That is me right there baby ^^^^^^!

    I’ve learned to just choose my battles. It doesn’t help to be right all the right if things are going to sour all the time.

    Words are life and death.

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