We’ve been having gorgeous spring weather – and no, I’m not pulling your leg, considering everyone thinks it rains all the time here in the Pacific Northwest. Sorry for those friends out East who has been harassed by Old Man Winter hanging in there for all he’s worth.

Meanwhile it’s Monday, and Monday of course means music! One of my all-time favorite bloggy buddies happens to be our Spotlight Dancer this week – Vandy of The Testosterone Three and Me, selected this week’s theme – soundtrack or theme song. Let’s have some fun!

Let’s start off with a Swedish rock band from the early to mid 1970’s that succeeded with a few singles that were covers of other artists’ material. The band got their international breakthrough in 1974 with their cover of this 1969 B. J. Thomas song.

It has been revived from time to time as a cultural touchstone of the 1970’s, such as on the Reservoir Dogs soundtrack in 1992, and as the “dancing baby” song in the Ally McBeal TV show (which is where I first heard it and fell in love with it).

Today’s version is from the 2014 feature film Guardians of the Galaxy, which featured the brass fanfare and title lyrics of this band’s cover version prominently in its trailers and theatrical release, resulted in a significant spike in sales for the recording.



Give a listen to Blue Swede with “Hooked On A Feeling” (Guardians of The Galaxy Soundtrack):

Speaking of Ally McBeal, I’ve always loved the theme song done by an exceptional artist.

Give a listen to the talented Vonda Shepard with “Searchin’ My Soul”:

Next up is the theme from another favorite show that lasted 11 seasons (from 1993 to 2004) – Frasier. I loved that show because not only was it a spin-off from Cheers (that ended after 11 years the same year Frasier premiered), but because the setting was Seattle.

The composer of the theme has explained that basically he was told to craft a tune that was intellectual and jazzy, but to not make any direct references to Frasier or other parts of the show itself. The first line is about the sad listeners “callin”; the second line is about how mixed-up (tossed, scrambled) the callers are; the third line is about how Frasier himself is far from perfect (a bit confused) but still he comes up with the answers for his callers (he’s got ’em pegged).

Most of the time, at least, but sometimes he doesn’t know what to do with those mixed up (tossed, scrambled) callers when they call again. Kelsey Grammer himself delivers the vocals.


Give a listen to Frasier himself, Kelsey Grammer, with “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs”:

Last but not least is a song that was recorded by an American pop rock duo. It’s best known as the theme to this particular sitcom that ran for 10 years, and was also the first single released from their third studio album.

The song hit the Billboard Hot 100 and peaked at #17 in 1995.


I love this video, because it’s the official music video (remember those days, when MTV actually had music videos?) that The Rembrandts made incorporating the cast from FRIENDS – it’s hilarious.

Without further ado, here’s The Rembrandts and the cast of FRIENDS with “I’ll Be There For You”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:   PhotobucketI have the supreme honor and privilege of being a co-host with the inimitable Xmas Dolly and our musical cohorts, Callie from JAmericanSpice, and Naila Moon from Just the Stuff Ya Know. 

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  1. Loved these I knew Hooked On A Feeling from the 70’s it was a single in the top twenty here, and loved Frasier and theme and which is still shown on TV here most days, the Friends theme, the only one I hadn’t heard was the Vonda Shepard one 🙂

    Have a fantabulosa week Stacy 🙂

  2. I was never an “Ally McBeal” fan, but I’ve been watching Calista Flockhart on “Supergirl,” and she’s a riot.

    There’s a whole album of music from Frasier, “Tossed Salads and Scrambled Eggs.” If you ever find it, it’s worth picking up.

    I heard a comedian talking about the theme from “Friends” when the song started on the charts. He said you can tell they never intended the song to become a Top 40 hit, because some of the words after the first verse are a little sketchy…

    OOGA-chucka OOGA OOGA…

  3. So how you feeling girlfriend. I haven’t heard from you in a bit and was wondering. I hope you are your spry self & you’re back to chasing after that Princess & Dude! ~snicker~ Boy, you were a real FRIENDS fan weren’t you? I kind of got into Frasier during the reruns. hahaha Ally McBeal married Harrison Ford was kind of a shocker to me don’t you think? I’m glad they did though… they just make a cute couple, but my dearest friend you have once again rocked the house therefore….. YOU ROCK…. as always!! BIG HUGSSSSSSSSS and for the Princess & Lil’ Dude!!!!

  4. I remember that movie. I didn’t know to watch it before letting the kids watch it. I just thought it was another fun family movie.
    But I did like that Blue Suede song.

    Very nice selections Stacy.

    Glad you are enjoying the Spring weather!

  5. That Hooked on a Feeling brings back old memories.

    And here we are at another Sunday night ready to post, again. It would be better if tomorrow were NOT Monday. Ugh! The end of the school year is killing me. Kids have checked out and I’m tired!

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