Heyyyyy!  Spring has arrived! Anyone still struggling with that whole loss of an hour like me? Still trying to adjust, usually I’ll adjust just in time for the clock to change again in the fall.

Murphy’s Law at work.

So this week is the hubby’s spring break, the kids get spring break next week. Too bad their breaks don’t run concurrent, so we could manage a family trip during the break! More of Murphy and his Law at work.

But this time Murphy works in my favor, as the non-simultaneous spring breaks give me a two-week break from the crazy school lines an hour apart of each other for pick-up and drop off. That’s a mini vacation for me since the hubby volunteers to do the drop-off/pick-up during his week off.

I count that a win in my book.

So when I was sicker than a dog a couple of weeks ago (for a couple of weeks), since I couldn’t focus or do anything, I ended up binge-watching Gilmore Girls.


OMG people! Why didn’t anyone tell me how awesome this show was? I totally would have watched it when it was actually on! So cleverly written – funny and a tear-jerker and all around awesome.

I’ve always loved Lauren Graham and always saw “Gilmore Girls” mentioned whenever she was mentioned (I still have some binge-watching to finish the last couple of seasons of Parenthood) but for whatever reason never saw even one episode of Gilmore Girls. Until now.

I decided I should probably watch it so I’d be ready when the short revival of the show airs on Netflix since there’s so much positive hype about the whole thing. I cannot wait to see what’s in store for all the people I’m now invested in! Were/are you a Gilmore Girls fan?

Any of you who have (or have had) teens in their life, can probably appreciate the humor in this:


I showed that to Princess Nagger who commenced with the eye-rolling. But it did make her giggle. And I’ll let you know how my tormenting of her works out.

I thought this comic posted on Facebook by Robert Downey Jr. was hilarious:


All the hubbub about the movie being inappropriate for youngsters made this comic that much funnier.

It’s time once again for Leslie’s (aka Rory Bore) Tuesday Coffee Chat!

This week’s prompt or question is:

“What’s New With You?

Well that’s a loaded question. Not really, heh. Hmmmmm….new with me? Not much, really, just realizing that school will be done in three months or less, so I need to start making plans for some summertime fun.

I discovered last year that any places we want a good camping spot (i.e. on the river) reservations need to be made well in advance. Introduced the hubby and kids to the joy of camping last summer (since camping in PA was a non-event what with the heat and humidity. And the lack of awesome mountains and ocean camping with less than a two-hour drive like here in Washington), so they’re all gungho on doing more camping this upcoming summer.

Looking forward to more of this:

MountainCamping2015cPrincessNaggerCampingMountainCamping2015g MemDayWkndCamping2015g OceanCamping2015b OceanCamping2015

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  1. I want to go camping by the river and sleep in the car 😀
    But really I ‘d love to camp.

    and that gif is hilar! But I always cringe at the word cray cray. haha.

  2. I drive my kids cray cray when I am down with the millennial slang! LOL
    I just booked our camping week — and we did get a river spot!!! Woot. Although I probably will regret that for the 3 days that hubby has to work and I will be alone, on water, with 3 kids.

    The Civil War cartoons that are coming out are hilarious. And Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans actually got in a bit of a Twitter battle with Ryan Reynolds (who choose Team Cap) over this “language” thing. It was hilarious.
    My personal fave so far: http://38.media.tumblr.com/460e2dfa488a82732745a7b38a101a29/tumblr_inline_o3tfefx8OG1r6nk0a_500.gif

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