How are all my friends faring from the weekend Jonas blizzard? Princess Nagger was bummed that that kind of snow waited until after we moved away from PA since she so would have loved to have gone out and played in it. I echo her sentiment. 

It’s Monday – and you know that music always makes Monday so much better. This week our Spotlight Dancer, Tiffanie from Sounds Like Life To Me, has chosen the theme of “Everyone’s favorite 80’s Rock Bands” – what a fun theme, particularly since the 80’s music is awesome in general.

Let’s start off with a rock band whose guitarist wrote this song, claiming the idea came to him in a dream. He wanted to create a song that the audience could participate in – he definitely hit the mark there.


Here’s Queen with “We Will Rock You”:

Next up is a group who came up with the lyrics to this next song from a poem one of the members wrote for his then girlfriend. This song, however, didn’t hit US #1 until  a year after the album was released, the third single from that album where the first two singles apparently flopped.

One of the previous singles, however, became a hit following this particular single’s success. Crazy, no?


Give a listen to Guns N’ Roses with “Sweet Child O’ Mine”:

Next up is a song that marked a turning point in this band’s legacy here in America – their 1982 album contained a side of disco-tinged tracks at a time when disco was anathema to rock fans. The album had disappointing sales in the US, and also cost the group in credibility.

Their tour to support the album would be one of the main members’ last with this group in America, and the band was largely forgotten here for the rest of the decade. When Wayne’s World revived this song, American listeners remembered how cool the group really was, and they had the ringing endorsement from Wayne and Garth to back them up.


Here’s Queen with “Bohemian Rhapsody”:

Next up is a song that is this groups first #1 hit and their only #1 hit with the original lead singer, and finally came about in spite of in-band bickering that commenced during the creation of the song.

While it kinda looks ridiculous today, the video was groundbreaking and set the standard for cheap performance videos that hapless directors still try to emulate. To produce such a video, the band is recorded performing the song several times from beginning to end. Then, the band members are shot doing random stage moves without the pretense of actually playing the song. Some candid footage is shot with the band goofing around, and it’s off to the edit room where the footage is chopped up into a video.

The video won Best Stage Performance Video at the first MTV Video Music Awards in 1984. MTV quickly discontinued the category as music videos became more creative and relied less on footage of bands performing the song.


Jump right in and listen to Van Halen with “Jump”:

Last, but not least, is a band who reached #39 in the US with a song from their debut, self-titled album. The band was big in the New Jersey area, but got little attention elsewhere.

When the group was signed by a Polygram Records executive, he said he saw the drive and the ambition of the lead singer, despite the fact that he could only sing five notes and most of them out of tune. Interesting, no?


Without further ado, give a listen to Bon Jovi with “You Give Love A Bad Name”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday!

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  1. LOL, you picked all the good ones. I came here first to see what you picked to ensure I didn’t copy you and I almost did with the Bon Jovi one.

    great minds as always! have a great week my friend!

  2. Great choices I watched a documentary here recently it included Bohemian Rhapsody and how DJ Kenny Everett got it played and famous, it was interesting.

    Have a rocktastic day Stacy 🙂

  3. Totally lovin’ your tunes sweetie. My favorite is Sweet child o’ mine! But naturally nobody tops BON JOVI… Oh yeah!!! The 80’s was a fantastic choice don’t you think? Okay, I must rock to my tune. Starting my exercises today this would be a good one… hehehe… must lose weight… It so hard for me if you pray my friend send some my way to do this thing. My willpower is next to nil… can you believe ME… the one that threw a pack of cigarettes out the window after almost 40 yrs. of smoking & quit cold turkey ME NO WILLPOWER! AUGHHHHHHHH… Where do we go now? hehehe

  4. Girl, I know all these fun tunes!
    Party over here!

    I think if my kids get some of the snow, they’d go spastic 🙂

    Thanks for rocking.

    Have a great week!

  5. Stacy, I love 80s music! Looking back at some of the artists I just roll in the floor laughing. How did any of us ever think all that big hair look great? On girls ok, but guys? Well, not so much! Queen was one strange looking bunch of fellers, but boy could they ever sing! You picked some fabulous groups to feature in this theme line up. Hope y’all have a good week and thanks for dropping by. Obviously, I’m running waaaaay behind on my visits!

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