So you remember last week how poor Princess Nagger had to deal with a not-very-nice dentist last Monday who pretty much wrote her off?

Or maybe you didn’t because I didn’t link up anywhere because my blog was dead due to a server malfunction at my hosting company. And when it finally came back online (12+ hours later), we had a power outage that made me throw in the towel.

At any rate, I decided he needed to be fired and we needed to try again with a different dentist, one who would be patient and kind considering Princess Nagger has the same “OMG I’m gonna die!!” fear of the dentist. I called the office the next day and was able to get Princess Nagger scheduled the day after that with someone else.

You know, instead of having to schedule with an over-priced oral surgeon for the removal of baby teeth.

The new dentist? Absolutely phenomenal!! He actually talked with Princess Nagger (and me), took his time, was very creative on hiding the tools he needed to coax those stubborn teeth out so she wouldn’t freak out, and managed to extract all five teeth in a fairly short time. No more shark teeth with doubles vying for the same spot.

Two of them were buggers – not only did they still have a root each, but since they moved out of the way for the adult tooth to grow in, the root was sideways like a wing, hanging on for dear life. Poor thing.

It’s nice to have it done finally, so her braces can actually do their job more effectively without those pesky baby teeth holding things up. Some day she’ll thank me, I’m sure of it. For now, I’m the mean mom making my poor pitiful princess go through torture. Heh.

And now I’ve changed all of us to that new dentist, too – there will be much less dread for future appointments, that’s for sure.

Halloween was mostly fun – Princess Nagger was excited that the Corgi head she’d asked me to make turned out awesome (if I do say so myself, agreeing with The Nag):


The only thing PN didn’t take into account was after she had me make the eyes it gave her tunnel vision. Not that she didn’t have tunnel vision when the eye-holes were empty, but she did have a greater range. I made them removable, with Velcro fasteners inside the head, but she insisted on keeping the eyes in for the full effect.

Unfortunately that meant she was traveling a little bit slower than her friends, who, after passing by houses in a rush to locate the other friends they were going to trick-or-treat with out in the neighborhood, they ended up ditching her.

Needless to say she came home in tears after less than an hour. And to add insult to injury, she had very little candy in her bag.

Poor thing. She had been so excited to get tons of candy based on last year’s experience with these same friends, which is why she opted to trick-or-treat with them rather than with the hubby and Little Dude and my niece and her family who had come  over (with our invitation) to take advantage of us having a great neighborhood for that.

When she got ditched, she came back this way and ran into the hubby and the gang heading back to the house – they’d already filled up their buckets and bags and the smaller kids were getting tired, so they were done. She was devastated.

In retrospect, there was still an hour left of fun, so I should have offered to walk around the neighborhood with her. But with everyone back, my house full of guests and the doorbell kept ringing for my attention to hand out candy, I was focused on my hostessing duties rather than helping the Princess Nagger collect more candy.

So I did what any awesome mom would do – I grabbed one of the bags of candy I had in reserves for the trick-or-treaters coming to our house and put the whole thing in Princess Nagger’s trick-or-treat bag. I think that made her feel better.

Little Dude made out like a bandit, getting his bucket full to the brim, and they only went around one full block before the little ones were getting tired. I’m sure being the cutest Spiderman helped in his quest to collect as much candy as possible in a short amount of time:


Maybe next year will be even better. Hopefully Princess Nagger will choose a costume that won’t limit her eyesight or make her sweat as much as she did since the head was hot to wear when trying to run or walk at a fast pace so as not to be left behind.

One of my cool Facebook friends, Jimmy Mulligan, posted a pic of the employees of his bank:


Isn’t that awesome? Bank employees dressed up as bank robbers! I’d love to bank there just for the simple fact the people who work there are cool!

I also now wish I had a black cat to add some bat wings and fangs to:


That’s pretty funny. As is this:


It’s time once again for Leslie’s (aka Rory Bore) Tuesday Chat!

This week’s prompt or question is:

“If you could teleport, where would you go?”

That one’s easy. First I would teleport to just outside Reno, Nevada to pick up my BFF who just a couple weeks ago lost her husband. I know, right? He was way too young, only 56, and such a nice guy.

She’s doing OK, but I bet she could use a distraction, so I’d go there first and then whisk her off to visit some great wineries with me.

Because, you know, wine.

Or maybe teleport back to this favorite vacation spot:


The Caribbean is always a great place to escape to.

Or I’ve always wanted to check out the inside of a medieval castle. How about this one that’s for sale in Italy:


It’s for sale for a mere $57-million. Totally reasonable.

There are so many places I’d love to see – Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Australia, Paris, etc. – having the ability to teleport would enable me to experience things and places I’ve only dreamed of. How about you? Where would you teleport to?

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. And that means even if you don’t have a specific Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel post posted, you can still link up, I’m not picky. You don’t even have to add the badge, just link up so I can come harass you on your blog. I promise to play nice.



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  1. What a relief to hear you found a new dentist! I am so glad everything worked out.

    Please tell your daughter her costume rocked and your son’s is the first Spidey I have seen. Not a one this year at our door.

    Here is a to a great day!

  2. Those are cute costumes. Love that castle, too. I think I’ve been to that beach, the one in the Caribbean. Or at least one very much like it. I hope to see it again someday, too.

  3. I’m glad Princess Nagger was able to get to a dentist that worked well with her. I had a traumatic experience with a dentist as a child and it scarred me for life. Dentists are now at the top of my list of biggest fears.
    Love PN’s costume! You did great with it. I wish we would’ve had more trick-or-treaters come by my house. I love seeing kids dressed in costume.

  4. That kitty bat!!!
    “I am the Danger!!”” LOL
    love it.
    Good news on the dental front, but BOOOO to those friends who ditched PN. Shame on them. You never leave a trick or treater behind. Glad to hear I am not the only mom who has that one bag of “reserve” candy. Sure comes in handy doesn’t it?
    So that castle – buy it! What.A.Deal. LOL

  5. Oh wow, I’m sorry to hear about your BFF’s husband passing. 56 is too young! I think the trip for the two of y’all would be a nice distraction and that castle is amazing. Plus, it’s a real steal at 57M. 😀 Thanks for the random fun, Stacy!

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