Since my hosting company server’s were down yesterday killing my blog for over 12 hours yesterday, I wasn’t able to do what I’d planned for today, so instead I threw this together instead:


Thought you could use the warning – or the chuckle. Either way, it worked for me! (grin!)

Hope your ‘perfect storm’ turns out to be spooktastic!


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  1. Spooky! We have so many things going on that day. It’s crazy.

    My kids were disappointed because it’s Dad’s year to take them trick or treating. I dress up, and he does not. I’m like, “Well Travis dress up.” 🙂

  2. I’ll tell you I’ve about had it with my company and I’m searchin’ for a new one, but I’m askin’ around first. So mama just came home from getting my last shot, but I think I’ll be going to bed here shortly just for gp if ya know what I mean. Love your picture you did hehehehe HAVE A SAFE AND FUN “HAPPY HALLOWEEN TO OUR PRINCESS NAGGER (LOVE LOVE LOVE HER COSTUME), LIL DUDE (What’s he gonna be?), and how about the King of the Castle…. is he going to dress up or is he just going to be his adorable self!!!???? bwahahahahaha Like Dave!!!!! bwahahahaha ahhhh heck ya can’t live with them and can’t live without them,,,, RIGHT????? LOVE YA GAL HAPPY HALLOWEEN – HAVE FUN, AND BE CAREFUL PLEASE! Oh by the way where’s my bottle of coffee you said you were going to send me… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm yummy yum yum!!!!!!!!

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