Why do weekends seem to go by so fast? Yeah, I know – ‘time flies when you’re having fun’, right? At least Monday doesn’t have to be as mundane as normally perceived, what with some music to thwart the mundane mode. This week is a freebie, so grab your favorite tune and let’s get this party started!

Let’s start off with a song about a guy who gets busted cheating, but the girl isn’t going to let him get away with it. In fact, she’s very adamant on one point: he won’t be able to silence her:

“I’m a siren that you can’t unplug / No you can’t shut me up”

A Berklee-trained songwriter from Canada, this artist moved to Nashville when she wrote this song. She said in an interview that as a female songwriter she walks the line between not being too abrasive, but still being strong as a girl, and not being too victim, but kind of morphing all those wheels together.


Here’s the cutie patootie Lindsay Ell with “Shut Me Up”:

This next artist has a lot going on right now – a record-breaking single, a new lip gloss line, and multiple accolades and awards including her first JUNO (2015) nominations for Country Album of the Year and Breakthrough Artist of the Year – she’s dazzling the country music world.

She won her first 2014 Canadian Country Music Association (CCMA) award for Female Artist of the Year, in addition to receiving two additional nominations; Rising Star of the Year and Interactive Artist of the Year. A critically acclaimed artist, she was also crowned the 2011 CCMA® Awards New Artist Showcase winner.

The artist dominates the stage with her powerful vocals, country-pop style and infectious smile. Her star will be rising quickly, this latest single just released a few weeks ago is proof of that.


Give a listen to the adorable Jess Moskaluke with “Kiss Me Quiet”:

Since this next artist’s emancipation from the Disney Channel’s clutches, she has become one of pop’s leading motivational figures, wailing songs about self-empowerment and talking to Congress about destigmatizing mental illness. Openly discussing her struggles with bipolar disorder, bulimia and substance abuse, she has settled into herself in a manner similar to put-it-all-out-there pop stars like Miley Cyrus and Pink.

The artist’s growth since her debut as a tween TV star has been public, and it hasn’t been without stumbles. But her willingness to own every step and misstep, and to show her audience how the rough times helped her become the woman she is, makes this new single a surprisingly compelling listen.


Without further ado, here’s Demi Lovato with “Confident”:

Last, but not least, this club-ready self-empowerment anthem is the debut single from this artist (who happened to be in Pitch Perfect 2). It’s a song that is ultimately about taking care of and indulging yourself.

She was quoted as saying:

“Though it’s nice to have someone provide for you – whether that be emotionally, or physically, or with material things – this song really represents the power in providing for yourself.”

The artist gave the song its world-premiere performance at the Streamy Awards on September 17, 2015.


Here’s the multi-talented Hailee Steinfeld with “Love Myself”:


That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday!

Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


I have the supreme honor and privilege of being a co-host with the inimitable Xmas Dolly and our musical cohorts, Callie from JAmericanSpice, and Naila Moon from Just the Stuff Ya Know. 

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  1. I am skipping the music train this week, but wanted to stop by and say I LOVE YOU CHOICES!

    Well done and thank for the kick in my step this morning.
    Here is to a great week!

  2. Man, that Demi Lovato has really come a long way hasn’t she? That’s one heck of a video for sure! I never heard of your last gal… she looks like another newbie that’s going to come up in the world really fast that’s for sure! Thanks for rockin’ the house my friend you have some great fabulous rockin’ tunes. Now I have to go sterilize my house. My hubby caught a mouse in my cupboard… god I hate those filthy little creatures! ewwwwwww

  3. Stacy, great new tunes (and most of your artists are new-to-me, too) to dance to this afternoon. Lindsay Ell’s song has a fabulous get to your feet beat, as does Hailee Steinfeld. Thanks for the introduction! Have a dancetastic week, my friend!

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