Do you remember having the TB skin test done when you were in school? I remember having to line up at the nurse’s office in elementary for that specific test. I also remember when some of the kids ended up with a reaction and had to be sent home.

Funny how those memories are indelibly etched in your brain.

Now that I have kids of my own, I really don’t want to spend extra time worrying about their health – I’m always on the lookout for the best way to make sure my family is healthy and happy so we can enjoy life without as much worry.


Did you know that they now have a Blood Test for testing for TB? There’s still the option of a skin test, but that particular test is 110 years old!

It’s also subjective and open to a health care providers interpretation, which can lead to false positives (as was the case for the kids from my elementary school that ended up with exactly that) if the patient has had a previous TB vaccination.  

With the TB Blood test, however, that false positive from a vaccination doesn’t happen.

The TB Blood Test is a major scientific advance over the skin test with completely objective results. Making it THE MOST ACCURATE TB TEST available.  Have peace of mind knowing your results will be accurate.


With the TB Skin test you are required to re-visit the doctor to be examined. This is because a doctor needs to examine the skin at the puncture site where the tuberculin was injected. With the TB Blood test, only one visit is required (to give 3 ml of blood), with objective results – it’s accuracy you can trust.

Peace of mind features of the TB Blood Test: 

  • The most accurate test for TB infection.
  • No cross reaction due to a previous TB vaccination.
  • Only 3 ml of blood needed regardless of patient’s age and immune status.
  • The convenience of just 1 visit.

The TB Blood test is obviously the best choice when it comes to testing for Tuberculosis. Should anyone of my family members need to be tested, I’m absolutely going to opt for the blood test.

For more information and to learn about the TB Blood Test visit TheTBBloodTest.com.

Which would you choose?





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