Well hello there my random friends! Did you miss me? Yes, you jokesters, I was not here. One week in Hawaii really wasn’t enough – I so want to go back, not only because it’s beautiful there, but we had a blast hanging out with my cousin and her daughter and grandson.

Princess Nagger really had a great time hanging out with my cousin’s grandson, he’s only 10 months older than her, and he really is a male version of her – two peas in a pod! They both love the same things, and had their own code/language going on all week. It was hysterical to watch.


The weather mostly cooperated, too – though the locals said it was much hotter and more humid than ‘normal’ – seems to be the case all over this year, doesn’t it? We did a few ‘excursions’ and I took eighty-million pictures I’m still going through to pick out the best ones to share with you, but for now I’ll let these do the talking for me today:

BeachView HawaiianFamilyFun HawaiianFamilyFun3 HawaiianFamilyFun4 HawaiianFamilyFun5 HawaiianLavaTube HawaiianSunset PNsnorkling2

PNsnorkling BeachView2BlackSandBeachTurtlesVolcano

Next week I’ll fill you in on more details, this week I’m a bit under the weather since I came home with a sinus and ear infection. I know, right?! My sister showed up on the first day with a sinus infection, so she had to suffer during our week of fun, at least she kept it to herself until the very last day when she passed the yucks torch on to me for departure.

I’m late posting this because on top of my sinus and ear infection, I had some minor oral surgery scheduled for yesterday (Monday) afternoon. I tried to get it postponed until after I at least have used up the 10 day supply of antibiotics, but the surgeon said since I could breath (thanks to the potent prescription decongestant) and I appeared in ‘good spirits’ (damn my penchant for smiling all the time!) he wanted to get it done. OK, fine.

But things could be interesting today, what with the prescription strength Ibuprofen he gave me along with Vicodin to alternate every 4 hours to keep the pain at bay. I may or may not be quite loopy when visiting you later.

Meanwhile the first week of school has gone swimmingly – Princess Nagger actually likes school this year (which says a lot for her and for 7th grade), particularly since all her teachers are crazy, which means she fits right in. It’s been much easier not having to nag her out of bed in the mornings to get ready for school – here’s hoping she continues to love it throughout the year.

Little Dude loves school of course – he’s still at that age (2nd grade) where it’s the coolest place to be. He has, however, already given his teacher a challenge, as evidenced by the phone call from her on the second day of school. Yes, the second day. ::facepalm::

We’re still figuring out his ADHD and ODD mode – we have an appointment with yet another Child Psychologist to look at Autism with ADHD or rule out Autism – and either way finally figure out a game plan.

While I was in Hawaii the hubby was tasked with taking him to a referral Child Psychologist who was supposed to look at Autism and/or rule it out, but instead the doc had his own agenda and decided to come out of left field with a possible ‘Childhood Depression’ diagnosis – which is insane, because depressed the child is not. Polar opposite.

In fact, the stimulants Little Dude had been prescribed for ADHD (something about Adderall and an alternate one having the ‘opposite’ effect on ADHD) they not only hyped him up in mega mode, but interfered with his sleep, so those were taken off the table. Then when this doc prescribed an anti-depressant (that he doesn’t even need), that hyperactivity went into warp drive again. *sigh*

So it’s understandable that his first week of school was in challenge-mode – we’re back to ‘hurry-up-and-wait’ (at least until October) to see what the ‘game plan’ will be based on Autistic with ADHD or the original diagnosis of ADHD with ODD, and what he needs to make sure he has a successful school year. We’ve finally gotten a meeting with the school coming up for an I.E.P. and 504 plan, since he will need some extra help with writing, math, and keeping his focus in class.

You know, instead of getting up from his seat when he’s supposed to stay in his seat, walking in front of the teacher to get her attention while she’s trying to teach class, then rolling his eyes and sticking his tongue out at her when she tells him ‘No’ for the millionth time that he cannot leave the classroom to go potty when he just got back from hanging out in there 5 minutes before. Oh yes he did.

But the outlook? Looks bright for the little cutie patootie. I want to make sure he has the help he needs to make sure he has a great year ahead – and subsequent years thereafter. And make sure his teacher doesn’t want to throw in the towel by Christmas. Ahem.

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. And that means even if you don’t have a specific Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel post posted, you can still link up, I’m not picky. You don’t even have to add the badge, just link up so I can come harass you on your blog. I promise to play nice.


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  1. So glad your trip went well in Hawaii. I’ve always wanted to visit there, and your pictures just confirm it.
    I wish your kiddos the best this school year.
    My son had a diagnosis of ODD when he was younger. He spent a few years seeing specialists. I can’t pinpoint exactly how it happened, but that diagnosis is pretty much nonexistent now and he’s doing quite well.

  2. I really have no experience with that kind of stuff for kids but I’m always surprised at how many docs just throw unnecessary meds their way. Seems absolutely absurd. And lazy!

    Your Hawaii pics are awesome and I can’t wait! I have exactly one month and I’ll be there myself!

  3. I can imagine taking tons of photos! THere is life, love and beauty everywhere!
    So glad y’all had such a wonderful adventure!

    LOVE LOVE the photos.

    I hope soon you’ll heal. And also that you’ll have a good doctor for little man.

  4. the pics are gorgeous and I am sooo jealous!! I would love to go to Hawaii. My mom and dad went back when she retired and they had the best time. Said it was beautiful and fun — and you definitely look like you guys are having lots of fun! 🙂
    Now that I know you are back with random, I’ll see ya next week.
    Looking forward to more pictures.

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