Gone are the years of ‘easy’ Halloween costumes. Well, at least for half of the kids, that is. Specifically Princess Nagger.

Way back when she was a baby, I bought a cute fuzzy ladybug costume that served her well for three years in a row:

Halloween1 Halloween2 Halloween3

Well, OK, that third year was a bit of a stretch, as the costume was a little too small for her, but she wanted to wear it.

Then she was the cutest little forest fairy:


Then there was the year of the pirate:


Then she revisited the forest fairy phase because she fit the costume even better that year:


After that, her costume requests started getting more creative, so the next year she wanted to dress up as Raven from Teen Titans (I sadly never took her picture in the actual costume, but this is the exact one she wore that year – and no one was able to guess who she was):

RavenCostumeThen she was an Angry Bird, because they were cool:


The next year she was Katniss:


That one took some time buying the individual pieces to create the Katniss look (the only official replica is the jacket itself). The weather didn’t cooperate for painting the bow I got for her so she just carried it as it was.

Last year she was still big time into My Little Pony, and found this costume online she wanted me to get for her to dress up as Twilight Sparkle:


When I dug that picture up just now for this post, she was horrified at her decision to, and I quote, “look like a dork” for Halloween last year.

So this year I have my work cut out for me, because she wants to dress up really elaborately. Which starts with this head of a corgi:



I finally got the faux fur all cut out per her specifications and pinned to the head:

PNCorgiHead PNCorgiHead2 PNCorgiHead3

Isn’t that cute?! Now all I have left to do is trimming, stitching, gluing, and covering the foam nose with pleather, and make the eyes. Then of course I still need to make the paws, feet and tail to complete her costume. Oh, and fur ‘sleeves’ in case she wears a short sleeved shirt.

You know, because I’m Superwoman. Or at least she thinks so. We’ll go with that.

I’ll be sure to share the final results once it’s all done – I would have had her don the head for picture taking, but the pins might have been problematic. Since the dog head is currently having a radical acupuncture treatment.

What’s the plan for Halloween costumes this year in your household?



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  1. I love ALL of these with the Raven being my top pick! We loved Teen Titan!

    Digging the Corgi and look forward to the end result!

  2. I have no plans for costume but I think the kids still have their old ones….we’ll see if it fits or they’ll be toity 🙂

    Love the photos! And yes I”d consider you superwoman alright!

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