If you haven’t read any of Rodney Lacroix books, you’re totally missing out. Seriously. I stumbled across Rodney’s crazy sense of humor somewhere out in the interwebs, I can’t remember exactly where, but believe me when I say that his humor is something to behold.

Well, OK, maybe not behold in the literal sense of the word, but you know what I mean. In other words, the boy is crazy funny! Maybe more crazy, but he’s funny, too.

I had read some excerpts of his first two books Perhaps I’ve Said Too Much (a Great Big Book of Messing with People) and Things Go Wrong For Me (when life hands you lemons, add vodka) and knew I had to order signed copies for the hubby for Christmas a couple years ago.

Not only were those books hilarious and guffaw-inspiring, but his personal note when he signed the books made me a fan for life. Everybody needs laughter in their life, and Rodney delivers!

When he cast a net to see who he could snag to preview an advanced copy of this book, I was beyond happy to have been bestowed the honor. Newly released as of August 20, 2015, Romantic As Hell – Tales of woe, Tips of woo by Rodney Lacroix is definitely worth the read.

I downloaded it to my Fire phone, and since we have a burn ban going on here in Washington State due to our unusual drought (and record breaking fires sadly burning all over the state), not being able to have a campfire and s’mores on our camping trip, at least I had Rodney’s newest book to keep me entertained next to our barren fire pit.

My friends and family thought I’d lost my mind, sitting there next to the cold pit laughing like a crazy person.

You can bet I ordered a paperback copy to give to my husband for one of his Christmas presents this year, because he has the same kind of ‘out there’ humor that Rodney does – and you never know, maybe he’ll end up being inspired by some of the romantic tips that really are legit – and funny.

There were so many anecdotes that had me wondering if Rodney had gone all NSA on me and had my house wired because I could certainly relate to some of the funny. Seriously, though, it’s a humorous look on what to do – and not to do – to keep that romantic flame burning. I’m not telling the hubby anything about it and see if he initiates some of the fun tips contained within.

Now I need to figure out how to dog-ear the Kindle edition since he prefers those over paperback to make books easier to read when he’s answering the call of Mother Nature. Ahem.

If you like to laugh, have a significant other you’re trying to impress in the Romance Department (and they have a great sense of humor, too), and if you happen to be Romantically Challenged (like my hubby is), this is definitely a must-read book. To see if it’s something you or someone you love will like, there’s an excerpt available on the publisher’s website.

The book can be purchased at, Barnes and, and from  RCG Publishing.

Edited to add: I couldn’t resist adding this funny video from the man himself – you’re welcome.




A big thank you to Rodney for providing the hilarity in written form and for the continued laughs. No other compensation was received for this post implied or otherwise. The opinions are all mine and not influenced by any outside sources. See my Disclosure Policy here.


    1. ROTFLMAO! The man is super-handsome for sure… in his own mind. 😀 And he has an amazing (and super cute) wife, so apparently his Tales of Woo worked their magic on her, which proves it’s an amazing book. 😉

      You’re welcome! And thanks for all the laughs, Rodney! 😀

  1. Kindle all the way for bathroom reading. And this is a great book to read in the loo, because if you pee yourself laughing, it’s no big deal! (Seriously… who wants to be standing there on laundry day thinking “oh mannn…looks like SOMEONE was reading Rodney’s book….”)

    Looking forward to reports on your hubby’s attempts at implementing Rodney’s strategies!

    1. Definitely need Kindle all the way for bathroom reading – you know, in case you end up in there a long time, you can have plenty of books loaded at the ready… 😉 And YES!! I hadn’t thought about laughing so hard you might pee yourself – definitely a possibility reading Rodney’s books! LOL!

      I’ll be sure to post about the hubby’s attempts at implementing Rodney’s strategies – should be quite comical itself! 😉 Thanks so much for stopping by! 🙂

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