Don’t forget @SanDisk While Back-To-School Shopping @BestBuy! (#SanDisk #ad)

I’m very thankful we still have another month and a few days before that big day (Back-to-School) happens. Although, if I were being honest, I’m looking forward to that day with a little more excitement than the kids are. Ahem.

I’ve been in ‘back-to-school-shopping’ mode the past couple of weeks, in spite of having a whole month to get it done. Since all the BTS items show so early in the stores now, by the time the kids do start school, everything will have been replaced with Christmas! Crazy, isn’t it?

Along with the pencils and notebooks and paper and markers, one thing that’s becoming a ‘must’ in our back-to-school shopping is of the technological variety. With Princess Nagger starting Jr. High (kill me now!)  this year, technology will be playing a larger part in her learning environment.

Even Little Dude needed to be set on his own hand-me-down laptop to do some summertime learning to make sure he retains what he learned last year – after all, 2nd grade is harder than 1st grade for one who tends to be distracted more than the average kid…heh!

Because there will be more technology-driven events this upcoming school year, I needed to find a reliable way to back their work and make it easy (and safe) to transport to and from school. I love Best Buy for their versatility of items as well as their extra helpful staff that are able to show me the differences between all the options and make the best choice for my needs.

SanDisk has always been my ‘go-to’ for flash drives, I’ve always had good luck with them and no problems from years of taking advantage of their reliability. They offer safe storage for all devices regardless of what grade you’re in – middle school to college and beyond!

Luckily Best Buy happens to carry a variety of SanDisk products with competitive pricing and a variety of sizing to choose from: 8GB, 16GB, 32GB, and 64MB.

Plus they offer a selection of styles (you know, so you can be stylin’ with your storage). Best Buy is definitely a one stop shop.

SanDisk for Digital Imaging: SanDisk products, from professional-grade camera memory to point-and-shoot SD cards to microSD cards, deliver industry-leading performance and reliability.

SanDisk SD cards are also designed to meet the security, capacity, performance, and environmental requirements of next generation devices – because your stories span generations and your memory solutions should too.

Best Buy is the place you can get a memory card to support safe storage for all  of your devices.  Visit the site to learn what card is right for you.

Amp your digital imaging. SanDisk SD cards are designed to meet the security, capacity, performance and environmental requirements for next generation devices, so whether you’re using your professional-grade camera, a point and shoot camera or a phone or tablet, SanDisk SD cards are able to deliver industry-standard performance. 

Expect to capture and record fast action in 4K Ultra HD and full HD video with transfer speeds to 60MB/s for smartphones, tablets, and action cameras. Transfer data up to 80MB/s for DSLR cameras and camcorders, 10X faster than ordinary cards!

I love that there are flash drives geared towards PC, Mac, and Linux as well as those that work best with laptops, tablets, televisions, even car audio systems. So. Many. Choices!! Best Buy stocks SanDisk flash drives for SATA interfaces as well as USB 1.1, USB 2.0, and USB 3.0.  

They also offer both lightning and USB options for transfers between iPhone, iPad, and computers which as a bonus frees memory. Android users can choose dual USB products for transfers as well as freeing up space for photos, videos, music, and more.

See? I told you Best Buy is a one-stop shop! 

Add a SanDisk microSD™ card to your smartphone or tablet, and you can carry more of the media and apps you love (that’s what I did, makes a world of difference!).

Thin and light computing devices, tablets, and demand the compact form factors of SanDisk microSD cards. for adding memory, rather than deleting something to make room.

No matter what your need Best Buy has a SanDisk product that’s for you and your lifestyle.






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2 thoughts on “Don’t forget @SanDisk While Back-To-School Shopping @BestBuy! (#SanDisk #ad)

  1. Great Post my friend. Very informative. I didn’t know SanDisk was still around. We have a zipdrive by them Dave uses all the time and copies everything on there rather than his computer. Great little addition for the ol’ computaaaaaa!!! HUGS Sending you an e-mail soon. Please read and tell me what you think. TANKS! Feeling much better this morning. Woo Hoo… please if you have an extra prayer laying around may I have it? I really want these shots to work cuz that means little or no pain for 8 months to a year WOO HOO IT’S PAR-TAY TIME! Have a great weekend!

    • SanDisk has been around forever! I’m glad they’re still going strong, they’ve always been reliable for me over the years. Especially since I’m not only a pack-rat for physical items, but I tend to save my electronic stuff like a maniac, too. Thank goodness SanDisk enables my electronic pack-rat ways! LOL!

      Hope your shots worked! I’ve been keeping you in my constant thoughts and prayers. 😉