You know how I mentioned last week that those that think it rains all the time should come for a visit because we need visitors to bring the rain (since we all know rain follows out-of-towners)? Well, we must have had some visitors this weekend, because we finally got a little bit of rain.

I know, I know. Big whoopee-ding-dong, right? But it is! Because it’s been hotter than normal around here, and everything is drying (or has dried) out. Big time.


I noticed some Facebook friends were scoffing at the notion that the heat returning this week (after only a 2-day reprieve) was ‘newsworthy’, considering it’s not as hot as, say, Arizona for instance.

But considering our ‘typical’ weather for this time of year is normally a wonderfully pleasant mid-to-upper 70’s (and no humidity, yo!) and the higher temps (with maybe a smidge of humidity) saves itself for the late summer, mid-to-late August for a very very short time, having been inundated with the heat early on (and extended) is  a big deal.

In spite of the excessive heat (in Pacific Northwest terms, mind you), I love the warm days and do not, by any stretch of the imagination, miss the humidity we had coupled with the heat in Pennsylvania. Give me a dry heat any day! Not to mention that we were smart and had central air installed, so we’re cool as cucumbers on the hottest day.

That, and today Princess Nagger and I will be setting up one of these in the backyard:


Hopefully the spot we have picked out is level enough, because we don’t want any delays enjoying the 15’x48″ of fun. Heh. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Speaking of cool… An awesome photographer, Kevin LeFevre, took this beautiful shot at first light at Glacier National Park in Montana:


Isn’t that amazing?!  While parts of Glacier are closed because of ‪the ‎Reynolds Creek Fire‬, most of the park remains open, including Bowman Lake area, where this amazing photo was taken. Now I want to go there!

And now for something funny… This shows the normal dynamics of cats vs. dogs:


No matter how big the dog is, the cat is always in charge.

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  1. So true about the dynamics of dogs and cats. And that photo of the deer is amazing! Now, is central AC an option where you live? Because it’s not an option here in Texas. Heat and humidity! We haven’t quite hit 100 yet, but the “feels like” temp is way over that. After reading your great post, I feel so bad that most of what I posted was complaining, and mostly about things that are inconsequential. Oh well. That was my random mind today. I guess the depression has hit me harder than I realized. And yes, I’m going to talk to someone about it. It’s been about two months, and with the surgery, it’s just gotten worse. Sorry to talk your ear off! Loved your post!

    1. Central air is definitely an option here – though it didn’t used to be, because it didn’t used to be ‘needed’. Over the years with the clear-cutting and building houses practically on top of each other (luckily that’s not the case in our development) and with the constant warming up of the overall weather, now A/C isn’t simply a luxury, it’s a necessity for those of us who prefer not to wilt and/or want to keep our sanity. We lived in Pennsylvania for 16 years – 11 of those were in the old farmhouse we bought out there that was built in 1817 that obviously had no central air…and was way to cost prohibitive to add it, in spite of the furnace being the top of the line and able to handle a/c addition on its own, but there weren’t any returns on the 2nd and 3rd floors, so those would have to be added, and to be fully efficient, they’d have to install 2 units – one to run from the 3rd floor down and one to run from the first floor up. I know, crazy! And it would have been about $20,000 to do that…I’m pretty sure I laughed heartily at the guy who quoted us. 🙂 We ended up living with window units in the bedrooms so we could sleep at night, and one in the living room to keep the temperature down to 80 or so on the hot days. When we moved out here, I told the hubby we had to have central air in whatever house we buy, because we’d lived long enough without it. I’m so glad he was on board with getting it installed in this house, and even happier it was only a quarter of the quote from PA! 😀 Too bad you don’t have that option in Texas – you’d think with how hot it gets there it’d be a no-brainer!!

      I’m so sorry about the depression hitting you – and don’t feel bad about your post possibly being in complaint mode, it’s always better to vent! 😀 I’ll be heading over your way after dinner and try to cheer you up! 😀

  2. I am with you on the cooler temps! Never been a huge fan of heat or humidity and we seem to be having both this month, which like you all, is rare for neck of the woods.

    That picture is stunning!

    I do hope the pool was a success and that the temps cool down and your rain returns!

    1. I think records are being broken all over the place with the excessive heat, drought, humidity – and all the stormy weather elsewhere, too. Here’s hoping Mother Nature gets her proper menopause meds and levels out! 😉

      We decided to hold off on putting up the pool until this weekend – it would have been a comical enterprise with me and Princess Nagger trying to wrestle the 152 pound box from the back of my car into the backyard, so we decided we’d wait and have the hubby help with the heavy lifting. Plus I watched some videos on the manufacturer’s website today, and I’m thinking wrangling the hubby into helping set it up will make it go much faster (especially if any ground leveling will need to happen…heh!) But I bet the hot weather will stick around for a while – those that are they are saying it might last into the fall months, with a warmer-than-usual and drier-than-usual winter to follow. Which means my wishes and dreams for any snow this winter will probably not happen. Booooo! 😀

  3. Hope the pool installation goes according to plan.
    What a stunning photo! We do have some amazing scenery in this country, as well as some very talented photographers.

    1. Thanks, Vandy! We’ve put the pool on hold for a few days since 1) we need the hubby’s help and 2) busy ortho and doctor appts the next couple of days – but at least the hotter heat won’t show up until next weekend, so Sunday will be pool installation day! 😀 Plus I decided to order a saltwater filter system so we can go that route vs. chemicals, and that won’t be delivered until Friday. 😉

      That is definitely a stunning photo, isn’t it? We definitely have amazing scenery and talented photographers in this country. 🙂

  4. Oooooh, a pool. I’m SO JEALOUS. I totally want a pool. But none of the work or responsibility. I’m just going to come to your house.

  5. I don’t have to tell you what it’s like living on the east. We are stuck with the warm temperatures most days in the low 90s and humidity. Of course, we do get the afternoon thunderstorms which one can only hope brings relief, Instead humidity and heat feels only worse afterwards.

    that’s an amazing photo of the deer at the lake. I would love to see that part of the country! Maybe someday we will make it out that way. Meanwhile I’m stuck here with the heat & humidity.

    Best of luck to you and PN getting the pool set up, so you can enjoy some cool summer fun!

    1. I do not miss living on the east coast, Cathy! I can deal with the unending heat (that is highly unusual for this area) since I don’t have to deal with the humidity! 😀 I do have to say, though, that I miss the thunderstorms (sort of) since we don’t get those out here – but I don’t miss the higher humidity that followed the cool thunderstorms. 🙂

      Road trip! Hopefully you will be able to make it out this way at some point! 😀 And maybe you can enjoy some cool summer fun, too! 😀

  6. Are you positive your hair doesn’t miss the humidity? Absolutely positive? 😉

    Now you will need a pool boy and a lifeguard! 😉

    That mountain photo is incredible!

    1. Hmmmm….let me think about that one…. HELL to the NO my hair doesn’t miss the humidity! 😀 It’s nice actually being able to wear my hair down during the summer months instead of bound up like my life depended on it (which it did) to try to keep some semblance of coolness and tame the crazy humidity induced hella hair. 😉

      Hmmm…hadn’t thought about the need for a pool boy and lifeguard. And maybe a cabana boy! Of course I’ll need to add a cabana, but I’m willing to make sacrifices to do that. 😉

      That photo is incredible, isn’t it? I keep finding myself going back to gaze at it – especially since my favorite animal happens to be deer. 🙂
      StacyUncorked would like you to read ..The Heat Goes On which creates Pool Time plus Deer Admiration and Cats vs. Dogs – RTT RebelMy Profile

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