I believe I’m suffering from Summer Brain. Those of you with young-ish kids home from school for the summer break know what I’m talking about. Lots of distractions.

Look! A shiny object!

Speaking of being distracted… How distracted do you need to be to mistake bear cubs for puppies? OK, maybe when they’re little babies, except for the whole walking on their back legs thing. You know, if baby bear cubs do that sort of thing.

But c’mon – raising them, thinking they’re dogs for two years? Two years??!!

Especially when at some point they look like this:


Do those look like dogs to you? Apparently they did to Wang Kaiyu, from China’s Yunnan Province, who bought the pair as ‘puppies’ as cubs from in Vietnam from a vendor who said the animals would grow into lively, friendly dogs with big appetites.

They certainly grew to be larger, livelier and hungrier, though they also started exhibiting considerably stranger behaviors, and in spite of his pets’ unusual ‘habits’, the dude continued to love and care for his unusual “dogs”, even giving them daily grooming sessions.

How can you not figure it out over that two year period? How?!

Speaking of pets… Did you know that cats help you live longer? Apparently the University of Minnesota found that owning a cat might actually be good for your heart. In their study, they found that folks who did not own a cat were 40% more likely to have a heart attack and had a 30% higher chance of dying from heart disease than cat owners did.

Apparently their purring has magical powers – check it out:


So I guess owning two cats doubles our odds on not having a heart attack, no? I suspect Professor Blackspot would agree:


Excuse me while I go scoop up a purring cat…

In other news… I’m sure you saw the recipe the NY Times shared on Twitter that ended up turning into Guacamole-gate, because someone had the audacity to suggest you add peas to guacamole (with a few other changes to the basic guacamole recipe that didn’t fully mesh with my brain).

Here’s a quote from the person who authored the original recipe about this recipe:

“Adding fresh English peas to what is an otherwise fairly traditional guacamole is one of those radical moves that is also completely obvious after you taste it. The peas add intense sweetness and a chunky texture to the dip, making it more substantial on the chip.”

The picture attached to said recipe looked as unappetizing as the description and recipe itself:


Aside from just not being able to envision little round peas in guacamole, but her description of “…peas add… a chunky texture…” all I kept thinking was “Exorcist”.

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  1. I absolutely agree about the guacamole! Why would you ruin a delicious dip with peas? And dogs? Seriously? Gotta be something wrong with those people! Ha ha! I’m glad I have a cat. She definitely helps my stress level!

    1. I know, right? Peas?! It’s not like they add any extra color… 😉 Cats definitely do help stress level – especially if you have bears you think are dogs. 😀

  2. Peas. In Guacamole?! Um, if you want texture and “chunkiness” add diced tomatoes. NOT peas!

    Um OK, on to cat owning, a much nicer topic. Love my cat and know she makes my life better, but it’s nice to have science to back it up.

    1. YES! If you’re going to add ‘chunkiness’ diced tomatoes makes way more sense. Not to mention those would add more color vs. green on green. And it gets away from Exorcist Guac for sure. 😉 It is great to have science back up our love for cats! LOL! Have a great week, Vandy! 🙂

  3. Seriously bears instead of dogs? I’m kind of interested to read the end of the story. What happened to the bears?! And yuck. I’m not a fan of guacamole but peas make it sound even less appetizing!

    1. I was wondering the same thing, Kendra – I wonder what they did with the bears? Added them to a zoo? Can’t imagine they’d release them in the wild since they’ve been domesticated. Inquiring minds want to know! 🙂 I’m not a fan of guacamole either – adding peas? Even less so! 🙂

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