Holy time warp! Can you believe this week marks the middle of July? No, no – don’t shoot the messenger. I’m just as dumbfounded as you are.

Let’s not think about it and get through this Monday together with some great tunes, shall we? It’s a freebie week, so feel free to join in with whatever tunes or earworms are monopolizing your brain!

Let’s start off with a group that I was introduced to by one of my favorite shows on MTV, “Finding Carter”. I love the music they utilize for this show, and it turns out this particular song happens to be the theme song.

The band was formed in late 2012, when the lead singer wanted an 80’s cover band for her birthday party. She ended up partnering with a fellow musician she’d been introduced to by a mutual friend, and the third they met a short time later. At the time, the two had been working at restaurants just a block apart in Manhattan.

Eventually the band would expand to its current set-up of five members by bringing in a couple more friends, and played their first show at the Canal Room in New York City. The day after playing there, they were signed to Photo Finish Records, followed by spending the better part of that year touring and working on their first EP.

Nothing like hitting the ground running, eh? The band released their first album of 6 songs on January 7, 2014, which was met with rave reviews. July 2014 was when this particular song was made for the opening theme of “Finding Carter”


Fun Fact: The band name, ‘MisterWives’ is a gender-flipped play on the term for the 19th-century Mormon practice of polygamy, Sister Wives. In case you were wondering.

Give a listen to one of my newest favorite groups, MisterWives with “Vagabond”:

Next up is a new song from one of my favorite country trios who describe this pulsating rocker as the most honest song on the album. They’re all married (not to each other) and agree that true love is ups and downs, hit and miss, fire and ice.

But at the end of the day they’re not going anywhere, either from their married relationships or as a band.


Get ready to dance – here’s Lady Antebellum with “Long Stretch Of Love”:

Next up is a new (to me) artist who grew up in the English town of Hitchen listening to James Taylor and Bob Dylan, before studying guitar at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. The bluesy singer-songwriter first gained some traction after playing right before The Rolling Stones during the band’s 2013 Hyde Park shows.

This artist’s big breakthrough came when he was named Critics Choice 2015 by the Brit Awards panel. This is his second single, which was his first UK Top 20 hit.


Here’s James Bay with “Hold Back The River”:

Last but not least is something a little different – the dude in this video is a football player that plays for Texas State who didn’t have it easy growing up – he had two uncles that suffered from blindness and had mental disabilities. When he was born, there was worry that he’d have the same struggle that his uncles had, especially since he didn’t speak until the age of four.

When he was a Junior in high school, he had to take a foreign language class, and decided to American Sign Language at the local University. He fell in love with ASL and the Deaf Community and discovered how difficult it was for them to enjoy a live concert. He decided it was time to give them something they all wanted – a concert they could enjoy, so he recruited his fellow football buddies and did just that.


Get ready for some fun – here’s Brian Guendling and College Football Players performing the First Sign Language Concert Ever with “Uptown Funk”:

That’s a wrap for this week – have a great Monday!


Now on to the particulars of Monday’s Music Move’s Me:


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  1. Half passed July is pretty depressing, since we go back to school at the crack of August; however, I’ve transferred to a better place.

    I like James Bay. He’d be pretty cute with a man bun.

    I especially enjoyed Uptown Funk to sign language. I used to know a little American Sign and took a class in it as a speech pathology major, but I have forgotten most of it. I did recognize the sign for “girl” with the thumb on the imaginary bonnet strap. It brought back memories.

    My mom became deaf later in life, but she never took an interest in sign language. We’d just communicate by writing notes to her.


    1. Going back at the crack of August would definitely make half passed July depressing. 😉 I’m glad to hear you’ve transferred to a better place! The new place is lucky to have you, and will only be better than better for it. 🙂

      LOL! Yes, I do believe James Bay would be pretty cute with a man bun. We should start a campaign! 😀

      I’ve always thought ASL would be cool to learn – I wonder if your mom thought she was too old to learn. I wonder if I’m too old to learn. 😉

  2. Yeah, I can’t believe we’re staring at mid-July, either. Yikes, summer is just getting away from us, isn’t it? I’ve heard of James Bay and I do like his style. I really need to listen to more of his tunes. Oh that’s a good vid of Uptown Funk ~ very fun! That song always makes me wanna dance. I cannot imagine living without the ability to hear or at least not now. If I were born deaf that’s one thing, but to become deaf later in life then that would be horrible. I count my blessings every day for the abundance of good health that I have! Have a tunetastic week, Stacy & thanks for the dance!

    1. I think someone’s gotten hold of the fast-forward button. They keep missing that pause button!! 😀 I, too, count my blessings daily. 🙂 Thanks for dancing with me, Cathy! Have a great week! 🙂

  3. It’s amazing that it is so far into July already! But summer is so brutal, that I don’t mind it rushing by.

    Thanks for bringing the party over here and introducing these new artistes to me.

    Have a joyful week!

    1. I agree with you there, Callie – summer’s even been brutal here in the Pacific Northwest with a record breaking heat wave. My favorite season is fall, so I’m opposed to having summer fly by. 😉 Glad you enjoyed the artists! Thanks for coming over to dance with me – have a great week! 🙂

  4. I can’t believe that July is almost half over already! Where does the time go?

    Love the James Bay song!

    Have a great week Stacy 🙂

    1. Time really does fly by way too fast, doesn’t it, Carmine? 🙂 Loving the James Bay song, too – thanks for stopping by! You have a great week, too! 😀

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