Those of you that have this idea that it rains All. The. Time. in the Seattle area, y’all need to come visit the state now  because we’re in the middle of a dry drought. Why should you come visit now?  Because that will guarantee  it will rain.

Since anyone who visits from out of state usually ends up getting rained on (hence the notion that it always rains here), we need some out-of-towners to show up and bring the rain with them. You know that’s how it works. 

At least the perpetually clear weather made for a perfect photographic opportunity for an awesome and amazing local photographer, Tim Durkan, who snagged this shot Saturday night:

Tim Durkan Photography
Photo by Tim Durkan (

It’s a “space” hat trick! Tim Durkan Photography got this amazing shot of the crescent moon, Space Needle and planet Venus in the same frame! I’m a huge admirer of his mad photography skillz. 

The drawback to all this dry weather and heat is that there have been crazy fires all over. Like this one that was threatening my niece’s apartment complex:


Makes you wonder if a tossed cigarette butt started it, since it was noted as a brush fire that took off – note the blackened grass right along where that fire truck is parked on the shoulder of an on ramp for one of the local highways in the area.

It moved over to the storage facility that’s in close proximity to the apartment complex my niece lives in. Luckily the firefighters were able to contain the blaze so only the closest apartment building ended up with melted siding, but no major structural damage.

I feel sorry for the people who had stuff stored at that storage facility – at minimum that first building was a total loss from what I understand. Imagine if the people who had stuff stored there had their entire  household stored like we did when we moved back here while looking for a house. Such a bummer.

In other news… Did you hear about the couple whose last names are Burger and King getting married? No lie!

Joel Burger and Ashley King got married on Friday afternoon in Illinois for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, with French fries or with onion rings.


Burger and King have been friends since grade school, went on to become homecoming king and queen, and after a local newspaper reporter wrote about their engagement, they grabbed international headlines, generating interest from Australia to England.

And once Burger King caught wind, the fast food chain decided to pay for the couple’s wedding. They surprised the couple with a video note that said:

“Burger King wants to help give you a whopper of a wedding. In other words: It’s on us”  – bestowed on the couple as their wedding gift. Their Friday evening wedding featured gifts from Burger King, including the fast-food chain’s crowns and custom mason jars.


The groom and groomsmen were sporting Burger King t-shirts under their suit shirts:


Definitely a wedding to remember.

Moving on… Have you ever seen sand magnified with 250x magnification No? Me either. Until now:


I’ve never ever thought about what sand actually is,  it’s always just been sand that feels good between my toes (and not so good in other unmentionable areas…heh). Pretty cool, no? Now I want to get a microscope to magnify the sand I’ll undoubtedly be bringing home from Hawaii at the end of this summer. 

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  1. Gorgeous picture of the space needle and moon! And I can’t get over that Burger King wedding. Pretty cool! I really enjoyed your post today.

    1. Isn’t that an amazing picture? One of these days maybe I can talk Tim Durkan into letting me shadow him for a day and get pointers on using my DSLR the ‘right’ way. 😉 The Burger King wedding was pretty cool – that’s one that would have so much fun to be at! 🙂 Thank you so much for keeping me motivated to carry on! 🙂 Have a great week! 🙂

  2. That Burger King wedding story is interesting. How cool that the restaurant chain jumped on the bandwagon and paid for the wedding.
    We’ve had nothing but rain here.
    That fire is crazy wicked!

    1. I was thinking the same thing – very cool on BK for doing that for them. It’s a one-in-a-million kind of deal! If you’re looking for some drier weather, I’ll be happy to exchange some of ours for some of your rain. 😉 The fire was totally crazy wicked – what’s even crazier is that was one of 3 fires in 3 days that were potentially problematic. We definitely need rain, everything is so dry right now!

    1. I think magnified sand pics are very impressive – I bet dirt/dust magnified pics would probably not be as cool or interesting, you think? 🙂

  3. The sand from Hawaii should be very interesting–especially the black sand. As a geologist, that sort of stuff is doubly fascinating.

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