After having lived for 11 years in an old farmhouse in a rural vs. subdivision type area, now living in an actual subdivision with a Home Owner’s Association has been an adjustment. Luckily our HOA isn’t as nit picky as some from what I hear, but a couple months ago we got the dreaded letter threatening a fine if a couple things weren’t taken care of.

One of which was having the roof and gutters cleaned, after a winter of wind and rain with a myriad of small branches and lots of pine needles from the surrounding tall pine trees having landed on the roof. Since we didn’t move our tall ladder with us across country (who would?), we weren’t able to climb up on the roof to take care of it.

Couple that with the hubby’s fear of heights and let’s just say when we finally did get a tall ladder, his fear overcame the need to clear off the roof in a timely manner. Ahem.

The other item in contention was the state of the flower beds in the front yard – apparently we were not ‘in compliance’ with the HOA rules as we hadn’t yet decided what we wanted to do with the front yard, the previous owners hadn’t left them in a very good state to begin with.

Though on nice days, the hubby did go out and weed, but obviously didn’t do that during the winter months. The only people we saw out weeding their flowerbeds during the winter months were those that were hired to do so vs. the homeowners themselves.

Within two days of the first letter, we hired some dudes to clear off the roof and gutters, as well as de-thatch the entire backyard to enable grass to grow in lieu of the 4-inch moss that was taking over the grass. The hubby also cleaned up and weeded the meager flower beds, added gravel to the area by the road at the end of our driveway that had residual gravel from the previous owners and made it look clean and neat instead of unkempt as it was when we moved in.

He even added this unique ‘spilled flower pot’ look in the front corner of our yard near the end of the driveway. This type of decor was prevalent in PA with either a turned-on-its-side pot, or a half barrel. We haven’t yet seen anyone do this in WA:


Of course that was the day he did it, since then it’s filled out more and he’s mulched it, but forgot to take pictures of it looking even better.

The front yard finally looked great, the flower beds were clear of weeds though we were still contemplating an overall change because we weren’t pleased with the half-hearted rocky minimal flower bed mode the previous owners had adopted. Fast forward six weeks later, and we received another letter, this time with an accusatory tone that we hadn’t complied with the first letter.

Apparently whomever did the ‘inspection’, as it were, didn’t do so until after several weeks had passed beyond the original deadline. By then it had been rainy during the weekends or hubby’s days off, and as we all know, weeds tend to thrive when it rains. Pesky weeds.

This past weekend he already had plans in place with the nice weather we were to have (and luckily had) to revamp the flower beds and turn them into something we’d be proud of. The nagging HOA letter, however, was annoying – pretty much accusing us of not doing anything after receiving the first letter, when we most certainly did.

Not only did the hubby re-weed the already weeded flower beds again (as planned), but he took it a step further and revamped the entire flower bed area and added more zest to our front yard.

Here’s sort of a ‘before shot’ from before we moved in:


After (as in now, just days ago):

















HouseYardAfter4b HouseYardAfter4c HouseYardAfter4d

Not bad for an Electrical Engineer, right? We’re still trying to see about getting grass to grow in that bare spot, but we’ll get there. At least it looks way better than when we moved in (and has, whenever there’s sunshine), so the HOA better not find a reason to complain. Just sayin’.

Do you live in an HOA? If so, are they nit-picky or laid back?



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  1. I am so glad we don’t live somewhere with an HOA. Sometimes life just gets in the way and the last thing I want to do on a free evening or weekend is work in my yard. Just saying. But your yard looks great! Way to go!

  2. We do not have a HOA in our tiny subdivision. If ever we move and if we buy in another subdivision then I’ll make sure they don’t have one. I don’t like anyone dictating to me when I should have something done by their timetable. People live busy lives. Their home should be a place that enjoyable not stressed because things are up to code. I understand why there are places like this and if that’s what you want then fine. It’s definitely not for us. That all being said, the landscape improvements look nice and it looks like the hubs doesn’t have quite so much to mow. Of course, the weeds have to be pulled from time to time. There’s always a trade off, isn’t there? lol Have a happy #WW!
    Cathy Kenendy would like you to read ..Elk sighting at Cataloochee #WWMy Profile

  3. YOUR MACHINE HATES ME 🙁 WAH WAH WAH…. Anyway now that that’s out of my system … wow did you do lots of work or what. Sorry for being so late today. Graduations, birthdays, being sick… I CAN’T TAKE IT ANYMORE! Whew! More out of my system… Anyway love love love the house… now send that boy over to do mine! ~hehehe~ LOVE IT….. Thanks for showin’ off …. you have every right in the world. That had to be a lot of work. Man, I doubly show that bugger off… put it on FB girlfriend… I’d brag lots on that man of yours. Woo Hoo!!!! HUGS
    XmasDolly would like you to read ..Springtime is Here! WWMy Profile

    1. No worries, Marie – you know I have your back! 😉 I hope you’re feeling better! The hubby got a kick out of you asking me to send him over to do your yard. 😉

  4. We had a horrible experience with our HOA’s in FL. They were badly run and extremely disorganized so while they were not sending letters about our yard maintenance, they would not process our checks and then chase us for late fees. It got so bad with one group that they let it ride into Foreclosure because even though we made every attempt to make things right, someone forgot to file the right paperwork. We did get it straightened out but when it finally went to court for the final dues to be paid the HOA didn’t show up so we were finally off the hook. Miserable bunch in FL. I will never buy a condo or property with an HOA ever again. At least not in South Florida!
    Rachel Molder would like you to read ..Day 1 of Summer Vacation – 2015My Profile

    1. Your HOA experience sounds way worse than our weed-nagging one. We are of the same consensus – the next house will NOT be in an HOA. In fact, we didn’t realize *this* one was until we were already in closing. We were assured by the previous owners through our realtor that the HOA isn’t a PITA…so we’re thinking maybe they have new people in charge this year vs. last year. 😛

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