Today marked another milestone in Princess Nagger’s life. She graduated from Elementary School (they do Kindergarten through 6th grade at this school, rather than break them out into an ‘intermediate’ or ‘middle’ for 5th and 6th grade).

It seems like just yesterday she was graduating from Kindergarten:




That was then, this is now:



Next up – Jr. High. How on god’s green earth did she grow up so fast? I really really need to stop blinking.

Or find that infernal pause button. Soon.

Do you notice the passage of time seems so much faster when you have kids?



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  1. Kids do this little pesky thing called “growing up”. PN is sprouting right up there, too. I can’t believe what a beautiful young lady is taking her place. I know y’all are proud of her and rightfully so. Congrats on PN’s recent milestone accomplishment!

    My #WW linky party is open! Join me HERE!
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  2. I have. My son just graduated high school and my daughter (she graduated high school in 2014) is going across country to college as part of college exchange program at the end of August. I was talking to her last night about enjoying the journey and it made me think about them growing up.

    Congrats to her.
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  3. Oh, my goodness! Wasn’t it just yesterday that she was playing with her dinosaurs? I haven’t stopped by in a long time! My two are headed to 3rd grade and 5th grade. I could definitely use a pause button!
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  4. You think you think you blinked this time, wait until your babies start having babies… you feel like you napped and POOF! You’re a Gramma & then the fun really begins!! But for now my friend enjoy that baby girl while you can. She’s gotten so big & gorgeous so fast. Tell Dad he better start loadin’ that shot gun and give little brother karate’ lessons! BWahahahahaha Dem lil’ boys will turn into big boys ringing’ your doorbell soon enough. Oh by the way, she wasn’t wearing those black gym shoes when she graduated did she? LOL I saw that baseball mitt behind her back!!!! bwahahahaha Anyway, all kiddin’ aside I have a serious question what happened to grammar school that’s what I want to know??? What’s all this middle school junk and Jr. high stuff… ?????? It was grammar school and High School!!! By the “SASSY MAMA – to the Prince”…. I likes it… I likes it!!! LOL
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