Princess Nagger had early exposure to technology, inundated with me always doing something on my laptop and all. She had her first real laptop at the age of four (an upgrade from the toy laptop she had prior), when I gave her my hand-me-down after I upgraded mine.

Of course I took steps to ensure her safety, with (excessively) high security measures, and making sure she only had access to a few select (and safe for kids) websites geared towards kids and of the educational variety.


As she got older, her interests have expanded (as has her collection of technology items), but I still make sure she remains safe, lecturing… I mean keeping an open dialogue – about being extra careful on what sites she visits and who she interacts with online.

It’s a never ending worry cycle.


That’s why I’m happy that the BGCA has set up a Cyber Safety site for parents to answer all your questions and help you protect your child.

Are you savvy about what kids are doing online? You can find out by taking the Cyber Smart Quiz, then go to their resources to learn more about cyber-bullying, social networks, mobile tech and online privacy and how it affects your child.

June is Internet Safety Awareness Month – throughout the month of June, BGCA and Sprint are inviting parents to submit their top questions to the BGCA Cyber Ambassadors who are ready and willing to answer any and all questions about cyber-bullying, social networking, online privacy, mobile smarts and other cyber-related issues.


BGCA’s Cyber Safety Ambassadors are a panel of Boys & Girls Club teens from around the world, who will answer parents’ questions from a teens’ perspective. Their answers will educate parents and other mentors to help avoid risky situations for their kids and teens online. I’m in!


BGCA is committed to keeping kids safe, and in today’s world that means being safe online. Youth are often more knowledgeable and savvy than parents when it comes to technology and kids can help parents realize the cyber issues and risks kids face daily. By utilizing resources and sharing information with other parents, you can help kids get the cyber safe future they deserve.

And guess what? Everyone who submits a question will be entered to win one of three iPad minis and $500 to your BGCA club of choice. How cool is that? So get over there and ask away!

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How do you make sure your kids are Cyber Safe?