The crazy weather all over (very hot and very dry here, in spite of the Pacific Northwest’s penchant for rain) is only proof positive that Mother Nature is on something, or going through menopause. Or both.

It’s also the beginning of week 2 of the kids’ summer break – is it time for school to start yet?

Last week I did my semi-monthly grocery shopping – I didn’t finish all of it, because holy brain explosion I was ready to go stick my head under a rock somewhere just to stop the noise.

Anyone that currently has, or has survived small and not-so-small children, will know what I’m talking about.

First of all, the cart is heavier with the addition of a child who may look small and mighty, but is almost too big for the seat part of the cart which means the cart is already cumbersome before I start filling it with the pile’o’groceries.

The weight is exacerbated by him swinging and kicking his feet – and me – punctuated with ‘oh, sorry’, every time one or both of his feet make a connection. And everything he sees in the store is preceded by “Oh Mommy, LOOK! It’s blah blah blah blah blah blah blah!!” As if the ‘blah blah blah’ was his long-lost friend who happens to be hard of hearing.

Because the excitement required using his outside voice.

When I’m right there less than a foot away.

Ouch. My ears.

And of course there’s Princess Nagger who’s almost too big to sit in the basket of the cart (really, she is too big, but if it’s a light shopping day, I’m a sucker and let her ride vs. walk, which can be considered my workout for the day. Ahem.) But since it’s a big grocery shopping day, she’s relegated to keeping up (and out of the way – she tends to like to block the path of the cart inadvertently).

And of course talk talk talk talk talk. Which I’m normally not adverse to, but when she’s talking super fast (she gets that from her mama) about one of her games she likes to play with friends, it’s almost like she’s talking in a foreign language and hard to follow along.

So from her circling me and the cart like a shark chattering on about “Blah blah blah Rebornica blah blah blah DeviantArt blah blah blah Animal Jam blah blah blah MineCraft” from her and “Mommy mommy mommy look look look at blah blah blah! Did you see it? Did you see it? Mommy did you see it? Mommy! Mommy! Look!” coming from Little Dude, all the while trying to remember everything on my list as we race down the aisles of the store to try to beat the crowds and the heat, my head was going to explode.

And of course I forgot some of the things on the list, so today we’ll be going for Torture: Round Two.

I did take some pictures of the goofballs to share, but realized that when I’m tucking my cell phone in my bra on a hot day and there’s residual boob sweat on the lens, it tends to make for blurry pictures.

At least I didn’t take inadvertent boob shots. Ahem.

I did get one halfway decent shot of Princess Nagger making Little Dude laugh with the dinosaur head she ultimately talked me into buying for her, though I was fussing with my phone and didn’t back up far enough to get more than a snippet of Little Dude’s face.


I’ll attempt to take some wacky pictures of Round Two today, just for fun. Next week you can laugh along with me, m’kay?

It’s time once again for Leslie’s (aka Rory Bore) Tuesday Chat!

Enjoy it, people, this is the last one for the summer as she takes her usual summer break. Luckily she will be back in the fall for more chats, so we’ll just be more random next week instead.

This week’s prompt or question is:

“What’s on your Summer Fun List? Hey, if you want to get all fancy and make a poster, or beautiful journal; I’d be so thrilled and inspired.”

Well, I didn’t have time to do a poster or a journal, but I can tell you that there are a few great things on my Summer Fun List – we have some weekend camping fun planned several times over the course of the summer, like at this river in the mountains:

Not sure if we’ll be inner-tubing down the river, but we will definitely be fishing from the river. And relaxing. And eating a copious amount of S’mores. With wine.

We’ll also be camping at the ocean – not many places can you be at the ocean and still see majestic mountains in the background that seem so close:

But the pièce de résistance is happening at the tail end of summer, when Princess Nagger and I will be ditching the dudes and going to Hawaii for the very first time for an entire week:


It’s a girl’s only trip with my mom and sister and aunt and a cousin I haven’t seen since we were kids – and my cousin’s daughter lives on the island in a bonafide tree house.

So along with some great relaxation, camaraderie, girl talk and tans, there will be some amazing pictures to share later (I’ll be taking my big camera along for the ride, so there won’t be any boob sweat to contend with), as well as some prime blog fodder. Just you wait and see.

That’s a wrap for this week – you know the drill, link up and join in the fun, everyone is welcome, random or not. And that means even if you don’t have a specific Random Tuesday Thoughts Rebel post posted, you can still link up, I’m not picky. You don’t even have to add the badge, just link up so I can come harass you on your blog. I promise to play nice.



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    1. Hawaii will definitely be awesome! 🙂

      The camping we have scheduled this summer is tent camping – I’m looking forward to it for sure! And hope we get some rain before then so campfires won’t be banned. No rain in a month tends to dry things out! Campfires are a necessity when tent camping – especially the S’mores aspect. 😉

  1. I know all too well the difference in shopping with and without the kids. But, blink your eyes, and they’ll be grown. Cherish every moment, even those really, really, really annoying ones! The trip to Hawaii sounds heavenly… and peaceful! Can’t wait to see pictures and hear all about it.
    Forgetfulone would like you to read ..Random Tuesday and Coffee ChatMy Profile

    1. You do have a point – I really do need to stop blinking and just cherish these moments, no matter how annoying some of those ‘moments’ are. 😉 Time goes bay way too fast!!

      I’ve heard so many great things about Hawaii, so I’m really looking forward to finally experiencing it myself. I’ll be sure to take lots of pictures so you can live vicariously through me! 😉

  2. Everyone is goin to the beaches this year! I seriously need to look at my list again!

    Have a wonderful time in Hawaii.

    I can relate to the store trip and am glad that my kids are old enough to stay home when I go. If the come with me, they know they are put to work seeking out items so that my trip is that much shorter.

    Happy Tuesday!
    Kisma would like you to read ..Last Coffee Chat for the summerMy Profile

    1. LOL! This will be the first time in quite a number of years we’ll be taking advantage of the beach-y areas. 😉 But you probably should look at your list… 😀

      I’m certainly looking forward to the warmth of Hawaii beaches vs. the cold of the Pacific Northwest beaches – but a beach is a beach! 🙂

      Princess Nagger is almost old enough to stay home, but Little Dude has a long way to go before that can happen. I think I’m going to have to adopt your method of putting them to work while shopping. 😉

      Happy Tuesday to you, too! 😀

  3. We have camping on our summer list too, but maybe not until the end of July. July is terribly busy with local celebrations, archery tournaments, and work stuff. But the end of August, we are headed to Jackson Hole and Teton National park and Yellowstone with the boys. Taking advantage of the stuff in our own backyard so to speak.
    VandyJ would like you to read ..Oh, TuesdayMy Profile

    1. Sorry, you’re going to get a double reply because I was checking to see if I reply via email if it’d post here, too – but alas, it does not. Too bad, too, since I can reply faster with email than being subjected to sit in front of my computer! LOL! 🙂 Thanks for being my test subject! 🙂

      That’s very smart taking advantage of what you have in your ‘backyard’ – that’s kind of what we’re doing with our upcoming camping trips, though definitely not as ‘cool’ as your backyard. 😉 I’m thinking we’re going to need to save up and plan a road trip for next summer to visit other people’s backyards. 🙂

    1. YES!! That’s exactly it!! Instead of plastic handcuffs or Frosted Flakes shoved in my face, it was a dinosaur head. 🙂 I’m looking forward to getting my zen moments back. And yes, Hawaii. That’s going to be the mother of all zen moments at the end of summer – which is the perfect time to regroup my brain right before school starts. 😉
      StacyUncorked would like you to read ..First Grade and Sixth Grade: CompleteMy Profile

  4. I so feel ya… my last grocery trip with my talker was the same blah blah blah blah Minecraft….blah blah blah Hey Sarah, mommy that’s Sarah she goes to my school and she has a hamster (important detail) blah blah blah… can we buy that?
    oye. the single best part of them being in school and me being home: is grocery shopping alone.
    and I am totally jealous of your summer fun list because those places look amazing!! And then to top it all off with Hawaii!! awesome. I can’t wait to see your pictures next Fall — and trust me, I will have a Summer Show and Tell chat where you can share all those beautiful non boob sweat pictures. 🙂
    Rorybore would like you to read ..Tuesday Coffee Chat: Summer Fun ListMy Profile

    1. Oh yeah! I forgot about all the people Little Dude knows ‘from his class’ – and he always seems disappointed that I don’t KNOW them when he points them out to me. And the extra details about hamsters – or what they ate for lunch. heh!! I love summer for not having to do the ‘hurry-up-and-go-go-go’ mornings getting them off to school, and I love having them hanging around (and hanging on me) when they’re here, but grocery shopping is better done solo. And cheaper. 😉

      WooHoo! I’ll keep in mind about the show-and-tell at the end of the summer and try to get some really interesting shots to share! Without the boob sweat, of course. 😉
      StacyUncorked would like you to read ..First Grade and Sixth Grade: CompleteMy Profile

  5. Whoa. Can I go camping with you? Especially if you’ll do the GROCERY SHOPPING for me? You seem to, er, enjoy it. :: grin :: Fortunately my kids are older. The youngest develops the “gimmes” when we go into Walmart though and that’s a little challenging at times…I used to tell them that I could not get ANYTHING that wasn’t on my written list because it’s the rule, but then I taught them to write and spell. I would find “Oreos” or “Candy” on my lists….Hard to argue with them with those on the list. (Oreos!) I’ve been to Seattle. Not sure where you are, but I love Seattle! We hoteled right near the market. What a feast for the eyes there! Giant donuts! And yes, we did share one! LOL The Needle. The Glass Museum. Fun place!

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