I originally planned to do the ‘First Day of School / Last Day of School’ comparison today, since the last day of school was last Friday, but that’ll have to wait until next week. If you are connected with me on Facebook, you most likely saw my post about the interesting afternoon we had around here Monday afternoon.

Or maybe you didn’t, what with Facebook’s algorithm messing things up and all.

Either way, you get to enjoy the fun here today instead. Besides, since law enforcement has been in such a negative light lately, some accolades are good, right?


I have to say, when I came outside through the garage (and the opposite side of the house where there’s another gate in our back fence), when I saw the congregated police cars and fire truck and medic truck, my first thought was something had happened to my hubby.

My mind raced from heart attack, to maybe an out of control car careened down the street and ran him over in our driveway, as I tried to figure out where my hubby was.

The mind is a very quirky thing, no?

As I slowly approached the congregated neighbors, I’m looking all over to see if there was any evidence of foul play or if my hubby was laying on the ground somewhere, my eyes darting back to the group of neighbors who nodded in greeting – but none of them came rushing over to offer any condolences or fill me in, so I took that as a semi-good sign.

I was greatly relieved as I approached closer to see my hubby standing perfectly fine amongst them, taking pictures like a paparazzo. Then my thoughts turned to “Whew! He’s OK!” and “Cool! He’s taking pictures so I’ll be able to share them!”

Initially there was one police car, a fire truck and the fire medic before three more police cars showed up as the fire truck and medic departed:

Prowler Prowler2

The shirtless dude is an off-duty police officer who lives in our neighborhood – he’s helping another uniformed officer get the prowler on his feet after a third guy (not shown) chased him down and subdued him after the perp crashed through the side yard fence into our backyard.

Prowler3 We hadn’t gotten around to replacing the bad boards on that side fence that divides our backyard from the neighbor’s backyard, the bad guy running into them and knocking them out will expedite that replacement. Ahem.

The hubby thought this shot was quite ironic – he put No Trespassing signs on the trees out front to thwart door-to-door salespeople who seem to enjoy swarming on this area. Now we get one per month who ignore the signs, vs. one per day. And hopefully this kind of a situation is a one-time occurrence. 

Prowler4 Prowler5The COPS song kept running through my head…

Prowler5a Prowler6 Prowler7

After apprehension and the dude barfing on the street (you’re welcome for not sharing that image) plus witness statements and paperwork, the bad guy was hauled off to jail.

Hopefully he and his fugitive girlfriend will decide this neighborhood isn’t worth the effort.

Just for fun, here’s the theme song that’s been going through my head ever since:

Now it can run through your head. You’re welcome.



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  1. LOL, that song will sing me to sleep tonight, thank you!

    WOW- that’s some excitement and super glad no one was hurt and all is well. I can only imagine the excitement that caused in the neighborhood.

    lol, nice photos too.
    Kisma would like you to read ..WW- GOING, Going, going, gone!My Profile

  2. It is so good to know that your family and property are safe. I would never have thought that this would happen in your neighborhood.

    My mother has a cop living right across the street from her. My grandfather hit him twice as they were backing out of their driveways at the same time. The first time it was his cruiser, and the police department was frantic that they were going to get sued. The next time, Grandpa hit his truck. Really not his fault as the way my mother’s driveways has a bit of a weird little turn makes it hard to see when going backwards. Oh, heck, I am just trying to make an excuse for Gramps. It was his fault. Gosh, I miss him.
    Danielle Royalegacy would like you to read ..Wordless Wednesday With Linky – Our Pumpkin Patch – June 24, 2015My Profile

  3. That was an exciting moment for you having that going on. Not sure I’d want it happening any more that you did. Did you cop a load of that off duty cops six pack. No wonder the kid never had a chance.

  4. Great, now I’ve got that song stuck in my head!
    Looks like it was quite the entertainment! I work as a 911 dispatcher so I only get to imagine what that kind of stuff looks like as it’s happening. You got to see it in live action! Glad everything turned out well in the end.
    Terra Heck would like you to read ..Wordful Wednesday – Six FlagsMy Profile

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