Princess Nagger’s cat, Blackspot, always likes to perch at the highest point he can manage. When I added a cabinet to organize our video games and happened to place it next to my grandfather clock, you know he couldn’t resist the temptation of being 7-1/2 feet in the air.


HickoryDickoryBlackspot2 HickoryDickoryBlackspot3 HickoryDickoryBlackspot4 HickoryDickoryBlackspot5 HickoryDickoryBlackspot6 HickoryDickoryBlackspot7 HickoryDickoryBlackspot8

Luckily he hasn’t knocked anything off that cabinet, aside from knocking the game controllers off their charging pads. It could be worse. For a big slug, he’s quite adept at maneuvering around things – and leaps like a champion.

I’m just glad we have no mice in this house. Our old farmhouse was a different story. Luckily Blackspot seems to be happy with the toy mice we get him. For now.


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  1. That’s so cute, Stacy. I wish we could have kept our cat, but my son-in-law is so very allergic to cats. If we wanted my daughter to visit, we had to have the house de-catted because where she goes, he goes as well.

    As for your cherries. Have you tried bird netting? That’s what we have around our tree. We make sure there are no places birds can get in and that includes securing the netting at the ground. We put metal poles on the ground so the birds could not get under the netting. Oh, we may have saved our cherries, but those confounded birds stripped our apricot tree this year while all the apricots were only half grown and totally green.
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  2. I love cats, I think they are so cute, like concentrated personality in this little furry, flexible ball of playfulness. Sometimes I get the feeling that they are so goofy, is like having a dog trapped in the body of a cat, still they seem to know whats going on more because they are always watching and seeing what is going on.
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