It’s been really hectic around these parts, what with the kids having spring break last week and the hubby on spring break this week and next.

Luckily (for you), my buddy Leslie (aka RoryBore) over at Time Out For Mom asked us to show her some spring to break up the monotony of winter she’s been experiencing where she lives for Coffee Chat yesterday. Which means I had to make time to take some pictures (something I’ve been lacking lately), and saved most of them to share today – two birds, one stone.

So far, only a few things have bloomed yet this year – at least it’s the cool area under some trees in our front yard where we have a bench strategically placed:


I love tulips – and love that they come back every year.



So far they are the only things that have bloomed in our yard, though another definite sign of spring is the occurrence of these little buggers:


We’ll be taking care of those posthaste, that’s for sure.

Has spring sprung in your neck of the woods?



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  1. Oh, your yard looks so lovely all green. Our bit of green has now turned to brown and will be now until next spring. We still have a few tufts of green where we water the trees, but the rest of the desert is basically all brown now.

    We’ve had our daughter, her husband, and my little granddaughter out for the past week for Easter. They left this morning to go back to Jersey.
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    1. WooHoo Harriet!! Where in the PNW will you be? I would LOVE to finally meet you in person and maybe do coffee or something while you’re here… 😉 Let me know! You’ll love it here – you may not want to leave! 😉

    1. The weekend brought in a cold front (with snow in the mountains – great for spring skiing!) so Mother Nature is kinda whacked this year. But I’ll take the sunny days and relish them! Here’s hoping your spring arrives with much fanfare soon! 🙂

    1. Love this time of year when things are coming to life and the dreary gray of winter is replaced with vibrant green and other colors. 🙂 The trick to gardening is find the stuff you love – and that are hardy. I’m terrible about keeping houseplants alive, because I forget to water them. Outdoor plants are so much easier with the help of Mother Nature. 😉

  2. Hmm, well, I haven’t seen many signs of spring around here yet. I can see a hint of buds on the trees, a very faint one. That’s about it. But the sun is shining this morning, so I’m a lot happier.
    Your tulips are fantastic! I love their purple colors.
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